October 8th, 2009 | 500 Entries

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500 Entries for “sprinklers”

  1. There’s nothing better than a sprinkler on a nice summer’s day, or maybe you meant the sprinklers on my cupcake today. Regardless, a good word nonetheless. I don’t know what else to say. I need something else that rhymes today.

    By Kirby on 10.09.2009

  2. the sun was hot on her skin. She could feel freakles growing on her face, she didn’t tan the freakles just conected, she took a deep breath and ran threw the cold water being sprayed in waves by the sprinkler. She spun around entel she was to dizzy and cold then fell into the grass and looked into the sky. Life was grand!

    By Mel on 10.09.2009

  3. running through sprinklers
    childhood summer
    sun above
    grass below
    smells and smells all

    smoke and fire
    beer and
    running through sprinklers

    By dan on 10.09.2009

  4. The swish-swish-swish of the sprinklers brought memories flooding back to him; happy thoughts of warm lemonade and bare feet, sun-baked skin and dirt. Memories that made him long for happier times, before the cancer diagnosis, the divorce, the court-ordered anger-management courses.

    By ThomG on 10.09.2009

  5. the sprinklers are avove everything. these days you can find them anywhere. just think about it. doesnt matter if yo are jewish or mnuslmim, the sprinklers paly a role very determinant role in oer

    By dieu on 10.09.2009

  6. water

    By meg on 10.09.2009

  7. Ah the small joys of youth.
    Dancing under the rain
    Oh the beauty of rainbows showering over you
    Its much to hot to play outside
    The beach is to far away
    So in the sprinker we will play

    By Lauren on 10.09.2009

  8. grass growing, reaching, grasping for the rain, man made rain. It wants to grown, beat the flowers in the bed; what bullies they are, believing in their magnificence.

    By antonio watson on 10.09.2009

  9. The sprinklers were sitting there, wasting time throughout the sunny day. Little kids laughing but not allowed to go in? Why not? Because mummy said so. She said that it was a bit too chilly today to play in the sprinklers. But, none of the kids actually thought so. So, they all got on their swim suits and turned it on, jumping in. An hour later, they all got a little cold.

    By Kaitlin on 10.09.2009

  10. Sprinklers really are overrated. Nature alone will water your lawn as it sees fit. Really, the human race is becoming quite ridiculous in its need for uneeded things.

    By Danielle on 10.09.2009

  11. worthless

    By fred on 10.09.2009

  12. they are water and pee and now i have to pee because i thought about it too long and i could hear the sprinklers popping out of suburban lawns in the middle of the day in the middle of the greatest heat and i am angry now that they don’t mind so much waste wasting the resource that seems a shame a damn shame i want it to rain now because those are my favorite days.

    By jenny on 10.09.2009

  13. Sprinklers are very cool and amazing they sprinkle water everywhere and cover lawns with dewy cold goodness and such and so I’m writing here and this is gonna be a huge run-on I can already tell so anyways sprinklers are like cool and everything and i like them in the summer when you can run around in them and have fun with all your friends with sprinklers, for those of you who don’t have pools anyways so yeah i like sprinklers

    By Jack on 10.09.2009

  14. The water showers down, making sparkles that twinkle at me.

    The water sprays up, shining as though diamonds at the sun, acting as though they are tears.

    And I want them all-diamons and twinkles.

    By Samantha on 10.09.2009

  15. i dance around in the wave of water just to feel the rain on my skin.
    it’s so dry here and i never get the pleasure of dancing in the rain.
    but now i can.
    in the wave of sunshine, i dance, the dances of a thousand summers before.
    the ones i never got to feel.
    the ones i never got to love.
    and the ones that i’ll never forget.

    By Moonea on 10.09.2009

  16. i ran through a sprinkler once and got chased by a crazy dog.

    By kaitlyn on 10.09.2009

  17. I often play a game when walking by sprinklers. But who really cares. I’m not sure that I understand the point of this. What happens when the 60 seconds is up, but that time is approaching quickly, in fact it’s here already.

    By Luke on 10.09.2009

  18. I remember running through the sprinklers every summer as a child. It was exhilarating, refreshing, something that got me through the sweltering summer days.

    I watch my neighbour’s children do the same now, my heart filled with longing.

    Oh…to be young again.

    By CH on 10.09.2009

  19. Sprinklers are summertime fun, bringing me back in time to a simpler place where things were set in stone. Black and white, no grey. No big decisions, no wrong decisions just life and fun and being happy.

    By Lisa on 10.09.2009

  20. Sprinklers are always seen as a nuissance. We see them in movies disrupting crowds of people, ushuring everyone out of the villain’s way so he can At school they were just a pain that threatened to douse any after class, sub-legal fun you might indulge in.

    By Mike on 10.12.2009