October 9th, 2009 | 377 Entries

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377 Entries for “flour”

  1. The one thing I love to think about is the way flour feels. It’s as soft as a baby’s bottom and as sweet smelling as cotton candy in my eyes. The way that it can be used is just simply amazing and how about the way it just feels. It’s perfect in every way. :D

    By Jake Stone on 10.10.2009

  2. flour is something you cook with its white and fluffy and beautiful i love flour it makes my hands gritty when it gets wet it is slimy and makes yummy bread especially with butter and only if you bake it.

    By Juanita on 10.10.2009

  3. flour

    By amrit on 10.10.2009

  4. Flour. Our flour was filled with little black weevils the other day. Quite a shock when i was about to use it to make some coconut cakes for my lad’s packed lunches. They were everywhere; in the self-raising, in the plain, in the strong breadmaking, in the cornflour. So much waste. the little basatrds looked like they were on the piste, skiing down the Floury Run.

    By Peppa Pig on 10.10.2009

  5. Flour is a good ingredient to use for bread. It can come in white or wheat. It needs yeast to work for bread to make it rise. Flour comes from wheat in the fields. Somehow they ground it up and it turns white.

    By La on 10.10.2009

  6. bake white powder dry bread cake rolling pin feels gross

    By kwispie on 10.10.2009

  7. beautiful smells, mum with hair tied back, smudges of flour on her face. flowery pinny chocolate cake in the oven. a bowl to lick clean!

    By to cricket on my vespa on 10.10.2009

  8. ראיתי את הפרח ניצב על השולחן. עלבב

    By בב on 10.10.2009

  9. Flour, check. Eggs, Check. Sugar, Check. Chocolate….. chocolate ??? I grabbed coat , ran outside and bumped into him, the angel, the prince , the love of my life !!

    By Lala xx on 10.10.2009

  10. flour is in most everything you bake. Examples include: cake, muffins, and can even be placed in an omelette.

    By Anonymous on 10.10.2009

  11. on the floor, dog, feet, face, dust, things, stink, new, old, going around, jumping

    By Anonymous on 10.10.2009

  12. the smell was unbelivable, the smell of flour,suger,icing, and anything else. the cake looked wonderfull to. like a weeding cake,like a birthday cakeany thing so wonderful

    By kenzie on 10.10.2009

  13. It is a story about flour and friendship by Oscar Wilde : if you are not nice with your friends, you’ll be punished

    By gwezheneg on 10.10.2009

  14. It makes for delicious baked-goods. Puffs of white in the air. Sneezing. Stirring.

    By Morgan G. on 10.10.2009

  15. the wedding was nearing and they set out to pick out the 5 tier wedding cake. All she wanted to do at the reception was to share a ‘little too much’ in his face, all over the tux… and laugh for that memory forever………. precious moment.

    By JanA on 10.10.2009

  16. flour is white and powdery. Kind of like snow. or baking soda. flour is used to make a lot of different baked goods. like cookies :) I love cookies.

    By erica on 10.10.2009

  17. cakes are good, i dont know what flour is used for escept for cake really, i know that cornmeal is from flour, i think? when i think of cornmeal i think of westerns. Especially movies like Shane or The Good, Bad, and the ugly. Also, tortilla chips are made with flour,

    By Rob on 10.10.2009