October 7th, 2009 | 506 Entries

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506 Entries for “orchid”

  1. orchid is something that is kind of hard to say

    By tara on 10.08.2009

  2. What the hell is an orchid?

    By A name on 10.08.2009

  3. orchid was the name of a dog. a friend of mine gave me an orchid, and soon after I left on vacation and came back to see it really depressed and losing its flowers one by one. orchids are beautiful flowers, but they need lots of attention and daily talk.

    By oppoponax on 10.08.2009

  4. An odd beauty. Fragile and exotic, it fascinates me. I admire the orchid growers of old who ventured into the dark jungle to bring this beauty to light.

    By JR on 10.08.2009

  5. The pale lavender of the petals, the delicate curve of the stem, the unquestionable beauty and elegance, everything about it seemed to remind him of her. It didn’t help that she was dead. It didn’t helpt that he still loved her. She was his orchid, and he had let her die.

    By Arwen Islanzadi on 10.08.2009

  6. A beautiful place with rows and rows of perfectly lined trees…Apples are everywhere, the sun’s shadow falls between the branches and makes a pathway between the trees.

    By Anita on 10.08.2009

  7. It’s a type of flower which comes in many colours and it makes me think of ostridges… if thats how you spell it… it also makes me think of foxgloves and that makes me think hmm sneaky.

    By Ginia on 10.08.2009

  8. y mother lovers orchids. They re soft full colours and odd sexual shapes they loce to die in my mothers home. like they have come to there final resting place my mother

    By susan on 10.08.2009

  9. like orchid blooms and withered away time by time. i wanted lo leave you but i can’t. i refuse… to let you go. next time, i’ll plant another one next in my bedroom window.

    By d.s. on 10.08.2009

  10. Flower, not be serious, not an adult.

    By drszusz@yahoo.com on 10.08.2009

  11. i dont know what is this but i feel like i dont know about it because not knowing is the best think i know. and i dont know when this happened to me but this is all i can remember

    By aldaris on 10.08.2009

  12. The purple orchid was one of its kind. Green stems and purple petals adorned its stature. These were the prized possessions of the weird man. The one who keeps himself locked in his laboratory with all these purple orchids. None of it seemed to be found at wild or at captivity. Something is truly wrong with the picture.

    By enchanter on 10.08.2009

  13. an orchid blowing in the wind like a gentle dancer in a ballet, a purple poopy butt butt butt holedddddddd jh oh my GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ))<>((.

    By skye on 10.08.2009


    By skye on 10.08.2009

  15. wait i think it changes the word every day damn.

    By skye on 10.08.2009

  16. Pretty
    mother’s favorite flower

    By lo on 10.08.2009

  17. Orchid, flower, reminds me of when I worked at a place that sold them. Nice flowers, very touchy. Not sure I would want to try and raise them. Might be tougher than I expect.

    By Cynthia on 10.08.2009

  18. Flower, very beautiful flower. I don’t see them very often but when I do it’s like seeing a full moon or when the circus comes to town. Purple and white and odd shapes. Reminds me of Georgia O’Keffe and her beautiful artwork of the female impowerment. I wish I could meet her, talk about art and drink tea in a garden and listen to Chopen. Yes that’s what I would like to do!

    By Michelle on 10.08.2009

  19. an orchid is like nature’s big purple vagina, or at least i think it’s purple. except it doesn’t quite have the wrapping-ness around your dick. it also can’t handle any decent sized penis; trust me, i’ve tried.

    By i like 'em big, i like 'em chunky on 10.08.2009

  20. orchids are beautiful but hard to grow. i always wanted one but not sure that i have the patience or time to grow one. there is something sensual about them. the way the petals fall.

    By melinda on 10.08.2009

  21. love

    By AlBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBu on 10.08.2009

  22. The orchid was beautifil. Its white milky color reminded me of a child walking through the fields.

    By Anonymous on 10.08.2009

  23. Flower color spring thing splash smell.

    By Yo on 10.08.2009

  24. A beautiful flower, symbolizing the beautiful woman: bright, showy, brilliant, curvy and yet delicate. An orchid should be what I aspire to be. But yet I am still a dandelion.

    By Dandelion on 10.08.2009

  25. ORCHID

    By JOHN on 10.08.2009

  26. I love orchids. They’re so beautiful and smell great. It makes me want to stab babies.

    By Aex on 10.08.2009