June 4th, 2010 | 270 Entries

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270 Entries for “spine”

  1. “Her back went out,” I said. “I think everything became too hard for her to handle. Her spine broke . . . like her spirit.”

    By Liz URL on 06.04.2010

  2. what? spine again? can’t we stop this nonsense and start killing hens, chop off their heads, then call them ben, I think I’ll win this messed up game of which and when.

    By steve french URL on 06.04.2010

  3. so many spines I could run a spine outlet store. There’s only one other place in the whole city I could think of at the time of conception. That was Barry’s Spine emporium. On the south side, weird.

    By steve french URL on 06.04.2010

  4. rickety boes don’t show the
    honing splinters, ticking lower
    into inner dank cavities
    split down the back, a rack of
    ribs that live in spinal condos.

    By Sara URL on 06.04.2010

  5. my spine often hurts, i can feel my baby’s spine when i rub his back and i wonder if this is normal. spine is such a strange word, always makes me think of mountains. who decided to call it a spine anyway? the epidural really hurt when it went in and since i had it i’ve been getting weird back aches.

    By Jodi on 06.05.2010

  6. spines hold your body together, its like your brain, you need them to live.
    I have scoliosis, my spine curves, and I had surgery to have two metal rods screwed to my spine.
    It holds your body together.

    By Hayden on 06.05.2010

  7. And on and on information falls.. or rises. Things go up or down. My spine. They go up and down, I am told. And then I die. And for what? It’s hard to say.

    By Ben Spaner on 06.05.2010

  8. it’s what’s for dinner.

    By bob hosehouser on 06.05.2010

  9. S- is for the way you look at me
    P- is the only one I see
    I- is very very… extra ordinary
    N-… I give up.

    By Doug Maull on 06.05.2010

  10. I was afraid to touch him, afraid to feel. His bareback stood just a few feet away from me, and I knew that if I reached my arm out far enough, I could feel. All I ever wanted was to feel.

    By JennBlack on 06.05.2010

  11. You’re exactly like a jellyfish. Painfully, shockingly spineless.

    By Rae ovMoonlight URL on 06.05.2010

  12. The spine.
    I love my girlfriend’s spine.
    Her back is amazingly structured.
    I think people should look more at bone structure for beauty, as opposed to looking at genitalia.

    By D on 06.05.2010

  13. tracing your spine through the soft cotton. tracing the spine of a book lovingly on the shelf. they were all the same to me. meaningless gestures without thought in a moment of tenderness, a moment like a bubble rising from the chest and out of the open mouth.

    By Heidi on 06.05.2010

  14. Why is a spine equated with courage?

    By Jacob H. URL on 06.05.2010

  15. crushed so easily, being without one is unfortunate much like my ex-boyfriend when I think of him I want to cry and bite the air in two sometime life just deals this

    By Issa on 06.05.2010

  16. The spine of the book cracked as Jodie opened it up and looked inside. The writing was hardly legible, but she could still make out the words. It looked like some kind of recipe book, but not like any she had ever seen before. Many of the ingredients were things she would never eat.

    By Mike URL on 06.05.2010

  17. A backbone I wish I had. To Live, to Dream, to Do. Spines of old books, adventure & mystery. The Foundation of the earth.

    By ktea on 06.05.2010

  18. People always talk about their magic moments in their life. Mine, is not that good as them. But the magic is still in my spine. Soaked by magic, my spine.

    By Felipe URL on 06.05.2010

  19. A shiver ran down my spine as his finger drew a line across my shoulders. Then I felt his lips pressing against my neck and I trembled in anticipation. Oh the joys of love.

    By Nancy* on 06.05.2010

  20. It is not a good idea to test the strength of my spine. Though I have been doing it for years, it only brings tears to my eyes.

    By freeme URL on 06.05.2010

  21. The support of everything not only the human body….in nature the whole world. The spine in nature is the tree of life. We are all connected by it…we need to live by it’s laws…most of us do not realize this spiritual law.

    By Kim Fox on 06.05.2010

  22. if only we all had them.
    no jellyfish in this sea and no stingers that you couldnt
    spineless is whineless

    By beargib URL on 06.05.2010

  23. my spine hurts sometimes. and one time, i fell out of a bunk bed, while i was on vacation, and moved 9 vertibrae out of place, it hurt. if you want to scare your chiro, go limp and soil yourself, never done it but heard its funny

    By elsie on 06.05.2010

  24. the lifeline…a word to seek, a place to hide..sitting on mmy father’s straight spine, I saw the world with his eyes… I saw what he wanted, I saw what he could not do. I saw what lay before me. I saw what I had t

    By pooja on 06.05.2010

  25. The spine, the long, long, thing thingy that connects us. Our whole body. Where would we be without it? What would we be? Well we’d be nothing. Dead. But that’s thinking of it simply. What about metaphorically? Now that there, that’s a mystery.

    By Zoë Georgia on 06.05.2010

  26. spines hold us, they separate us from so many other animals. Though ours are on the inside, sometimes when I am feeling particularly weak it’s nice to know that I can feel mine strengthen me.

    By caity URL on 06.05.2010

  27. Spine is my life…my spine and my courage only things that allow m eto weather this life…my pride and your prejudice. Our life.

    By pooja on 06.05.2010

  28. mine really hurts at the moment, i could totally go for a massage… my gooossshhh.
    i’d love it to be like, realigned and cracked and mmmmmmmmm.
    ouch ouch ouch ouch.
    I remember the chriropractic awards on bleubird. That’s pretty cute. I’d love a straight spine like that :)

    By laura on 06.05.2010

  29. spine tingling, i press my lips to yours, and fireworks become as beautiful as the modern ones. before this kiss, we fell apart and were in danger of fading away entirely. but now, my spine tingles when i’m with you, wrapped up in our own bubble of purity.

    By Ellie URL on 06.05.2010

  30. It runs down my back and keeps me upright. Where would I be without a little backbone? What could be worse than to be spineless?

    By daniel allam on 06.05.2010

  31. i have a spine when it comes to making tough decisions about work and food and where i want to go. but about you i am a jelly fish.

    By Sue Fricke URL on 06.05.2010

  32. My spine is crooked, just like everybody else in my family… Scoliosis is tough to deal with. My brother had to wear a back brace for 4 years…

    By Yvonne on 06.05.2010

  33. They didn’t understand how she could stand there and let them shoot at her.

    When asked, she replied the same each time.
    “I’ve got a backbone stronger than yours.”

    By sentinel's glory on 06.05.2010

  34. Your spine is the thing that holds up your back. Your back’s best friend you might say. Or if people say you have a weak backbone (spine) that means your a weekling.

    By Natalie on 06.05.2010

  35. running in the summer when alone is at times an amazing experience. As if God made the world just for you, at that moment. The trees swing, and bend and at time cower to you or away from you.

    By Leslie Mitchell URL on 06.05.2010

  36. My spine seemed to be nonexistent sometimes. Times like these when I had to call on courage that just wasn’t there. Spineless they call me. Not without justification; I’m a coward. I don’t have that spine, that kind of human power cord that strengthens us when we need it most.

    By Steph. URL on 06.05.2010

  37. It’s behind you. The root of the book. The thing that holds it in place. A curved one loosks weird, like the hunchback of notradam. It’s a forest with an s. Pine pine. Long and pointy.

    By Sarah on 06.05.2010

  38. this connection that we have has to be broken.broken like you break the spine on the back of a book.i know that you have always loved me,but fear was always been more of your lover than i ever was.you could only tell me you loved me under certain conditions(i love you,but i loved him more).i just can no longer take it.you say that i try too hard.you don’t try at all.the pain of knowing no matter what-i will never be enough-is finally enough to totally let you go..so get out of my mind.i don’t want you in it.please,break this connection.telepathy is no way of proving to me that you love me.telling me unconditionally that you love me so much that you can’t live without me ‘is’.but…you can’t.probably because you ‘can’.so get out of my head.quit calling me.quit crying to me inside my brain.grow a spine.come in all the way or simply just go away!if you love me at all…please…

    By a false terl URL on 06.05.2010

  39. You’re spineless. Bending and breaking at everyone’s whims. You don’t stand up for yourself. Hell, you most likely don’t even know who you are anymore.

    By sweeterthansunshine URL on 06.05.2010

  40. i reached around and sure enough, there it was. my spine. i put some clothes in a bag and left. i would never look back.

    By izzy URL on 06.05.2010