June 4th, 2010 | 270 Entries

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270 Entries for “spine”

  1. spine my world , worl of peace , do us favor an blees us with love , no you are not god , just let it goooo. thanks

    By Nikola Markovic URL on 06.05.2010

  2. spinal surgery: my little cousin has a curved spine. Actual it curves the way that DNA would curve. He has had several surgeries that are quite invasive. We hope that all that is done. now.

    By katie on 06.05.2010

  3. spine. Ha! he had no spine. There she was, sitting across the room, awkwardly glancing over, CLEARLY encouraging him to come talk to her and still he sat there, soda in hand, staring at the table.

    By Michelle URL on 06.05.2010

  4. She listened to the sickening crunch as his spin snapped. His screams quickly concealed the wonderful crunching sound as he began to die. Oh, she wished he would stop the screaming. She wanted to listen to his body die.

    By Willow URL on 06.05.2010

  5. I have finally got the spine to beat the devil at his own game. For months he has pursued me, forcing me to cower in dark shadows, in cold corners. Not anymore. I lured him, slowly drew him in with the promise of good rewards, and before he knew it, I owned him.

    By Evesreflections URL on 06.05.2010

  6. He runs his fingers over the books, tracing the warped spines and faded gilt with a sigh.

    By devoari URL on 06.05.2010

  7. a chill ran up her spine as she felt someone pass by from behind it was a dark night and she was all alone in the house. she already had had a bad feeling about this. she mustered up the courage and turned around only to see a dark figure standing behind her. she screamed…

    By WarmSunshine URL on 06.05.2010

  8. The man was spineless and even as he saw the boy get hit repeatedly heading towards his death, he stood there and did nothing as the attackers kept kicking and pounding him to a pulp.

    By Sam URL on 06.05.2010

  9. My spine aches and my hearts cries. The human body is a disgusting thing. No more pain.

    By Keturah URL on 06.05.2010

  10. Tingly. Warm. Stiff. I. Feel. Everything. Movement. Stillness. Life. Death.

    By LiveLetLearn on 06.05.2010

  11. Strong but flexible, cowardly…

    By Teri on 06.05.2010

  12. The one thing that keeps a man or a woman upright. You definitely need it, apart from your guts to stand up and face an issue. The lack of it, well that accounts for more than half the problems in the world.

    By Bhaskar on 06.05.2010

  13. He was worried about the operation. 48 hours after the accident and he was wide awake and staring at the florescent lights. White white walls and the doctor telling him he could never walk again.

    By Myca Salonga URL on 06.05.2010

  14. I’m not sure what to write about the spine. it just reminds me of my baby’s spine when we went to go see him in my tummy through ultrasound. his back was facing us so that’s all we got to see.

    By Ashley on 06.05.2010

  15. You have one. I have one. Literally. But some people are spineless…figuratively. That means they’re cowards. They let people walk all over them. This is stupid. I hate spineless people. Your spine is what keeps you upright both literally and figuratively. Learn to love your spine.

    By catarine on 06.05.2010

  16. “Stretch out tall,” the instructor said. “Imagine that there’s a string attached to your spine and it pulls you up straight. Feel it pulling up, up, so tall, until you’re weightless.”

    By Heather Jackson URL on 06.05.2010

  17. ow my spine hurts!
    oh no why what hapenned?
    someone whacked me with a board!
    what the hell!! who?
    my cat! it was so weird!!!!
    i dont get it….
    She jumped on a shelf, which then fell and hit me on the back!

    By Melissa on 06.05.2010

  18. The spine is a very important thing about the body. We have to take care of it because if we don’t we might get paralyzed. It really is a wonderful thing. Anyway, you usually have to use it to move your body. Just try not to get scoliosis.

    By Xtel Arias URL on 06.05.2010

  19. my spine has a problem. it hurts when i lift a heavy weight. i hurt my spine like 5 years ago when i lifted something that wasnt so heavy but i made a wrong movement which was enough to make my back crack. time is running too fast in this page, so im just gonna tell you that no matter what you do, dont do it fast, do it correctly. lesson learned. good luck. =) times up!!!

    By danny on 06.05.2010

  20. something I wish I had, as my fife tells me I don’t..what a sad life . I going to bed.I can’t face anymore.

    By Lea Wood URL on 06.05.2010

  21. You’ve got to have spine, Father always said to me. Well Daddy, where was your spine the day you walked away from me for good?

    By Spanish John URL on 06.05.2010

  22. A drop of sweat ran down her spine. The fire had gotten out of control. It was enrapturing the house faster an faster.

    By Lydia URL on 06.05.2010

  23. The spines of my books have all become frayed with the amount of opening and closing, sitting on desks, and being left in the weather. My own spine has suffered the same fate at the hands of my friends and relatives, bent but proud of its experience.

    By Ryan Quinn on 06.05.2010

  24. i am erect and bisected by one stony cord. here i am pinpointed. here will i stretch myself out, then curl, and let the little discs fray and snap and break. my poses depend upon the bones of my little brothers and sisters.

    By haeykcuf URL on 06.05.2010

  25. The chills race up her spine as he leans in for another kiss. It’s past midnight, and they both know what a dangerous path they’re taking. But she pushes against him anyway, feeling the warmth of his chest through his shirt as it sears her eager skin.

    By Rachael URL on 06.05.2010

  26. ivan pavlov stied what stress can do to your physical health. to do this he studied what different stressors do to rats and he cut thier spinl cords how sad :(

    By spiney on 06.05.2010

  27. It’s all over. The damage is irreversible. She’ll never walk again, never run through dewy grass, never feel herself swept into a warm embrace with hands tracing her prominent spine. Never again. She can’t wait for him to forget about her, finally leave her here as if he had never loved her at all, so she can be a cripple in peace.

    By Rachael URL on 06.05.2010

  28. Hers was curved. She spent so much time looking between the dust amoebas on her mirror, trying to straighten herself, trying to undo the damage that isolated her. But the only weapon possible lay neglected on her bed, an object of shame and quiet disgust.

    By Jenny on 06.05.2010

  29. hehehe this is my engrish for you!
    i read spine and my brain processed torn…
    so here you go:

    a spine cut deep into her wrist
    she started bleeding
    i was bound to want her
    i ogled at the red rubies that where flowing
    all thanks to the little torn

    By ren winter URL on 06.05.2010

  30. straight back means a straight spine, right? why do people say someone is spineless when they aren’t willing to directly address something. our spine isn’t straight; it’s curved for optimal balance, impact. so what’s wrong with taking a slightly curved, circuitous route like our back? why does everything have to be straightforward?

    By Jacqueline on 06.05.2010