January 14th, 2013 | 265 Entries

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265 Entries for “speech”

  1. To touch hearts, to share a story and hope that others can relate–that is what a speech is about. To give a message and make people feel–that is the goal of a speech.

    By Loren on 01.15.2013

  2. Our daughter hasn’t started speaking real words yet. She can make noise, and laugh, but nothing legit just yet. She’s in the language sponge stage, so my wife and I are slowly trying to reign in our tongues and swear less, but I think it’s a bit late already.

    By Snellopy on 01.15.2013

  3. In Switched at Birth speech is something Emmett tries to learn. Being deaf, he hasn’t really used his voice much, so he drops a class so he can take speech therapy. His mother is upset and thinks that he is learning how to speak for his “hearing” girlfriend.

    By Natalie on 01.15.2013

  4. he stood up
    and everyone was still coughing
    and clapping
    and chewing
    and whispering-all-too-loudly

    and all they needed was one old woman to take her stand
    and tap the glass with the fork end
    and ting ting ting
    the speech would start
    and no one did
    and he stood there
    and his knees trembled
    and he waited to dissolve in the puddle of sweat that was coming out
    of his armpits

    By nina on 01.15.2013

  5. The way people used to speak sounded so romantic. The days of Shakespeare are definitely gone. The speech that consumes most people today is abbreviations that are destroying language. This is not a time to say wtf, omg and no time to lol.

    By Emma URL on 01.15.2013

  6. What a terrible word to write about. I have never written a speech. Perhaps I will write a speech later. Characters in stories use speech. They talk!

    By Jodie Da Writer on 01.15.2013

  7. talking, telling stories about a fact, a concept. you can write it down or improvise depending of the kind of person you are. I prefer improvising because it’s more true, authentic and it seduces your audience

    By Badie on 01.15.2013

  8. After the incident, he just turned into a mute. He lost all forms of speech that he once had. They said that the accident had been horrifying but no one knew just how bad it had been. He was the only survivor of it and had to be carefully monitored. They tried to talk to him but all he would do was stare blankly, not even attempting to make eye contact.

    By Matty on 01.15.2013

  9. You can feel what you like, but you really feel what you hear. Speech is a natural part of everything we do, wether one language or another, it is ever present and at the forefront. Deny it if you will, but speech will dictate your life and everything in it.

    By Curtis on 01.15.2013

  10. Speech is one of the functions we rely on most to get through the day. But how much of what we communicate is actually through speech. Recently I have moved to a country where I speak none of the language, I have discovered, like many before me, that so much of what we say comes from places other than out mouths. Our hands speak volumes when we communicate, as do our facial expressions and tone, the biggest communicator however, has to be our body language, with out a word being utter, it is instantly obvious whether a person is happy, sad, thinking, bored, fearful, excited and so much more.

    By insanity rambles on 01.15.2013

  11. I make a speech. Everyone in the audience listens. Then the next speaker makes a speech. Everyone listens. Then the next. Then comes the interval and they all rush to the bar and start talking about football.

    By E A M Harris URL on 01.15.2013

  12. I was nervous. Speaking in front of a crowd wasn’t new to me. I spoke in front of the people for a living. But it wasn’t anything like this… Never anything like this… I nervously swallowed my spit and took a deep breath. Time to tell the judge everything.

    By Evangelene on 01.15.2013

  13. speech is our gateway to the outer world. it is what determines our relations with each other and within ourselves. It is a means of expressing what we feel and think to people that we are surrounded with.

    By ufancha on 01.15.2013

  14. one word can change anything in life every word is very valuble in life

    By pavan on 01.15.2013

  15. What we use to communicate everyday with people in life and in business. I am slightly afraid of giving one of these in public but I enjoy it. Last month, I got an A in this class a LACC. One day I woul dlike to give one

    By Hector on 01.15.2013

  16. We were healing water. With our arms and our desperate sizes. With our speech bubbly and wet. Without drowning.

    By Chris Glynn on 01.15.2013

  17. To speak is to add a spice to the conversation. One may even speak without talking. Every man has the ability of speaking. It is our best surviving tool. It is a new way to articulate the feelings, toughts… Or better yet is it just an ability? Is it something more? I think yes. I think it is the whole mankind. It represents the civilisation of manking.

    By Natasha on 01.15.2013

  18. speech is a way of communicating. There are good speeches and there are amazing speeches. Brutus’ one was an amazing one. It was top notch, to say the least. How big of an influence a speech can have on one’s life depends on the audience, as well as the speaker.

    By Shubham Goel on 01.15.2013

  19. The speech was thorough and difficult to read. as I stood up at the podium, I waited until it was my time to speak. When it was my turn, I read my piece. All of a sudden, my voice cracked.

    By Caeden Polster on 01.15.2013

  20. there is something so distinct about speech that categorizes us in a way that has making and breaking power. my speech has broken a few while hopefully making a little more. at times its hard to decipher.

    By Safon on 01.15.2013

  21. speech. Really? Speech. talk. Two e’s in the middle. speech. talk. I just repeated myself. I don’t have anything to say. No speech to say. Nothing planned.

    By Diana Rosales on 01.15.2013

  22. “Speech! Speech! Speech!” they yelled at me after I won the Most Gorgeous Man in the Universe competition. They audience couldn’t get enough of my devastatingly good looks.

    By Mr. Dunning on 01.15.2013

  23. I’m nervous. I really didn’t want to have to be the one that has to do this. I’m horrible at giving speeches. Like I win the prize for “best dumb speech giver award”. Undefeated!

    By laurenlauren28 on 01.15.2013

  24. Its funny how speech can sometimes get in the way of communication. We have all these things to say, things that need to be communicated, and yet we cannot find the right words, and so they never get spoken at all. What is one supposed to do with that? i mean… I have so many things that need to get communicated to somebody, but it seems that what hinders me is the fact that I can’t find the words that feel “right”. Maybe there aren’t any…

    By Serryphae URL on 01.15.2013

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    By mohamed on 01.15.2013

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    By lysa lopez on 01.15.2013

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    By lysa lopez on 01.15.2013

  28. That momentary terror of something I’ve done. Something irreversible. I’ve spoken and you heard me. There is nothing I can do to stop it now. My secrets are exposed and my wants, fears, hatreds and theories are yours to share. Don’t judge me. I never meant to tell you this but I love you.

    By j. geektanic on 01.15.2013

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    By mohamed on 01.15.2013

  30. Speech. Worst shit ever. Oh my god. Speeches have ruined my life since I was a child. and they still do. As Ryan Seacrest’s future wife you’d think I would be better at public speaking. but I guess that will just have to be his department. It would be cool to be good at them but you know, whatever. At least I can sit here and write forever and ever to make up for it. No one will ever hear it but that’s okay. At least I can do it. Wait are we writing more now? I accidentally gave myself another 60 seconds. This is turning out to be way more high-stresss than impromptu speeches. Ha just kidding no it’s not. But seriously I don’t get this website. I want a new word. THis is fun. Wait I strayed off-topic. Ugh I always do that. Always have.

    By Seacrest on 01.15.2013

  31. Speech is an integral part of our existence. Without speech, it would me much more difficult to communicate and without communication, we would be lost. We are social beings and communication is the reason our society and world works the way it does. Speech is the way we communicate, so without speech,

    By Rayne on 01.15.2013

  32. Speech synthesis is the artificial production of human speech. The quality of a speech synthesizer is judged by its similarity to the human voice and by its ability to be understood. Stephen Hawking is one of the most famous people using speech synthesis to communicate.

    By Valentin Eni URL on 01.15.2013

  33. Speech synthesis is the artificial production of human speech. The quality of a speech synthesizer is judged by its similarity to the human voice and by its ability to be understood. Stephen Hawking is one of the most famous people using speech synthesis to communicate.
    … discursul public al unui orator

    By Valentin Eni URL on 01.15.2013

  34. He stands tall for all to see. He clears his voice. His voice. The voice he can’t stand to hear, but must make known. He has to get out what needs to be said. What no one will say. What no one will dare. He clears his voice and delivers the speech.

    By Patrick URL on 01.15.2013

  35. His tone was quiet, the sound of his speech was faint. He could not find it in himself to speak louder than a whisper. There was a time when words came easily to him, but that time had long been over.

    By Chelsea on 01.15.2013

  36. I am in speech team. It’s something that I have never done before, and I really enjoy it. Acting is an interest I never knew I had. There’s something deep. Deeper than I can imagine about my interest in acting. Maybe I was an actor in a past life.

    By Jiovanni on 01.15.2013

  37. A speech is nothing but a composition of words put together sounding interesting and important where one has the right to his own opinion till the end without any interruption.

    By Shaftronic on 01.15.2013

  38. Ahem. In time, I will begin to address the topic of this speech I have prepared for you today. It is important for us to gather and meet to discuss and debate important topics such as these. Only through such investigations by bringing this to light, we can advance forward … [runs away]

    By John Komarek on 01.15.2013

  39. In what manner? Shall I say it directly or indirectly?
    Shall I be trained to speak? Will you tell me how to go about it? Will you bear patient audience to what I have to say? Or will you look the other way? If I must speak, I must make a speech. At least that.

    By Abhineeta on 01.15.2013

  40. Speech.

    I’m not good at speaking. I get too flustered and frightened and I rethink everything I said. I sometimes go to sleep at night reliving conversations I’ve had that day and thinking how I could redo them.

    I wish I could write everything before I said them…

    By bij on 01.15.2013