March 2nd, 2011 | 600 Entries

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600 Entries for “specific”

  1. this is a specific kind of animal there are cats dogs which arent in the same category of type of species specific is also connected to species colors specific coldaors green red rainbow

    By brenda on 03.03.2011

  2. Be specific! I’ve told you so many times! All you keep on saying is “I love you”. How much? 1 kg, 5kg, 8 tons? But no, you and your woolly expressions. You could change the units if you like, but for heaven’s sake, be specific!

    By Harvinder URL on 03.03.2011

  3. Experience. One moment, feeling, or idea, but it’s perfectly your own. Not restrivctive, just personal.

    By Maria on 03.03.2011

  4. Specific specific specific…”be more specific.” Be more specific? How? What do you expect from me? I cannot be more “specific”. What do you want? For me to make up random details?

    By EnnaWar URL on 03.03.2011

  5. this word is too specific to write about. i must stay on one topic and cant expand on wat i need or want to say. now that i think about the word specific should specify wat i shud or need to write about. the specificness of this word is too general and not specific at all. it hurts my brain.

    By Eric on 03.03.2011

  6. specifically i dont know what im going to write my firend damon can be very specific sometimes so much that you sometimes find it hard to follow or perhaps my mind just works differently and in that aspect makes it specific what is specific you say whales whales are specific ine the specific ocean

    By steven on 03.03.2011

  7. I’m never very specific. Like makes so much more sense in abstractions. Specificity gets me in trouble. If I’m vague enough, I can pretty much avoid all confrontation. I also never get exactly what it is I want.

    By hayward on 03.03.2011

  8. Be specific. That was her motto. Or, she said it to me so many times I would swear it was. No one could ever be specific enough for her. She had to have every tiny, insignificant little thing laid out for her and even then that wasn’t enough. Sometimes, many times, she needed the details surrounding each individual detail, like one of those endless mirror reflections in a funhouse.

    By Saronai URL on 03.03.2011

  9. be specific! how specific do you want me to get? i dunno… just pay attention to the detail… details of what? just be specific!

    By yessie on 03.03.2011

  10. Specific is a word designed specifically to be, well, specific in its specificity. How’s that? All with time to spare… and speaking of spare, brother, can you spare some gummy bears?
    Still got time…..
    No last sentence to finish up.

    By Mike Shea on 03.03.2011

  11. I think this is a really vague word. Like, it means something. You know? But all words mean something, I guess… Anyway, specific is when you’re specifying something, and want it to be less, well

    By Kelly Varanay on 03.03.2011

  12. um…
    I’m a wheel
    I’m a wheel
    Turn on you
    Once in Germany someone said nien.
    I’m a wheel
    I’m a wheel
    Turn me!

    By Kelly Varanay on 03.03.2011

  13. Es war ein spezieller Tag. Ein Tag der alles verändern sollte…ein Tag für einen ganz besoderen Menschen.

    By Shuro on 03.03.2011

  14. specific… details. the nitty gritty. the TRUTH. not a fuzzy, meaningless idea, but a purposeful, meaningful TRUTH.

    By whitney on 03.03.2011

  15. Specifics were always difficult. For one reason or another, the words never really came to mind. You’d say something like, “You had to be there.” You’d say it often, too. Descriptions and details eluded like dry leaves in an autumn wind. A difficult burden to bare in the life of a writer.

    By Cameron Hughes on 03.03.2011

  16. place, time, memory.

    By motofotoakai on 03.03.2011

  17. exact direct Go get my vibrator.

    By Jake on 03.03.2011

  18. the events that happened this past week. they led to a certain outcome I am not happy with. The thing is the more I go over them in my head the worse I think they were. Ironically, I’m not being very specific here.

    By Emily on 03.03.2011

  19. Pacific I’ve heard it pronounced and how that irks me. I suppose it’s a bit like saying ‘an elephant’ when you really mean ‘irrelevant’. dooh

    By matilda URL on 03.03.2011

  20. specific means to be certain of something. a specific shirt or a specific color. to be exact means to be specific. specific detail. specific meaning. specificity in general.

    By Melodie on 03.03.2011

  21. straightforward concise direct honest detailed thorough

    By aaron on 03.03.2011

  22. Particular, certain, different from all, unusual, not like others

    By Viktor Kargin on 03.03.2011

  23. Specific. Being specific is, well, being specific. You can’t be broad. You can’t be general. You have to pinpoint it down, narrow down the sub topics, and get down to the very middle of it. Be specific. Be clear. Let people know what you’re talking about. Nobody will know if you just point to anything. You must let them know that you’re talking about the blue short-sleeve tee shirt with sequins on the shoulder and an asseymetrical hem.

    By mango on 03.03.2011

  24. i always ask people for specifics for why they make certain life choices. normally they end up answering that it was because of the way they were raised, or because of the community they know and love. Why aren’t there any specifics? Do people never back away from their own lives and imagine the possibilities if the world had been a tiny bit different?- ranging from living in a different street to another social class?

    By marie URL on 03.03.2011

  25. What’s so specific about what? I mean how can someone be more specific if there are infinite levels of details end you can go even more into detail about that? You can never be totally specific about something.

    By STEFANO URL on 03.03.2011

  26. something special, something detailed, something important.
    Please dont get full bar!

    By poop on 03.03.2011

  27. Particular, not like others, unusual, certain, different from all

    By Viktor Kargin URL on 03.03.2011

  28. To be exact. To be so exact that nothing else matters. To be so exact that you forget how to be creative. To think inside of a box. To limit yourself. Specific.

    By John on 03.03.2011

  29. it’s the specific way. sobre el pácifico específico sin un barco porque el arco lo ofrece y se puede volar un poco en la nave espacial de japón a guatemala, guatemejor con ala a la sala del corral.

    By Lisa URL on 03.03.2011

  30. the art of turning flowery and unnecessary language into a way to describe something by the smallest most mundane details.

    By splode on 03.03.2011

  31. not general. not generic. it’s something that is smaller from a bigger perspective.

    By junette on 03.03.2011

  32. there wasn’t much i could say about his face. his features were unremarkable at best. there was nothing memorable about him – no specific quality that stood out. and yet i noticed him right away, and never took my eyes off him. was it love? infatuation? to this day i’m still not sure. i just know that i was aware of him, despite his lack of intrigue.

    By Renee on 03.03.2011

  33. When you want talk about something, or ask about something concret, leaving no doubt about what you mean.

    By Adele URL on 03.03.2011

  34. i think specific is when you talk about one thing and really concentrate on it. lots of people get specific confused with pacific as in the ocean. i dont know what else to say, to be specific either than to specify i wish i had a more exciting word to specify about!!!!

    By Nicole on 03.03.2011

  35. Be specific. Clarity is necessary. Specifying things makes things easier to follow. It makes sure people know what to do and do it right. Being specific doesn’t leave things to interpretation and your ideas are rightly put across. A specific command is more likely to be followed to the letter than something that is left open to interpretation, in which case what we want may not be done.

    By Prathyusha on 03.03.2011

  36. the word specific refers to an exact thing. I need people to be specific with me, I prefer it, I don’t like it when people are vague. it causes too much confusion. I want to be told what to do so I can do it properly.

    By Meghan on 03.03.2011

  37. That specific inamimate object will one day evolve to become the most sought after and useful object and ever, it will serve as an everyday, most useful object to humans. That object is a typewriter. Becoming a computer.

    By Ellen on 03.03.2011

  38. Specific is a term used to determine something in particular. A colour, a feeling or a notion. Like for instance i am in need of a specific little black dress.

    By Kimberley on 03.03.2011

  39. Details that describe what is needed, wanted, and whatever else there is to be specific about.

    By Julie on 03.03.2011

  40. the details. focus that thing that is the thing you’re talking about. definite. focus. something reduced to it’s essence. something fine tuned. the specific details. reducing down to a few things. Something singled out.

    By charlie muffin on 03.03.2011