April 29th, 2008 | 190 Entries

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190 Entries for “soothe”

  1. soothe to the music listen and just relax dont think about anything else just breathe and get all the bad things out of your mind then sit up again and say ahhhhhh

    By rebecca on 04.30.2008

  2. Soothe as much as one can. There is no hope in what can not be achieved and as proclaimed, such ambition is your standard for failure.

    By windowsuser on 04.30.2008

  3. Don’t soothe. Rather fix, and your actions, will provide the needed comfort.

    By jesus and his friends on 04.30.2008

  4. Soothe yourself before you soothe others.

    By Conformist on 04.30.2008

  5. Soothe your troubles away with new insta-numb. simply apply to the brain and all the terrible cares and woes of life will just seep away. all the petty disappointments, the false starts and blind alleys, the idiots who stand in your path and the quiet frustrations which confront you in the dead of night. one simple application to the base of the skull and none of this will matter.

    By not a goth on 04.30.2008

  6. i can’t help but try to soothe him. i’m his mother. there’s no one else he relies on. not that he knows that it means to rely, truly rely on someone. he’s only four months old. what kills me is when i can’t. when i can’t soothe him, all the failures in my life come crashing down on me simply to emphasize the fact that my one true calling in life, the meaning of my existence, now embodied in this little potato of a person, is calling to me. and i can’t answer in a way that will help him.

    By Laura Kroeger on 04.30.2008

  7. It was hard to handle, his nerves frayed and broken beyond repair. A pair of gentle hands, enveloped in kid skin gloves, would smooth down his back like one would with a frightened animal, something feral and raw trapped in the corner and looking for something to strike out at.

    By atti on 04.30.2008

  8. The most mellow word in the dictionary, it imparts a feeling of almost calm upon your the moment you set eyes on it. It should be a female word as it lulls you into a sense of sleep, almost motherlike.

    By george on 04.30.2008

  9. To soothe my fevered brain, any exercise, this one even, would be a welcome balm.

    By Graeme on 04.30.2008

  10. The soothing water smoothed over the milky white hands that had grasped eternity.

    By Heather on 04.30.2008

  11. you face close to ,mine. love. wind in the tree puts me to sleep on the lawn in front of your house. sounds like the ocean. what soothes me the most in this world is seeing one pair of eyes that i recognize. yoursmineours.

    By tori on 04.30.2008

  12. …me with you voice, your eyes. like honey to my shredded throat. my travel weary soles and soul. across the world i traveled. soothe my tried heart.

    By runornone on 04.30.2008

  13. comfort me babby .i like this,. i will love you in return. my hanzel needs this . i believe in a god . please help me.

    By david on 04.30.2008

  14. It had been a long day. I was justified, right?
    I mean, I know they’re out there…watching television. You probably think I’m a bad mother.

    but if I’m to be a better mother, I need this. The bubbles are floating by…my eyes barely open. I really need this. So soothing…so…

    By tara on 04.30.2008

  15. soothing fun and silky for the moon and the lotion you lay on your skin. rub your face and your body with the softest of all lotions. Enjoy the sensation and feel the light and other stuff flow through you. You feel wonderful and relaxed as there is no other place more sensational than your own body. It is yours and therefore your responsibility but this isn’t the point. The point is to feel relaxed and fuckin amazing. So don’t take the time and suffer, or sit back and feel what life is about.

    By derick on 04.30.2008

  16. i like the taste of icecream on a cold windy night when i’m wrapped up warm by the fire, it soothes my soul and i feel exhilarated and happy in myself. i wish you could feel this way too.

    By Gina on 04.30.2008

  17. soothe me. take me from this place. take the fire from beneath me, water it to death and let my ashes settle again. only to settle. i have traveled so long. old in body and in mind. soon; soon to be ashes floating. floating to where the mighty wind might do me a favor and take me away.

    By rena on 04.30.2008

  18. To make someone feel better. Make something smooth. Make babies feel better when they cannot understand words. An action that can be delivered without words but by a touch or sound. Empathy on someones part to make someone feel better because they care about them.

    By tess vrabel on 04.30.2008

  19. he looked after me.

    By jax on 04.30.2008

  20. Soothe the sloth with smoothie goodness, soft, smooth and superfluous, sliding, sloshing, splashing down the esophagus.

    By ron on 04.30.2008

  21. indeed the mind wanders over a song, a flowing river slow, methodical in its decent farther down the gentle slope. you hear the water gurgle against the shore, occasionally enough force displaces a pebble to float gently on…

    By silly.kat on 04.30.2008

  22. sex
    cigarette blunt liquor
    oral sex
    classical guitar
    foot rub
    head massage

    By john on 04.30.2008

  23. please do it for me NOW I want to be this and have the muscles in my body just relax and then provide this to those who are anxious, agitated and confused through a song through a touch through some words just do it

    By steve on 04.30.2008

  24. The water lapped gently on the sandy shore, soothing my tired head and creating images of dancing stars. I stared blindly out on the ocean and thought of days past.

    By Melissa on 04.30.2008

  25. The gentle breeze had a soothing effect as he lay there on the battlefield. Barely conscious, he watched the seemingly endless clouds of smoke being parted by the planetary landing craft. He was going home.

    By Stratcat X on 04.30.2008

  26. There’s something soothing about having her hands on my back, rubbing knots out of my muscles. And about the skin hunger, sated by her touch. Even more, if it’s possible, than what comes later.

    By Ravyn on 04.30.2008

  27. not exams. something that calms. rest. green grass. lazy afternoons. water. still, calm water. soft jazz. lazy.

    By Draben on 04.30.2008

  28. Packing my things yesterday, sitting on the floor we’d worn out with couches and dancing and living, I was next to a pile of CDs. One by one, I put them in the crate and then I came upon that one. It was yours. I forgot about it.

    I can safely say the ease with which that thought filtered through me, the speed with which that idea left me, unharmed at that, was the most soothing feeling I’d experienced since the time I moved in, thinking you’d be there when I moved out.

    By Nicole J. on 04.30.2008

  29. soothe. i need it. a grief observed. a leader misunderstood. frustration at the lack of presence when presence is needed most.

    soothe that disappointment.

    remove the indifference.

    By KK on 04.30.2008

  30. a bath after football with some bubbles, honey down the back of your throat a person voice when

    By jason on 04.30.2008