April 30th, 2008 | 304 Entries

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304 Entries for “hidden”

  1. to hide, not be exposed

    By Djenaba on 05.01.2008

  2. fuck that word, and fuck you

    By bob fukyu on 05.01.2008

  3. ~dark spaces in a hole a black depth, falling and the light dims even further.slipping out of consciousness maybe this is death or doubt. what does it mean to be fake, is invisibility any better? Hide, shelter, in the black depth.

    By marty on 05.01.2008

  4. Secrets from the past. Many things in the government to the general American public. Sad news from children. A word than can be a gift and curse at the same time.

    By carlos wallace on 05.01.2008

  5. There are many things hidden in the shadows that surround our lives, though whether they be real or imagined is of no difference. They are what they are, and they will always hide what we’ve done ’till a light is passed through them.

    The trick is finding shadows deep enough to hide the darkest of your secrets, though even that is no guaranty for your safety; darkness and light are unforgiving masters.

    By Koeryn on 05.01.2008

  6. i have hdden emotions
    feelings… im not very open about it thats why its hidden… but i hate pople who hids something from me, especially if im so open to them that even my hidden thoughts i have already said to them… gosh i cat think of something tht can be associated with hidden… hidde personality? hidden treasure..gosh i dunno… lets stop this now.

    By candy on 05.01.2008

  7. not seen,

    By david on 05.01.2008

  8. His thoughts lay in the open.
    Waiting for someone to see.
    His thoughts lay in the open.




    The time


    The passing of Life and The world

    By becky on 05.01.2008

  9. A unknown place in which one may be. Possibbly hiding from something dangerous and or scary. One may find solace in a place that is unknown and obscure, finding comfort in an area in which other are unaware being HIDDEN.

    By Ben on 05.01.2008

  10. Hiding like a small frightened bear. The bear is very scared and has lost his big mummy bear. The bear is going to be found by a friendly moose. He wont have to hide anymore.

    By Jess on 05.01.2008

  11. I am always having to pay for stuff so I have to have a place where cash can be hidden.

    By helen on 05.01.2008

  12. all the pieces were hidden some outside intruding themselves under sofas or inside but thinking of all the little things they were i could just put them together

    By Aviv on 05.01.2008

  13. shallow in shadow faxed
    white water me in scarred eyebrow
    want my faded from the winter grasp
    certain ambiguity
    let yourself love me, unparalleled
    yet stepping stones
    to stay in place, alabaster face
    my lips and silver switch.

    By Katie on 05.01.2008

  14. Look around you and the faces of the people you see are masks.

    Behind the mask is another universe you’ll never be able to experience. It’s so incomprehensibly different to your own, you could not begin to imagine it.

    Is it even real, since you cannot percieve it? Does that matter, because THEY believe it is.

    By Mr Conor on 05.01.2008

  15. What’s that, hidden in there. The way your jeans stretch over it is most amazing. Especially since I happen to know, having done the experiment, that you’re a girl.

    By Ravyn on 05.01.2008

  16. There was something there, hidden behind the wall … it creaked, and seemed to be moving, slowly. Oddly, it wasn’t a menacing feeling, this hidden person? creature? seemed to be as much a part of the room as the carpet, or walls, or tatty wallpaper.

    By Mica on 05.01.2008

  17. asa uiha uiah sda

    By alex on 05.01.2008

  18. hidden is what happens when you are scared and hide from people it is what happens when you hide from yourself. it means to remain invisible or unseen. Being hidden is a bad thing because it means both good and bad people can’t see you or find you.

    By Gray on 05.01.2008

  19. i love being hidden. i never want to come out. i like being under the stairs, behind the couch or in the tree in the back yard. as long as i don’t have to do my homework.

    By Rose H. on 05.01.2008

  20. the card was hidden, taped to the lid of the ottoman in the living room. What was on the card? nothing you want to see…NOTHING YOU WANT TO SEE!!! Trust me, it’s just Richard and richard.

    By pete on 05.01.2008

  21. The life of a great man is hidden in shrouds. When the trust took over after that great crime their leader was hidden. So were the hienous crimes they commited. Hidden in plain sight, because you and I. Common people had no desire to see what really lay behind that curtin.

    By Lonnie Harper on 05.01.2008

  22. hiding in the shadows means i am hidden. i feel hidden in my everyday life. hidden from the people who think they “know” me but in actual fact they don’t know me at all. they know the person i present to them, the person i want them to believe is present. The real me is hidden away, stashed at the back of my mind where no one will find out what a failure and worthless life i am. I wish i was invisible instead of just in disguise, but for now, this will have to do.

    By Lucia on 05.01.2008

  23. It was not there! hells bells. I had lost the key to the box and he would kill me!
    I hunted frantically around fearing someone had hidden it or it was some test of my inititaive or lyalty. But no sign!

    By Jane on 05.01.2008

  24. I thought I wrote about hidden yesterday. At least I tried. Today, I am hungry. There is a lack of food hidden away in my gastrointestinal bubble. Yesterday I wrote about pooping and its nature- hidden away in the bowels and in the privacy to which humankind has grown so accustomed. Today I write about hunger, the need for food, a burning desire hidden and disguised in the midsection of humankind.

    By Tom on 05.01.2008