April 28th, 2008 | 193 Entries

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193 Entries for “sentence”

  1. a live appraisal of the untimely demise of loved ones. Why do we live in shame for what we have done when the good lord lets us onto the earth with so much love? IT is unfair for us to believe that we have done wrong against others, when the law is imposed by men who know no better. When the anarchistic beliefs come down who will be alone?

    By mike hutton on 04.29.2008

  2. what is a sentence is it a string of words such as this, or is it a long time to be served, some would argue what the hardest of these two to finish is. A convicted murderer looking at years or a confused writer looking at a blank page, each wondering how they will complete their sentence

    By Adam on 04.29.2008

  3. He was setenced to the firey depths of hell. It was his punishment. A punishment worse than all possible torture on Earth. He was sent to the core, the core of the world, the core of pain, the core of life, the core of death. Was it worth it? Really?

    By Sarah on 04.29.2008

  4. -sentence him to death. it is the only thing he deserves.

    -Seriously, just look at the mess he made of that cat. and with a rolling pin too. the man’s a menace.

    -I think he was on drugs and making pancakes. look at the toxicology reports.

    -Oh, for heavens’ sake. just shoot him already…

    -hippy fascist!

    By tom on 04.29.2008

  5. the basis for our grammar and our thoughts. Sentences are what we build conversations and stories on. They are the legos of our imagination, you put them together and they can create worlds, adventures or abstract things that only we as the builder can understand. It is with sentences that we create

    By Sean on 04.29.2008

  6. what the hell am i supposed to type?

    By alex on 04.29.2008

  7. is all it takes. To change the world, someone’s life, to make a decision that changes everything. Words are not just empty things we say, they are the tools of life.

    By Malcolm James Aird on 04.29.2008

  8. I’m the best person in the world because i know what I’m able to do and not. it’s not always easy to understand the meaning of some happening inn the world but it’s always crucial to identify with them and make a profit conclusion for you then you can get the most of it by getting the essential without knowing and without any perception. i know everything. do you know everything? how do you know? in this world we face a lot trouble and e don’t realize the severity of the trouble over our daily life.

    By Juca on 04.29.2008

  9. wow, a sentence is a composition of what we humans call words. Some would say it’s a beautiful thing that we have evolved to have written communication, although a sentence I guess could also be spoken. It’s a structure, a pattern with rules. Perhaps though these rules are being more broken everyday with new speak. Language is forever evolvent and so is the sentence.

    By Frank Lucisano on 04.29.2008

  10. the words above explain the word within or rather the group of them assembled, cobbled with syntax and grammer, grammar, how many can fit in a single one without a full sto

    By 123 on 04.29.2008

  11. Is a collection of words that make a certain sense. Used in communication, written or spoken. Science – syntax. Preferably grammatically correct.

    By Arlekinka on 04.29.2008

  12. This is the basic part of speech. All of grammar is encapsulated in it. Everything that can be said in the world finds its home here. One follows after another like so many cars on a train speeding for its destination which is communication. Will it reach the next station? Depends if anyone is listening. It begins with a space and ends with a space, sandwiched between a capital letter and a punctuation mark.

    By Kit on 04.29.2008

  13. this is one.

    By amber on 04.29.2008

  14. exactly how might one determine a sentence? is it by the words used, or merely how bad one has been, or a bad use of words? the sentence for a sentence is probably a period of time in which one is forced to sacrifice his or her liver, intestines, colon, and semi-colon. what a detrimentally morbid sentence.

    By heather on 04.29.2008

  15. incomplete…
    fragments, halfway thoughts
    absent periods & 1st letter CAPS
    sentence…what a complete fuzz!

    By jennifer::bleu on 04.29.2008

  16. My sentences are smart and stupid at the same time. It is like that with everything. I love the buddha. Where will I go then…?
    Hello all, over there.
    Big is it not?
    Now I will focus on the micro

    By igor on 04.29.2008

  17. sometimes i run out of them. i dont know where to find a single original one of them. they’re illusory, like some kind of smoke cloud. they all look the same from a distance but how do make them different up close and personal? i struggle every day to find a way to make them my life and every day i disappoint myself with them.

    By cate on 04.29.2008

  18. This is the first sentence. It’s not very profound, in fact, it is the kind of utterance that only Captain Obvious could get away with. This is the third sentence. For this poor excuse of a paragraph, I must beg repentance.

    By Debra on 04.29.2008

  19. What is my sentence ? 10 years ? 20 years ?
    Or just …….

    By Fed on 04.29.2008

  20. Stuck in this sentence a mess of incoherent verbs I need some punctuation

    By bailey on 04.29.2008

  21. could be a grammatical device or could be a personal incarceration (sic) which would be very defeatist to personal enjoyment which requires freedom. grammar is just boring so i chose the other meaning for interest sake is my time up? why am i still typing if the timer has stopped

    By re. gork. on 04.29.2008

  22. could be a grammatical device or could be a personal incarceration (sic) which would be very defeatist to personal enjoyment which requires freedom. grammar is just boring so i chose the other meaning for interest sake is my time up? why am i still typing if the timer has stopped

    By re. gork. on 04.29.2008

  23. I can write a very long run on sentence for such a long time that it will just keep going on and on even if I feel like it should stop somewhere, but it doesn’t it just keeps on going on longer and longer.

    By Mikelyn on 04.29.2008

  24. fourteen hundred-odd years was the length of the sentence read out to frank boobsix for his admirable crime of talking to his wife. in 3872 any communication besides telephathy was illegal.

    By lee on 04.29.2008

  25. a VERB AN D A COMMA ARE OFTEN PARTS OF A COMPLETE SENTENCE. all capitals are not necessary in any sentence. Maybe sentence should be shorter? Maybe some people should learn to form a proper sentence. Are my sentences complete? Do they form a thought? Will someone grade this for me and send it back to me like my 2nd grade teacher did with a get well soon card. I have no idea. Can I write for sixty second non stop? is there a timer on this. A dentence must contain a noun and a verb. I have n idea

    By A on 04.29.2008

  26. it is actually hard to write a non-sentence… I have tried. Even remembering the “rules”. try it.

    By syd on 04.29.2008

  27. This is a sentence.

    By JB on 04.29.2008

  28. One sentence is enough to fill a book. A very small book, granted. But still. It can be meaningful and outrageous and amazing. It can break your heart. It can mend it. It cn be amazing. Only one sentence.

    By kymber on 04.29.2008

  29. well, this is funny because i’m going to write this in sentences. this website makes me think of all the other meanings for these words. like a sentence is in a paragraph, or a life sentence, or probably something else that i can’t think of because that bar is moving at the top, distracting me. anyway, i find that sometimes i use run-on sentences and people criticize me for them. but then they’re really not run-ons. go me. hi, red bar.

    By holly on 04.29.2008

  30. a group of words that say so much and is used so often… can fit so much in one… can make or break with one… can hurt or please with one

    By trish on 04.29.2008

  31. He spoke deliberately, as if the fate of the world hung on every word he said. When he had finished, the assembled soldiers looked at him with blank expressions. This was it. The final battle.

    By Stratcat X on 04.29.2008

  32. I love this prison where are the salons? who took my fruit cup where is the bath house? Run on, I love a parade of.. sodomites

    By frankdog on 04.29.2008

  33. the sentence is by far the best part of human life! It is the formation for everything that we do and the best possible way for us to understand the world around us. i give high praise to the sentence. Without it, life would be dreary.

    By Michelle on 04.29.2008