July 17th, 2012 | 277 Entries

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277 Entries for “sonar”

  1. Dolphins are one of my favourite animals. They let our sonar waves to detect things around them so that they can find their way in the depths of the ocean. This technique is called echolocation. Bats also use this to help them see in the dark.

    By dancer13 on 07.17.2012

  2. Sonar. Lunar. Brunar. Hunar. Harold and Kumar. Sonar reminds me of light. I wish I could write about it with knowledge, but unfortunately, I cannot. Oh well. My brain has been worked up recently. It’s a good thing, though. My brain needs to stay at work, or else I’ll be a rotten vegetable. Good bye.

    By Vanessa on 07.17.2012

  3. the sonar is something to do with space and the universe and it is mainly to do with the sun aas it emits sonar radiation as it burns and shines into our atmosphere and the light that it provides helps us to grow plants and trees that provide us with the oxygen we need to breathe and we provide them with the carbon dioxide they need to produce glucose in a rewaction we call photosynthesis.

    By Phoebe on 07.17.2012

  4. Submarines. That’s all I can think of, submarines. Sonar works underwater, but radar doesn’t. So submarines. We all live in a yellow one. I’m not really fond of yellow. I like green. I love the ocean, but I don’t think I’d want to be in a submarine anyways. I’m a bit claustrophobic.

    By Meg on 07.17.2012

  5. What was written was brilliant. No question she knew exactly what was needed. They pinged like an almost primal sonar. Pinged, though, might be the wrong word.


    By Jennyg42389 URL on 07.17.2012

  6. The flow of light and sound through space detected by intelligent life forms known as human beings. The beeping sound that puts you to sleep at night. The sound of the aquarium. The sound of creation.

    By Gaya on 07.17.2012

  7. Sonar technology is used for deep sea research as well as space research. This technique is not only used by humans, but with animals such as dolphins, bats, etc. This process was derived from echolocation, a technique used by bats, as well as sonar. Sonar tech travels in waves, because it is consisting of more energy that the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we see, because it is categorized in the ultraviolet section, given that violet is the last color, and the one with the most energy.

    By Wrik Chakrabarti on 07.17.2012

  8. Sonar, like the whales, right?
    Sonar, like, the sensing thing?
    Or is that submarines?
    Sometimes, I felt like I had sonar, always detecting you, even from far away.
    Well, as far as the walls were, where you always were, lingering on the walls, not approaching me, making me wait. You didn’t even know you were doing it, but you were, always making me wait.

    By Anne URL on 07.17.2012

  9. Sonar sounds sciency. I’m not actually sure what it is used for though, sounds technical. Like a communication device.

    By Emily on 07.17.2012

  10. i dont know what that is..
    i have more time on me..
    you know, i am swedish and 13 years old so my english is’nt the best :)

    By gabbi URL on 07.17.2012

  11. I dunno what a sonar is. Maybe I should know. It’s quite science-y, yes? Sorta to do with wavelengths? Or maybe it’s astrology and stars and stuff? I really don’t know, to be honest. For a a bit of a sci-fi fan, this is a pretty disappointing realisation. Someone, please enlighten me; what’s a sonar?

    By Ciara on 07.17.2012

  12. who invented the word sonar? Did somebody just heard the own voice after and after and after again and decided to call it sonar? Sonar makes lots of things very unexpcted and is confusing the inner human not knowing what and when was happening and happend.

    By Sylvi on 07.17.2012

  13. He lit the end of the cigar and puffed lightly- a sweet musty kiss to the sky as he exhaled the expensive breath. The dots on the sonar appeared to be getting closer- and with each perceived mile, the captain sucked back harder and harder trying to blanket his fears in the thick smoke.

    By Laura Mary URL on 07.17.2012

  14. If I call out for you when I’m blind, will I hear your form come back to me? You never would let me touch you; can I call out to you instead? Is it alright, if I touch you with these words?

    By Annie P URL on 07.17.2012

  15. internally
    waves transferring through the air
    my thoughts
    they’re faint
    very quiet
    sit in silence
    with me
    can you?
    hear my thoughts?
    a penny for them
    for my thoughts
    you can drown them out, you know
    choose not to listen
    which most do
    which is what you do
    don’t listen
    there’s music everywhere
    floating in the air
    the sound waves
    and thought waves
    like sonar waves down under
    buzzing through
    floating above our heads
    please, i’m begging you
    just sit with me
    and listen
    i promise you’ll hear them
    i cannot say out loud
    for my thoughts are sacred secrets.

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 07.17.2012

  16. Hohaha. Sonar like bats who can navigate their way around the world just using sonar signals. Sound bouncing off the surfaces of the world providing us with information about distance and perspective and all those static objects around us just waiting to be walked or flown or swam into. There are huge concrete shapes like satellite dishes all around the Kent coastal landscape which were consttuced but never used during the second world war. They were built to work on the principal of sonar communication, so that codes could be communicated across the channel using sounds.

    By joanna URL on 07.17.2012

  17. bats soar through the night, searching for tiny food fluttering and buzzing through the night sky. eats and munches the tiny annoying blood suckers, keeps them away from us. voices reflect off the bugs and into their ear, so subtle for us to hear. wonderfully unique, creatures of the night.

    By Celeste on 07.17.2012

  18. sonar is a spanish word that means that something maked a sound. in that case it is a verb. and without it one of our senses would be useless.

    By rodrigo on 07.17.2012

  19. sonar? radar? (<it's spelled the same way forward and backwards). sonar and all the it entails is beyond my understanding. beep beep beep. beep. beep. hubble spaceship shit. orbiting. signaling. sonaring.

    By sgraces on 07.17.2012

  20. Here he comes.

    She sipped her Manhattan at the bar and watched him scope out the joint. Nervous. Twitchy almost. The cheesy light-blue jacket and combed-over hair. Yeah, he’s the one. She watched as he jostled onto the stool and opened his wallet.

    Ready. She slipped from her spot and sidled over to the space beside him. Smiling, she clinked her glass to his.

    By penny dreadful on 07.17.2012

  21. sonar sounds
    whales and tales of
    from a time when we were
    and life was less complicated

    now the silence
    it’s white noise
    a reminder

    By katiekieran URL on 07.17.2012

  22. used in subs, not suubmarine sandwhiches, but the kind that go in water and hunt down like giant squids and stuff. also they were used in world war 2, and one was invented by george wahsington, because he is a BAMF
    So, yeah. SOnar is cool, BLOOP. BLOOP. BLOOP

    By nick on 07.17.2012

  23. The sonar searched along the moon’s surface. It beeped and beeped until suddenly it didn’t make a sound. And the universe was quiet. Just for a second. But it was the most peaceful second ever.

    By Karis on 07.17.2012

  24. sleep, dream, imagine, noisy, can’t breath properly, deep sleep, nose, nostrils, boogie,

    By rob on 07.17.2012

  25. bats use sonar to detect and find there pray,

    By rob on 07.17.2012

  26. The sonar around us is crazy. Unbelievable really. It was confusing and beautiful. This was something beyond earth and comprehension.

    By Alexa on 07.17.2012

  27. is it the dolphins, is it the bats or is it the missile coming my way… on the litte green ånd black screen?

    By Tatiana Diaz on 07.17.2012

  28. I have no idea what sonar is so i can’t really write very much about it, but, erm, it sounds like the word solar so it may have something to do with light, or space? I don’t really know, but yeah, erm, cool, so, erm.. this is awkward. >.> la la la la… le fin.

    By Laura on 07.17.2012

  29. 1. Think of an abstract fruit
    2. Place a tissue cone to your right, no, left ear
    3. Tap the edge of a glass with an eyelash
    4. With your tongue, listen out for the compound sentence
    (if a complex sentence is felt, you tapped too softly,
    If a simple return to step 6)
    5. Ask the bat to help by giving you a slice of sonar

    By gsk URL on 07.17.2012

  30. Beep………Beep………Beep………. Beep Beep Beep.
    Captain! An enemy sub is fast approaching! What are your orders?
    Prepare the torpedoes for launch and ready the counter measures. I refuse to let my men die down here.

    By Kirk on 07.17.2012

  31. Makes me think of the name of a star or tip of car car example: ford sonar or something like that…. It’s a very awkward word that I know nothing about and is weird sounding and looking.

    By Brey URL on 07.17.2012

  32. ping pnging around the underworld saying hi to the deep blue, a reminder of awakening understanding the sound with a wuick flick of a distant sound, your position found and given to the public to find you, a facebook for the water.

    By Andy Sarno on 07.17.2012

  33. Sonar is a magical device that lets animals like dolphins and bats see and catch things to eat. Dementors have it, too, so they can suck out souls. I’m sure gingers want it bc they don’t have souls and probs want to suck out other people’s.

    By Jazz on 07.17.2012

  34. The whale’s sonar hit off the aluminum bottom of the boat as it crossed the deep inlet. The small motored vehicle chugged along unaware that beneath it was the largest animal it was ever going to come in contact with. The whale thought briefly about destroying the nusance who so often had interupted it’s peacful existence but had wisely decided against it. Other’s have tried and only had succeded in bringing the wrath of the small but very dangerous beings.

    By Adam on 07.17.2012

  35. I don’t even know what this means!! It reminds be of spaceships, astronauts, and bats. Like echo location! Blind people have used that to help with their mobility.

    By Teagan on 07.17.2012

  36. Sonar is a method for detecting and locating objects that are submerged deep under the water. Sonar can be used for many of things. Sonar can used for education or finding more where the human eyes cannot see. I have overheard some people talking about how they have used sonar to find things deep down under and to discover what is there. Sonar has a GPS built in I think so it can find a way underwater. Sonar can be used after a ship wreck or plane crash to find the bodies of the dead or material of the plane or boat.

    By Sierra Banks on 07.17.2012

  37. Sound deep and bellowing
    A cry for one thing
    All that’s left
    A cry for all that’s left
    Something that’ll never be
    A prolonged flash of truth
    Ease and comfort
    All is stripped away
    Lost in dark blue
    The figure white ghostly strung out of blanched seaweed cries for its return
    It’s taken away in swaddling clothes
    Carried over the shoulder of a man prim and proper
    A real gentleman
    Walks quickly, stiffly, knows what he wants
    “I’m not a kid,” he says. “Life is simple.”
    He is sure. He is sure of it.
    “This baby does not belong here.
    This baby has no place here.
    This baby needs a real home and mother.
    I know what this baby needs.
    I know because
    I know my needs.”
    There’s only hardness in his back.
    All the possibilities of maybes go unrecognized. He cannot notice them.
    He can’t be expected to.
    He has decided he knows what he wants
    She is only folly
    She needs to grow up
    This will teach her
    “I will teach her this lesson. She cannot parade around the way she wishes. It is unattractive and unsuitable for a woman, let alone a mother, of her age. She needs to grow up.”
    Her cry ripples through a blanket of purple navy blue
    At the start dense and powerful fades to a thinned semi-circle push
    Trying to catch up
    Losing its legs as it goes
    Fallen down exhausted on the track
    The sun sets off before them
    A walking shadow disappears
    Both heads mirage into the flame.
    The woman weeps
    Her head torn up scratched she’s sinking
    Mud up to her knees.
    My baby she cries no.

    By Meg on 07.17.2012

  38. SOund and NAvigation Ranging. It’s funny how people come up with acronyms, isn’t it? Although sonar has to do with sound, it always reminds me of the sun, somehow. I hope people have found good things with SONAR … wait. It DOES stand for SOund and NAvigation Ranging.


    By Patri on 07.17.2012

  39. “What are you doing?”

    “I’m developing a sonar system for my aquarium!” squeaked Bailey.

    Bailey’s aquarium was his tiny fish tank in the corner of his bedroom, with two goldfish swimming about a plastic castle and ignoring the pellets waiting to be devoured. I watched him tinker with the random scraps of metal and shrapnel and tried asking another question.

    “How is this going to work?”

    “I’m going to detect sound,” said Bailey. “Duh.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.17.2012

  40. I don’t know this word. I have no idea. Really! Hmmmm. What else can I say? I don’t know this thing. Anyways, how many time I got now? I don’t see the time here.

    By Alma B. Cabardo on 07.17.2012