July 17th, 2008 | 2,211 Entries

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2,211 Entries for “scarf”

  1. Scarf, I love it. I wear it in the winter. Or I use it to whip a friend. It could be used to hand yourself or an enemy. Or it could be used to tie something down. Colourful scarfs are my favorite. I bought a nice one for carol once.

    By Erik on 07.21.2008

  2. She wrapped the scarf around her neck as she plunged out into the cold night. The wind was howling and snow was drifting across the deserted streets.

    By natalie on 07.21.2008

  3. there is a pretty scarf around her neck

    By darlene hudgins on 07.21.2008

  4. stupid stupid stupid scarf
    came to lunch and made me barf
    so much sand and so much air
    i can’t stand the clothes you wear.

    By geo on 07.21.2008

  5. The scarf billowed around her neck caught in the currents of the wind. He caught it just before it blew away. He grabbed the other end and pulled her closer until they were face to face. The tears glistened in her eyes.
    “I promised I would never leave and I am keeping that promise.” He said as his lips met hers.

    By Michele on 07.21.2008

  6. it’s very long and coulored i like them . i wear them everyday because i love them. i really like scarfs because they are long and can cover you and hide you. they are very fashionable too and can adjuste your style. scarf is normally a acessory to clothes but you can have tight aroung your neck or around your waist.

    By zara on 07.21.2008

  7. Beautiful, elegant, flowing scarf. Soft material, wraps you up, keeps you warm. Beautiful, Elegant scarf.

    By Lynita Stamps on 07.21.2008

  8. cold winter mittens hat snow sled christmas wet burr head neck warmth parka

    By meowphfsst on 07.21.2008

  9. pretty, silk or nylon, used as an excessory. Or a wool or thick scarf used for warmth in cold weather climates. Worn over the face and around the neck for warmth. Some are handmade & warm & thick. Varies in colors. Can be used for hair ties or to hold your hair back as in a pony tail or as a head band. Were very popular for that in the 50ties. Not used much anymore I don’t think except by the older generation.

    By cindy on 07.21.2008


    By DON DINGO on 07.21.2008

  11. I have a pretty red scarf from India in my drawer. I never wear it, though, because I’m not a scraf kind of person. It looks nice, but I don’t think it looks nice on me.

    Scarves are a nice fashion statement. They really help to dress up a plain blouse.

    By Anne on 07.21.2008