August 19th, 2013 | 80 Entries

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80 Entries for “solidarity”

  1. The solidarity between us was met with a firm handshake. It was our chosen path to part in opposite ways, even though it killed me to watch the man I loved with every inch of my soul, walk away from me; knowing we would never meet again.

    By Merlin on 08.19.2013

  2. She sat there in the middle of all commotion.
    Clinging on to something cold and drifting off to a place she found peace,
    Her solidarity.
    Her eyes narrated and re-narrated thousand unspoken stories,
    of days, months and years.
    As she slowly came back to reality,
    the cold was replaced by warmth…
    Warmth that her beloved Grammy promised to bestow on her forever.

    By Srijita on 08.19.2013

  3. Im not to sure, i think of -solid- something that can withstand force.
    I think of- solitary- alone, by one’s self.
    something that stands alone, solid, unmovable. a soldier with strong faith, perhaps.

    By Mae on 08.19.2013

  4. solid in my solidarity

    slowly stuck and stagnant and surrendering to the loneliness

    cartwheels and cans of beer and ropes drawn between eyes and knees and the masses of bodies in between

    if it is telepathic if it is internally combusted i am without

    By jenna l.b. on 08.19.2013

  5. As a show of solidarity with my ice cream, I will stand directly under the air conditioner as I eat it.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.19.2013

  6. i love solidarity. life would be scary without it. i love friends but i need to be alone as well. solidarity is a blessing from the heavens. it gives u time to think, to relax n be creative. among all things i have, i treasure my moments of solidarity the most. thank god for it! today also i need some solidarity,

    By madhurima on 08.19.2013

  7. Well that was blown out of the water wasn’t it?!
    No longer craved for. No longer sought after.
    But rather; invasion. Every inch of being invading hers.

    By esky1118 on 08.19.2013

  8. So we join hands and stand in solidarity. We push out the thoughts, the reminders, the yucky feelings. And we pull smiles from one another, lighting up the quiet world inside our circle.

    By darseyrsm URL on 08.19.2013

  9. he slinks away from the crowd, like a tree’s shadow moving across the sidewalk. He Scowls and he slinks backwards. They lied about their solidarity. Now he swore he’d prefer to be solitary.

    By Bobbi B on 08.19.2013

  10. She hoped that the new community wouldn’t shun her like the last. Three months she had been wandering, floating, wishing to find someone else like her. As she stumbled past the town sign, she had a good feeling about the new life she was about to start.

    By musicrazi on 08.19.2013

  11. “…it’s only by standing together we’ll survive this threat.” I finished, hoping – desperately hoping – that my impassioned speech was enough to convince the lords of Volantis that my cause, OUR cause, was a worthy one. That it was worth the lives of their brothers, their sons, perhaps even their own.
    Goddess, I hoped it would be enough.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 08.19.2013

  12. I wanted to see them because I wanted to forget about my solitude. I wanted to be somewhere where I was one of the gang. Where my sense of humor didn’t seem like just a string of an insults but rather, the beginning of a very sassy conversation. I wanted to be around people who could take my sense of humor and give it back to me ten fold. I wanted to see my boys so badly. I wanted to go back to the Castro.

    By Ruben URL on 08.20.2013

  13. The lone wolf, the one that’s always out and about but alone. It doesn’t matter what or how the world perceives her to be, she prefers to be alone. Nothing has changed, she is who she is and that’ll be it.

    By AlexS on 08.20.2013

  14. They’d been walking back and forth at the Barham Gate entrance for what would soon be 100 days. Writers Guild solidarity? Not so much; most of their friends and colleagues had lost enthusiasm for the strike after the second week, which didn’t exactly inspire feelings of unity in those who were doing the heavy lifting.

    By Mexichick on 08.20.2013

  15. With a steely grimace of determination the boy twisted the fine focus knob, sharpening the resolution and devastating the solidarity of his booger, transforming one lump of snot into sprawling world populated by gross. He left the masterpiece on the slide, securely fitted in his brother’s microscope before dashing back out of the room. This was gonna be good.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 08.20.2013

  16. I may not know what it’s like to be full,
    or in a room full of knowledge.
    When the time had come,
    and the pawns all have fallen,
    I stand – a king – alone.

    By Marissa on 08.20.2013

  17. There they were. Standing shoulder to shoulder. Like they always have. Because that’s who they are. And that’s who they were meant to be.

    By sitara URL on 08.20.2013

  18. In unison, all the birds started to squawk on top of their lungs.
    In harmony, all the cars on the street started to honk.
    The trees started to rustle all at once.

    By thedarkestsheep on 08.20.2013

  19. A show of solidarity would not hav egone amiss, but the family didn’t seem to understand that. Despite the fact that the man was watching them, eyes narrcowed, they continued to disagree about anything and everything, seemingly not caring that this was one of the most important days in their rather boring lives.

    But the man kept watching, seeing how the siblings fought amongst each other, how the parents shouted, and ohw the grandparents banged their walking sticks.

    By Maria URL on 08.20.2013

  20. It is one thing to offer protest aganist a wrong that have ben unlesahed against you, however, it represent a greater cause for you and those of similar interest, to enbrace solidarity so as to give you a better chance of vidication.

    By victor URL on 08.20.2013

  21. Solidarity is something that we don’t see too much in the world today. People don’t have that “stick to it ness” that they once had. Why don’t we have that same commitment to causes that we once had? It starts with the family and grows

    By LorriT on 08.20.2013

  22. I always picture a line of people with their arms linked when I think of solidarity. I know it’s kind of a cliche image. I think the word solidarity is actually a bit overused sometimes. Not that I don’t believe it’s important, I just think it’s become sort of a buzzword to make people think you want to do/are going to do great things. And I agree that solidarity is much, much better than charity. But is it really possible to stand in solidarity with someone if you have no understanding of what they’re truly experiencing? Doesn’t it always kind of feel like charity?

    By hannah URL on 08.20.2013

  23. Solidarity! what an easy rally when you’re in need. What an easy thing to call for when you’re in the wrong. but had you truely had solidarity with others, with your lover, and just the human species, I doubt that you would have ever had the need for such a call and a need to try and turn your back on others when they didn’t answer it. You see, I am a man, and not vermin.

    By grapplerschool on 08.20.2013

  24. In a corner, a pair of eyes close
    In the shadow, a pair of feet shuffle
    In a crowd, a pair of ears plugged
    In the light, a pair of hands cold

    Solidarity, solidarity, solidarity.

    By narestars on 08.20.2013

  25. The white cars began pulling up around the square, little blue lights flashing and turning. The people chanted, “Solidarity! Solidarity! Bring back the beer! Bring back the beer!”

    She watched the officers climb out of the cars. All these people want is their stout, she thought. Why are there so many cops?

    By Anthony StClair on 08.20.2013

  26. The women who were out started arguing with a gang of youths but their solidarity intimidated them.

    By Alexandra on 08.20.2013

  27. if only you knew what i wanted…. what i acheived and failed to conquor, for i know not what i am today cus i miss your presence ur solidarity

    By Arka Mukherjee on 08.20.2013

  28. if only you knew what i wanted…. what i acheived and failed to conquor, for i know not what i am today cus i miss your presence ur solidarity

    By Arka Mukherjee on 08.20.2013

  29. coming together, firm, standing strong, brotherhood, friendship, support, people show solidarity when they stand up for one another especially against injustice. gan

    By Samantha Quinn on 08.20.2013

  30. They stood together, waiting. The opposition would come, and it would hurt. They braced themselves for the pain, clenching each others hands in solidarity. But their show of unity was enough to inspire fear in their enemy.

    By Soft URL on 08.20.2013

  31. I am alone
    alone is how I like
    solidarity is my friend
    it comforts the waves inside
    gives them a bank of sand to rest unpon

    By Lace URL on 08.20.2013

  32. Her life had been turned upside down. She could no longer believe in the solidarity of not only their marriage, but their friendship and partnership as well. She had let her walls come down for him. How could she have been so stupid?

    By Megan URL on 08.20.2013

  33. Feelings and emotions swept over her like a hurricane through the warm summer breeze. The empty beach surrounded her as she let herself fall entranced by the sound of the ocean. The solidarity of the beach was the one thing that had managed to comfort her in such a difficult time.

    By Megan on 08.20.2013

  34. The protesters marched arm in arm, presenting a wall of flesh against the guns, a solidarity of flesh against the bullets.

    By mrsmig on 08.20.2013

  35. brother! I am with you all the way! Even though we don’t talk or write or get together anymore I will be at your side or on your couch at a moment’s notice should tragedy (and let’s not forget fortune!) come your way. K bro? Same

    By Lee on 08.20.2013

  36. To stand together for change, for rights, or any deal is brave. Especially sine the governments often have only one response. When people with signs meet soldiers with guns, only death and martyrdom follow.

    By River Ranter URL on 08.20.2013

  37. It’s not about always agreeing. It’s about always being there. It’s about standing up and saying “I’ve got your back while you speak your truth.” It’s about showing someone different than you that you love and support their path. But it doesn’t mean you need to agree with them all the time.

    By Another-Mom on 08.20.2013

  38. we all bleed red,
    and we are all human.
    but we are not all equal, no.
    we haven’t been equal
    in a very long time.

    By h. b. on 08.20.2013

  39. Solidarity is sticking together. It’s when the pasta clumps together and just refuses to be individual strands. It gets on my nerves so bad that I want to shake the pot and tell it to stop but it won’t listen. It can’t. It’s just spaghetti. It’s so fucking sad. WHY WON’T YOU LISTEN

    By Bobsters URL on 08.20.2013

  40. the solidarity of the moment consumed her. she took it in, breathed it out. letting herself escape in it. all it took was one glimpse at these kind of moments and she was gone. taken away by the peace of it. just that one glance-that one glimmer of a second was all she needed. the unity-the flowing and joining of two passions. Just one glistening moment.

    By beautybeyondstars URL on 08.20.2013