August 19th, 2013 | 80 Entries

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80 Entries for “solidarity”

  1. I enjoyed my solidarity. I had never been a people person, and I never will be. Sure I enjoy a nice outing with a few close friends, but when it comes to having hundreds of acquaintances that I call friends, then that is not me. I enjoy being a loner. I enjoy being by myself. That’s why solidarity is the best life for me.

    By Chelsea on 08.19.2013

  2. Solidarity. Solid. Together. There currently is no solidarity of belief, or of purpose in America. Mostly there is paralysis. Where do we go from here? During WWI and WWII, we saw solidarity of purpose and we won. Now we don’t know how to pull together and keep our country on the right track. The helm of this ship is not guided well, and we are suffering in spirit.

    By Sheila on 08.19.2013

  3. Solidarity? Isn’t that for crazy people? You go about your day solidified in a room with four walls that you bounce off of cause your arms are tied? Yea, that’s definitely going to help that person become “normal” or succumb to societies rules. Way to go “normal” people, that’s obviously a home run.

    By kt on 08.19.2013

  4. We approached the wall, taller than the highest building, longer than any train. Our group focused on our growing solidarity. We knew that to accomplish this goal we must work together and aid each other.

    By umbazachika on 08.19.2013

  5. My imagination has been ousted. Tension rules in its place. I would protest but the opposition has drained my juice. There is only enough energy to move my fingers and it is as if I exist on the outside of me, watching, helpless, this brainless tapping out of letters forming insignificance that will waste space on some server somewhere. Sad as it feels, it at least can be said that my imagination breakdown will not act as pin pulled from the social cohesion equation…

    By Miss Alister URL on 08.19.2013

  6. The problem with my people is that there is no solidarity among us. We are always looking for the differences between us, the things that exclude. This is why we remain oppressed. Because we cannot put our differences apart and unite for La Causa.

    By Karla URL on 08.19.2013

  7. The two soldiers took their handkerchiefs and tied it around each other’s forearms as an act of solidarity, and as both the blue and red scraps of fabric bristled in the air between them, one could notice the fraying ends of their accessories, given to one another as a mark of fellowship. The female soldier, tall and broad-shouldered, saluted the male soldier, who merely bowed his head and exhaled sharply through his nostrils. Behind them, the tanks rolled by in an awkward procession, their generals casting them gray looks as they disappeared from the dune.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.19.2013

  8. She opened up the dictionary and frantically looked for the words. She was 7, she didn’t know what it meant. She glanced up and saw the others were already writing their sentences. This was her hell. What solidarity meant, she would never know.

    By Poptato on 08.19.2013

  9. Solidarity is that sinking pit in your stomach, as the cold chills move down your spine, through your mind, and well up into tears.
    It is quiet. Unbearable quiet. Loneliness, no one who cares. It is me.

    By Scm on 08.19.2013

  10. solace comes from solitude
    alone we can hear
    the heart
    speaking subconsciously

    By katiekieran URL on 08.19.2013

  11. We stand in solidarity, united. Why is it that I always think of cliches when i get these prompts? Must come up with some new and refreshing material. it has been an eye opening experience so far. Like my life, a cliche? Nah, not at all.

    By Linda S. on 08.19.2013

  12. I have found many people who perform acts of solidarity. They often take their time to go visit the sick in the hospital, or to help the poor. It is very interesting to see the effects this has on the lives of those whom they touch.

    By Gabiroba on 08.19.2013

  13. I have found many people who perform acts of solidarity. They often take their time to go visit the sick in the hospital, or to help the poor. It is very interesting to see the effects this has on the lives of those whom they touch. It is always wonderful to see how appreciative the children are of having someone give them a simple toy or to play with them for a bit of time.

    By Gabiroba on 08.19.2013

  14. Solidarity is standing together for a common cause. It is still used today in politics butnI think it comes from a time when warriors werent overstuffed politicians in suits but warriors on the hillside, with spears in their hands and fire in their eyes.

    By MutatedPear on 08.19.2013

  15. You’re pretty solid, and I’m not, and I guess that’s okay but sometimes it makes me feel inferior.

    By Jason on 08.19.2013

  16. you like solidarity. you like the quiet, to think, to breathe. it keeps you sane. you spent most of your youth in solidarity, you’re comfortable with it. you welcome it’s ringing silent speech and it’s calm presence. something about it is wonderfully comforting.

    By Sarah on 08.19.2013

  17. Alone. Quiet. It was always this way, especially after that fateful night when everything changed for her. It saddened her sometimes, thinking back to when she had friends. She hardly even remembered what it felt like to be held, to be loved, or even to be smiled at. She shook the images from her mind and stared out of the broken window. Someday, things will change. Someday, it will all be over. She dragged the rugged blade across her skin. Maybe she had some say in what happened to her. Maybe, just maybe, she could change her life.

    By Kelsey on 08.19.2013

  18. normally, you love solidarity. you love it’s warm presence, it’s comforting hand, and soft touch. you like the quiet ringing that it leaves in your ears. but you don’t like it now. it’s cold and lonely. solidarity is the last thing you need, or want right now. you feel sick. you feel completely alone. all you want is a hug.

    By grace on 08.19.2013

  19. We stand here, on this mountaintop, in solidarity. Just you and me, and the wide blue sky. The earth below us, the air around us, and heaven just above our heads. This is what it means to be free. Just breathe in the clean, crisp air, and tell me that it’s not true. Tell me this wasn’t one of the best days you’ve ever had.

    By Kristina on 08.19.2013

  20. The System provided a sense of solidarity to the people that they had not felt in centuries. It required merely a simple brain surgery removing the part of the brain involved with will and decision-making. Surgically removing their free will ultimately freed them from the hardship and anxiety of the human mind. The System would care for them, and all they need give in return was their services, their labor, their unyielding obedience. They may feel as content as cattle in a field. It is all so simple.

    By Doug on 08.19.2013

  21. jimmy had once told her that he’d carry all the furniture she owned across the street into his house and that theyd raise a baby together and they never spoke a word of it but they knew thats how it would be because elf owls nest in cacti and for as long as elf owls nest in cacti, jimmy will carry her furniture across the street

    By corrine marie on 08.19.2013

  22. power to the people. we all want someone on our side. we need a team a crew a support system. and in the end if that support system comes together for a common cause we have something so much bigger and the potential to change the world. right on.

    By eboni URL on 08.19.2013

  23. When I opened my eyes, I expected to see a community smiling and laughing, gathering outdoors simply to talk with one another.
    To this day, I have no idea where I got that idea. The landscape was bleak, uninviting, and gray, to match the personality of the town. I had trouble finding even an open window nonetheless a laugh. A sign in the center of the town mocked the greeting “welcome”, its red type seemed to be the only pop of color.

    By Ann on 08.19.2013

  24. to be all alone, to believe in something that others believe in and be part of that communit

    By Catherine Bosco-Walker on 08.19.2013

  25. Solidarity. One for all, and one for all. We stand beside each other, hands linked, our presence stretching miles. We are a fence, defending our friendship, protecting what we hold important. We are many in numbers, yet altogether as one do we wield the most strength. If even one of us break away from our chain link, the bad can sneak through our lines.

    By Ashi URL on 08.19.2013

  26. I feel alone most of the time. isolated, like I’m in solitary confinement. from myself, down in this hole in my path. and how do i reach up to accept help. there is no help. it’s peaceful sometimes. its surrounding.

    By Miranda Russell on 08.19.2013

  27. it was cold enough to crack stones and split the trees and yet over a hundred men and women had stood for hours at the gates of the factory, stamping frozen feet in ill-fitting shoes, their breath looping up into the bright, cold night air, all in solidarity with the men who had lost their jobs. To lose a job meant to lose one’s home and to lose one’s home meant to die, frozen like a statue in one of the city’s parks. If that could happen to one man, it could happen to all of them. So to feel the bite of winter now, side by side with the workers one saw every day but did not know by name, to breathe the hard and glittering air was a special kind of suffering; not the suffering of a man alone, but a unified response to the capitalism that would have each man die alone, under the hard and bitter stars.

    By catbeazle on 08.19.2013

  28. Solidarity is something that can provide people with the opportunity to reflect on themselves and their life. It is a nice escape from reality and the busy world around us. Some people think that it is a negative thing but I think it is very important to be alone sometimes and take time for yourself.

    By sara on 08.19.2013

  29. alone in my room I meditate and think about mym destiny I can c

    By grace williams on 08.19.2013

  30. It was nice to know that someone remembered her, even in dreams. She wondered whether there would be a dream-Lucy now, running around the dreamworld. In the real world, you didn’t need to be remembered to exist, though it was a nice feeling, it made your insides feel more solid. She wondered whether that was what it felt like for dream-spirits, except that if they weren’t remembered they would fade away.

    By Holden URL on 08.19.2013

  31. I can appreciate a moment of solidarity if it is filed with the aroma of coffee and pages waiting to be discovered. Curled up in my favorite corner of the room I will disappear into a better world. Introverts are the secret keepers of solidarity joy.

    By masked habit on 08.19.2013

  32. “from charity to solidarity”
    was the phrase they preached to me all summer
    it taught me little
    but meant much
    the homeless, i’m sure, appreciated it
    but i didn’t get to
    sadly, i wish i had tried
    but what if it doesn’t mean anything to me?

    By pmw on 08.19.2013

  33. Learn to walk, go to school, learn to drive, get a boyfriend, get a car, fight with parents, graduate, move out, make mistakes, get a job, find love get married, buy a house, have kids, get a dog, reflect on life, realize you have taken it for granted, start to appreciate life, die

    By sturmzie on 08.19.2013

  34. The solidarity of life desolved quickly for Andrew.It instantly seemed like he became a single drop of water in a never ending ocean.

    By A False Terl on 08.19.2013

  35. confined inside our minds. encompassed by our worst fears. defiant in our nature.

    By john on 08.19.2013

  36. The quiet roar of the silence consumed me in my solidarity. I didn’t know what to do. How I wished my mind would quiet down so I could think straight

    By Ann E Body on 08.19.2013

  37. United together, over a year ago. A match made in heaven but with obstacles to overcome. Even though there is distance, a few hundred miles apart. I know we’ll always be together and in each other’s hearts.

    By Chris on 08.19.2013

  38. All of us are joined by some kind of strange, nervous solidarity. Our eyes dart and we size each other up, always looking away before we can be caught. Trying to decide who will be a friend, a lover, or an enemy.

    By WearyWater URL on 08.19.2013

  39. I was sick of everyone–my parents who I saw too much of, my friends who I saw too little of, the boy I gave my number to without thinking, hell, even myself. I couldn’t stand sitting in my own skin. I just needed out. Out of this body, out of this town, out of this life.

    By Marissa URL on 08.19.2013

  40. I sat there, unknowingly watching my life fly by. The lack of solidarity increasing and creeping up as time went on.

    By Merlin on 08.19.2013