August 18th, 2013 | 80 Entries

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80 Entries for “infinity”

  1. I haven’t brushed my teeth
    for two days,
    but this music
    tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream
    and meaningful conversation
    in a slurry of realizations.
    Words don’t come so easily
    to me.
    Crossroads taking me
    afraid it’s nowhere,
    but life will keep moving me along,
    as will infinity.
    I’m petrified that
    something bad could happen
    along the way,
    driving my home
    I might drop off my
    before I get there,
    lose carelessness
    I never had,
    never let go of
    time constraints
    and always close
    the window panes.
    But this song
    feels like infinity,
    and words might finally
    mean something.

    By Scythe42 URL on 08.18.2013

  2. “To infinity and beyond!” A quote from a childhood that has long been forgotten. Lost among the stars and the universe is Buzz Lightyear. I used to think that it would last forever.

    By Gilltyascharged on 08.18.2013

  3. I love this word. Infinity is such an amazing concept, Like how some infinities can be larger than other infinities. That it is probably impossible for the human mind to comprehend what infinity would look like. The feeling of infinity. Infinite Jest (the book I want to read next).

    By Jason on 08.18.2013

  4. She stared. There would never be enough would there? No matter how much she accomplished, how many awards she won, how far she traveled, or how long she lived, it would never satisfy. She would always be far too keenly aware of how much more there was out there.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 08.18.2013

  5. Infinity can be the quantity or measurement of love to describe the feeling I have for her.

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 08.19.2013

  6. Infinity. None really grasp the concept. Since immortality is only a figment of our fantasies, we cannot comprehend the vast emptiness that stretches on after we are consumed by time. Since time, itself, is an illusion that now makes up the very fabric of our beings, we cannot trust our heads in imagining anything from beyond.

    By KT on 08.19.2013

  7. Forever. To last and to be. This is what infinity is. Endless. Without stopping.
    Light and space. Across time and space. This is forever and ever and will continue a

    By Yulia Tkachenko on 08.19.2013

  8. The machine kept going.
    It looked like it didn’t want to stop working.
    No, it looked like it couldn’t stop.
    It’s gears never broke, no matter how hard he tried to make them break.
    He cursed under his breath:
    “Why am I so strong?”

    By thedarkestsheep on 08.19.2013

  9. Opportunities spent. So many choices made and none of them were you. Thinking maybe one day these ideas and creative words would mean something to you. Nope. Infinite knowledge means nothing in a loveless world.

    By Ecyg on 08.19.2013

  10. “To infinity and beyond!” he said, she laughed until tears formed in the corner of her eyes. He smiled alongside her, enjoying the company she gave him while they lay side by side in the grass.

    By Parisha Ullah URL on 08.19.2013

  11. Infinity sometimes seemed like a very short time. Certainly it seemed so now, as he looked out once more to see the horizon. As usual, it wasn’t there… but the stars that he was looking at as he perched upon the asteroid seemed to be laughing at him.

    He knew, though, that infinity would, contrary to popular belief, end some time. Some people could not abide that.

    By Maria URL on 08.19.2013

  12. Infinity is beyond what we could ever imagine. Are we really capable of wrapping our heads around something that goes on for ever, about a concept that by its very definition is too large to measure. How can we really appreciate God and His infinite love?

    By Tracey on 08.19.2013

  13. We held each other on that cliff for hours – days – years – it was all we needed. It was infinity.

    By Mr. Sunflower on 08.19.2013

  14. I love to take pictures with my camera, on the infinity setting when the sunset is at it best. you will be surprised to see all those objects that your eyes did not pick up.

    By victor URL on 08.19.2013

  15. My daughter asked the other day if God knew what the last number is. I told her that I guess he must. But why can’t we know it? Why do we have to have something like infinity? Would it be nicer to know what the end is?

    By Linda S. on 08.19.2013

  16. Looking up at the sky has always made me feel like I’m staring into infinity. I know that the sky technically has an end, but that’s not how it feels. And when it’s night time, the feeling is all the more intense. It’s hard to feel like much of anything, staring into something so big. It’s humbling. But at the same time, there’s an intense rush of gratitude, at least for me. Like, it’s so strange that I’m standing here, staring up at these stars so many miles away, and how can I be anything but grateful for it?

    By hannah URL on 08.19.2013

  17. When we kiss, it feels like infinity. Loops and loops of forever after. The world burns away in the wake of our heat. All that is left is everything with you.

    By darseyrsm URL on 08.19.2013

  18. marathon telephone conversations with Jess, reviewing the symptoms of my hypochondriac mother, reading Proust, the number eight on its side, napping. cars flowing by and by the works of Andy Goldsworthy

    By Nash on 08.19.2013

  19. I want to be infinity. I want to be everything. I want the universe to run through my veins. I want to scream at the top of my lungs, and have that scream last forever, past, present, and future.

    By Amanda on 08.19.2013

  20. “To infinity – and beyond!”

    That’s all I got.

    By mrsmig on 08.19.2013

  21. a lot never ending for ever uncountable more than you can imagine. Not today. Ever lasting. A mystery. A beauty. Always there. Eternal.
    Uncountable exceeding exxpectations a long time a lot .

    By sriharini on 08.19.2013

  22. Forever is a prison if you’ve been convicted as immortal.

    By Grace on 08.19.2013

  23. They lay together in the bed, eyes locked, hands clasped, toes nudging each other gently. They did not need words. They were floating on a mattress of infinity, space and galaxies and stars and cool night air. They were just watching each other, looking at each other, gazing into the depths of each other’s infinity reflected in their eyes. They were so at peace, so comfortable in each others’ company.
    There was no need for words.
    No, no need for silence either.
    Instead the air around them was humming quietly, approving of the crackling emotion stretching out between them.

    By Bronte on 08.19.2013

  24. Infinity is a concept that I cannot wrap my mind around, yet it is almost impossible, sometimes, for me to stay in the here in now. The here and now is also part and parcel of infinity. Time is a continuum, not linear, but a loop, like infininity, a figure 8.

    By Linda Kay on 08.19.2013

  25. Something endless, maybe with the beginning but without the end, a kind of paradise, doesn’t stop. It’s also name of a car. I like infinity. It sounds cool. It’s also used in mathematics and has a special symbol

    By Nat URL on 08.19.2013

  26. To infinity and beyond – now where have I heard that! What actually is infinity? How do we know about infinity?

    By Alexandra on 08.19.2013

  27. There was never an end to the beer, yet the night always had to come to an end. “Imagine it,” he said, “a line of kegs, stretched to infinity. And an endless stomach.”

    “Don’t you already have that?” she replied.

    “Only the dream,” he said. “But if there’s a heaven to be made or found, I’ll just call it happy hour.”

    By Anthony StClair on 08.19.2013

  28. The stars will glaze for infinity. They go on forever; never ending; never beginning, but always in the present. They will continue long past me, never burning, unlike me. i will end, but they won’t. They will go on. Forever. Infinity.

    By Jakob on 08.19.2013

  29. A glance or two showed him no one was around. Without breaking stride, he pushed the hood off his face, tilted his head back to look at the sky. Clouds glided overhead, a soft wind stirred the fiery autumn leaves above…. That brilliant blue stretched out above, reaching to the ends of the earth, where it kissed the ground and went on undying.

    By LILYhibiku on 08.19.2013

  30. Infinity is problematic. Everything, eventually, comes to an end. And when you said that you loved me to “infinty and beyond” like the “Buzzlight year character” I doubted you. And I was right to do so. Because like everything else, the love you had for me ended. Infinity doesn’t exist.

    By Chris on 08.19.2013

  31. Infinity eh? Infinity is infinite, endless. Completely unparalelled in it’s expanse. You can’t encompass it, or even begin to understand it’s ginormity. To be honest, I’d sooner die than think about infinity.. because frankly, doing so would kill me anyway. Infinity isn’t necessarily a number, or anything, I guess it’s just infinity.

    By Ash on 08.19.2013

  32. If I were immortal I could live on for infinity. My curiosity will finally be quenched or would it?

    By JustMe on 08.19.2013

  33. i hate the word infinity:
    i think of jupiter.
    i think of your smile,
    it drives me up the wall.

    By Hayden on 08.19.2013

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    By Olivia Nerissa on 08.19.2013

  35. Looping, always turning right, or left, it doesn’t matter, a symbol for things that do not end. But I am preoccupied with endings, and afraid to face infinity, afraid to think beyond my fingertips, because really, what if?

    By Rose on 08.19.2013

  36. Space guns. I have an infinite amount of jewelry, Just kidding not really I have only a few pieces of cheap jewelry. My favorite piece it my mustache necklace that my friend got me for my birthday.

    By kenz URL on 08.19.2013

  37. do not promise me forever–

    i just need to know that we

    can still stand each other

    when forever’s over.

    By h. b. on 08.19.2013

  38. If we had the world we could spend infinity together.

    By Kirby on 08.19.2013

  39. Infinity…..I shiver. The word makes me dizzy. It crawls in my skin. I shake my head and scan the empty expanse. Infinity. There’s too much of it. It drives me mad. My heart beats with adrenaline. Why is there so much? Where will it all end? I get only my own voice in reply, echoing across the spinning planets and stars… Then it whispers to infinity.

    By pinkunisaur on 08.19.2013

  40. If I had all infinity, it would mean nothing to me if I didn’t act. In fact, knowing that I have little time, that I can die, is the greatest gift I have because it means I have to act now and not later. If I had infinity, I would never create. An endless seas of tomorrow would be my greatest downfall.

    By grapplerschool on 08.19.2013