January 3rd, 2014 | 85 Entries

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85 Entries for “sniper”

  1. A person that shoots at an unsuspecting target, usually in the mode of battle or war with the
    intent to kill or maim the target.

    By Lynn Timmer on 01.03.2014

  2. The sniper crouched down behind the crumbling wall of the corner building, aiming at the unsuspecting daughter of the man he hated. Sweat dripped down into his eyes, but he didn’t dare wipe it away, afraid the brunette would detect the movement.

    By Rebekah D on 01.03.2014

  3. Sniper rifle. Just one squint and you’re toast.

    By Adrian George Nicolae on 01.03.2014

  4. silent as whispers
    perched upon a rooftop
    unseen by all but the night
    unerring in her determination
    target acquired
    she waits for the signal
    steady hands
    steady breaths
    she hears the music
    takes her shot
    before the chaos below
    spreads like a bloodstain

    By Poet Nia URL on 01.03.2014

  5. I didn’t know what to do. He was going to kill me if I did move. And I could not try to reassure him that he would be okay. I just stood and waited for the gun to fire. But it didn’t. Instead he fell to his knees in defeat. I rushed over to him to tell him it would be alright. We would find the real killer of his brother no matter what. “We will find him even if it kills me,” I told him softly.

    By lbell36 on 01.03.2014

  6. Theres a sniper after my heart and I know he won’t give up until he knows he’s hit his mark, but no one is going to notice if he does or not because theres too many scars already on the flesh and too many cuts too deep to heal. He can shoot and shoot all he wants hit me as much as he can, but I will not relent, I will not hurt and he, he swears he will not give up on me.

    By Madison on 01.03.2014

  7. treebound, glades iron heavy on the forearm, shaky hands, sweaty hands. There goes the mark, a little peep squeak with round glasses and poor posture.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 01.03.2014

  8. Like a sniper
    He shot my heart
    A clean shot
    A bullet though me

    Blood leaks out
    Like the love that once was
    His desire for me
    Is no more

    Just as I am
    No more
    like a sniper
    He shot my heart

    By kathpine98 on 01.03.2014

  9. He saw me and looked away.

    By lynn adams on 01.03.2014

  10. The man lays himself flat against the roof of the building and begins unpacking the plastic and metal equipment from his bag. The adrenaline coursing through his veins makes hands shake. He doesn’t care. It doesn’t matter. Nothing matters.

    By Jill on 01.03.2014

  11. The cold feel of the bow in his hand. Metal snatching on every ridge of skin. The swirled fingerprints on the reflective surface. His own determined brown eyes staring back, and his breath which fogged it away.

    He reached for the arrow and strung it. Aimed it. Across the trees, acr

    By Amy on 01.03.2014

  12. I think of bullet-like focus, of someone being able to see something not only through to completion, but to the outcome after. They see all the possibilities, the angles,

    By Hillary on 01.03.2014

  13. The trigger was not the problem, it was having the courage to pull it. The hand responsible for doing so, was unsure and unable to calculate why?

    By hillary on 01.03.2014

  14. there is a man sitting up there! Jack looks up. “Shit! get
    down” I ducked, but I knew death was inevitable.

    By lily URL on 01.03.2014

  15. Don’t think. The morals held in that little red dot mean nothing to you. They can’t. So you point, you aim, you wait, you shoot. You were never a good guy or a bad guy. You were never a killer or a victim. Unseen and unspoken. You were the air behind the bullet.

    By Brooke Fwlr on 01.03.2014

  16. hits the window and then the air
    and leaping through the flesh,
    bullet reaps a life
    or two.
    far from the consequences,
    a black figure straightens like a letter
    that has risen from the page.
    pure and clean and ripped of meaning.

    By Kairn on 01.03.2014

  17. Her eyes narrowed at the sniper positioned about the unsuspecting crowd. She made her way forward carefully, quickly. Bunching her muscles in a crouch she jumped to the nearest window and began climbing her way up.

    By Kitty on 01.03.2014

  18. I hadn’t seen too much of him, far away as he was. So I had to come through all the brush and all the trees and plants that stood in the way between him and my heart, what he aimed at and struck so cleanly and precisely from that distance. I had to give him that. His ability to wait patiently and lovingly for me when he could see me along and I barely could see him.

    By James Bouletaire on 01.03.2014

  19. The word chills me. Sniper. Awesome. So, when I’m feeling safe and secure, I’m really not because at any time a bullet can fly through walls, doors, windows, or other people to get me. Or, they might if action flicks are to be believed.

    By Beth A on 01.03.2014

  20. This bitter earth had blotted his mouth and he rose up in anger and roared under the blistering sun above him. The sniper had taken his shot from across the valley from his hiding spot in the mesa, but the bullet had missed its lethal trajectory by three inches and instead tore threw the man’s stomach. The sniper had unloaded the last of his shells into the tires of his target’s old rusted pickup truck, and left him to die.

    By Kalen Goodluck URL on 01.04.2014

  21. how was i supposed to have known
    that you who
    crouched low,
    looking me in the eye,
    only meant to shoot a bloody hole
    right in my head and heart?

    bang bang!
    how was i supposed to have known?

    By S on 01.04.2014

  22. he was comfortable in the cramped attic, surrounded by worn boxes, old furniture, and bags full of his daughter’s doll clothes, long since outgrown. he was at ease here, in his element. here he could lock the target in his sight and pull the trigger without hesitation. for his daughter.

    By firelight on 01.04.2014

  23. wind factored
    distance measured
    laying in wait

    target acquired
    hairlines crossed
    job well done

    By Minette Tonoli on 01.04.2014

  24. Eye for an eye
    You looked at me
    I understand more than you understand yourself
    Yet I had to make the decision to do it or not
    You did not know
    I had a mission
    I must do it
    My finger trembled
    And I pulled the trigger
    Was it a right decision?
    I did not know
    But I cried while my finger bent

    By C on 01.04.2014

  25. Sniper… it maes me think of Swiper, no swipinga nd of Dora the Explorer despite the fact that the two don’t have much in common.

    But I think I’ve written about sniping before. It was Aegata who first drew my attention to it. She was pretty, not particularly, but enough so that you remembered her face, wihch was angular enough and sharp enough to make you realize hat this was a woman with sense.

    By Maria URL on 01.04.2014

  26. Our brave soldiers, fighting for everything we believe in. Facing danger and death every day. Suicide bombers and snipers.

    By Alexandra on 01.04.2014

  27. I came back in time to prevent them from meeting and failed. I tried every means to drive them apart. Now, my only alternative was murder, which would negate my very existence and create a paradox. I approached them and felt a sharp pain in the side of my head. I looked up into the balcony as I fell and recognized the sniper as myself.

    By mimimanderly URL on 01.04.2014

  28. One down, two more to go, those was the last words I head as I fell to the ground. Blood was flowing down my face and I know that I was shot by one of the bullets fired from the sniper who was hidden up in the hills to he south of me.

    By victor URL on 01.04.2014

  29. The air was cool on my face. It bit lightly at my ears and nose, while the snow was falling lightly throughout the sky. I was looking down at the forest across from me, and the beauty of the snow. I was waiting patiently for my target… At the sound of hooves and a few birds waking in the trees I set up my gun, and looked through the scope. The dark carriage, pulled by four big stallions, contrasted against the pure white of the snow. They got to the front of the manor, door opening, and target about to step into view. I took a deep breath, the cold air stinging my lungs, and held it… Then the snow was stained red…

    By Akeyx on 01.04.2014

  30. “It’s not the sniper’s job to clean the mess hall!” Harvey yelled to an empty room.
    Because he was alone, and had been alone for a long time. A ghost can’t pick up a gun nor clean a hall.

    By Rover on 01.04.2014

  31. A lone gun high in an apartment peers out of the window at a face in the crowd. His trigger finger tightens and he squints through the sight. The target moves behind a second figure in the moving throng

    By Cookie on 01.04.2014

  32. The sniper never sleeps
    always observe
    the prey
    the heart
    shoot her
    said his mind
    but his heart says not to
    both of the prey and the sniper
    are saved
    from the death
    from the love
    not from the loneliness

    By Eligia V. A. on 01.04.2014

  33. He sat on the top of the crumbling building
    Sharp shooter
    The sounds of bombs not far in the distance
    He was trained
    For combat
    For anything
    He took a sip from a green water bottle
    And rested his thumb on the trigger
    It was now or never.

    By Ellie on 01.04.2014

  34. What if someone is watching from afar?
    He could mean to protect you, or to harm you.
    “Bang!” Who went down?

    By looiirene on 01.04.2014

  35. keep low. do not lift up your head. crawl. don’t shake a leaf. if you see a red dot jump sideways. we are totally drawn upon

    By Lee on 01.04.2014

  36. He narrowed his eyes, adjusting his aim. Who would’ve ever thought that being a sniper was so easy?

    By WearyWater URL on 01.04.2014

  37. distance isn’t just a thing
    but miles do not stretch
    these things are unbending
    brittle in the way of stones
    and strong like heavy rain
    there is power in the distance
    but much more in disguise

    By StarlitSunrise on 01.04.2014

  38. The sniper stood on the top of the building, waiting for his target to walk by on the streets below. She walked into view and he knelt down. He didn’t want to shoot her but he was going to. It was his job, and he honestly enjoyed himself immensely.

    By Ashley~ on 01.04.2014

  39. The man lay with his chest pressed into the icy bricks. He stared sightlessly over the edge of the rooftop. Sunlight danced off the rifle’s scope, the same rifle which had been splattered with gore just the previous night.

    By Doug on 01.04.2014

  40. The sniper veered left, angled around the building, then whooshed over a fallen plyboard, then veered right, all the while keeping an astute eye for entrapments.

    By carrotfries on 01.04.2014