January 3rd, 2014 | 85 Entries

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85 Entries for “sniper”

  1. There was nothing to give him away. He didn’t see him coming, didn’t hear the shot. It was only after it was all over and done, limping away with a bleeding heart, that he realized who this other man truly was.

    By Oliver on 01.03.2014

  2. The sniper is a great shot. When the sniper is posed he can kill within seconds. They are the silence of death striking at long distances.

    By B on 01.03.2014

  3. The gun held in his hand, he muttered to me, “Any last words?”

    I looked down the barrel of the sniper he was holding and said, “You’re holding the gun wrong.”

    He just stared. Then a bang. Everything went dark.

    By Mushi on 01.03.2014

  4. The sniper was lining up for the kill. The clever trap the feds laid out for him wouldn’t work. He killed because he got paid, and they were interfering with business. He pulled the trigger with no doubt in his mind that he had bested him. What he didn’t see was the agent silently moving towards him…

    By Jess on 01.03.2014

  5. good vision smart stealthy capable night time sneaky cunning good shot gun long range gun 45 magnum

    By Kelly on 01.03.2014

  6. i will she said he said i said you will i said he said she said they will he said she said i said what what what what will you do what will happen to me us we they her him you me take it off the wall and shoot, yes, shoot we’ll be right here patiently waiting we don’t see we don’t see you

    By Robert Stinner on 01.03.2014

  7. We can’t see him. Jared looks at me sadly. “I’m sorry,” he says. Then he stands up. A shot rings through the air, and he falls over, dead. I cry out and then put the rifle to my shoulder. Now I know where the sniper is.

    By Te'Bazile Eiryk on 01.03.2014

  8. She never meant to shoot him, but there he was, dead. That was what snapped her out of he Grimbark, but she wished that it never happened.
    “Dave…” She pressed one of his bloody, dead hands to her cheek. He wasn’t supposed to die. Not like that, not as a god.
    So when she lifted the gun to her own head, everything went white instead of black.

    By Solluxander Captor on 01.03.2014

  9. “I’ve finally convinced myself of who cupid really is. He’s just a sniper. He’s not trying to make you fall in love, he wants you to die of it.” She said.

    “That might be true, but what a mighty cover he has. The entire world has fallen for it.” He replied.

    By IsaPinaud on 01.03.2014

  10. She paused, fingers brushing against the feathered end of the arrow out of habit. “And exactly why should I listen to you?”

    “Because,” Elec began grumpily, “I’m trying to tell you that you can’t do it. You can’t kill me, even if you wanted to.

    Priscilla struggled to keep her expression schooled as she approached the taller man. “Of course I want to do it — you’re a traitor. You know what we do to traitors.”

    He shrugged. “I also know that you’re one of the finest snipers I’ve ever met, and one of the brightest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.” And then he smirked at her. “But I’m rather smart too, you know, and I know a few things as well.”

    “And what, pray tell, might that be?”

    “Well,” Elec continued, “I was technically never part of your, ah, ‘court’. And the entire thing with the Marquise — that was also a set up.” Then he paused. “And I know something else, too.”

    Priscilla glared at him, even as she furiously blinked back the tears that had suddenly come to her, unbidden. “What?”

    Elec’s normally haughty expression fell, and for the first time Priscilla could remember in the entire time she had known him, he seemed to her vulnerable and fragile, like a child. “You’re the best marksman, tracker, and hunter I’ve ever met, but even you couldn’t see something as plain as the nose on your face.”

    She couldn’t stand it anymore, and before she was completely aware of what she was doing, Priscilla ran up to Elec and grabbed his shirtfront viciously, pulling him down until they were at eye level with one another. “Just say it, damn you.”

    “I love you,” he replied simply, “and I know you love me, too.”

    By Manasa Hamsikha on 01.03.2014

  11. Shot me in the head. And I’d rather be dead. Than in love and lonely. Heart broken but head intact. So take your aim and end this.

    By milkie on 01.03.2014

  12. He sat on his hunches, scanning the area like a lioness. The man dressed in black clothes that hugged his slim frame. A holster of bullets at his hip.

    By Alyssa on 01.03.2014

  13. Poetry and Politics

    From the stage I see a glint
    Of sun on metal.
    From the window high
    Watches the man with a gun.
    No to simple a word, not gun,
    But death in another body,
    No still not right, maybe I have
    No words. Here I am about
    To die and I am debating words.

    By Ladywolfrider URL on 01.03.2014

  14. lost in space is all i know sniper is what Dora does not like sniper sniper he is bad sniper is chasing Dora all around the yard and she is scared and there is no getting away from the sniper he is not a fun playmate to have he is growing into a big pig and this sentence makes no sense. now it’s all starting over because I don’t understand how this all works. What did I sign up for? I don’t even know what I sniper is. I think it’s some sort of rat or attack cat.

    By Carmrun on 01.03.2014

  15. Lifting the custom-built case that held her disassembled sniper rifle in one hand, she cast an uneasy glance at their armed escort. “I don’t like this, Dina,” she said, her voice brimming with suspicion.
    Dina, for her part, merely shrugged. “There’s not much we can do about that now, is there?”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 01.03.2014

  16. kill the sniper

    By John Terry URL on 01.03.2014

  17. I looked out of the sight. My target walked up to a woman and kissed her on the cheek, gesturing to her in a way that can only have been with a complement. She laughed, then out of her handbag she pulled a out a small, clear plastic bag. It held one item, a key. The key that my team were looking for, the key that they were in the plaza below for. The chief nodded, the signal that we had had unnecessarily drilled into our heads. I adjusted my grip, then took a deep breath. I was a sniper, this was my purpose. Regrettably.

    By Cate Tren on 01.03.2014

  18. Snipers are no Good
    Snipers are Evil
    Who are the Sniper?

    By John Terry URL on 01.03.2014

  19. sniper me
    sniper you
    sniper who?

    By Jonathan URL on 01.03.2014

  20. When I saw him there, in the corner, staring at me, it occurred to me that he must be good at this. He must have trained, for hours and hours, how to stay still, how to watch, without making a sound, without getting caught. He was like a romantic sniper, or cupid, or something. But I had caught him in a weak moment and saw through to him and that was magical in itself.

    By Isabelle URL on 01.03.2014

  21. Snipers are not overrated
    you are overrated
    Cold Night
    Sleepy Night
    Come to Papa

    By Jonathan URL on 01.03.2014

  22. The night was silent, and there wasn’t a breath of wind to be felt as the moon revealed itself from behind the clouds. The target was standing… standing… falling… dead.

    By Chase on 01.03.2014

  23. Sitting atop the friendly precipice with all the world fooled. Sneaking around every corner in attempts to avoid confrontation. Suddenly when the waters have calmed after the bomb of disappointment has been dropped; silent but painful still you shoot me in the back. I never saw it coming; should have known you’d have good aim.

    By becca on 01.03.2014

  24. Shooting Star?
    Shooting Sniper!!

    By Barb URL on 01.03.2014

  25. i am the sniper, i chose whether you live or die. you smiled in my direction. you live today, your welcome

    By paige on 01.03.2014

  26. She crouched low in the underbrush, making sure her own camouflage was not disturbed by the mud and leaves that surrounded her. She leveled her sniper rifle up at the edge of the ditch, hoping that the small slope would keep her head from being revealed to the road just beyond the underbrush. Diana quickly aimed the scope of her rifle at the first man’s head, who was bending to retrieve a spare tire from the trunk of his vehicle.

    By Rosheen on 01.03.2014

  27. war is evil.for it claimed the life of thousands of lives each year. Most civilians die from sniper gun shots who are caught in the cross fire, as they try to move to more secure surroundings.

    By victor URL on 01.03.2014

  28. They exchanged glances from across the room, like snipers trying to make their respective marks without the other noticing. A yellow bellied excuse for human interaction– looking and not looking as if to not admit to each other what was quite clear to everyone else.

    By Bailey URL on 01.03.2014

  29. “I didn’t know we hired a sniper.”

    “Yep. Codename’s ‘Patch,’ but last name is Holmes. Boss tried calling her ‘Homie’ and nearly got a bullet between his teeth.”

    “Yikes. She got a temper?”

    “No more of a temper than the insurgents.” He passed me a knob of tobacco and watched me pop it into my mouth. “Best not to put down her strengths.”

    “Right,” I mumbled in between chews, “as long as she can shoot.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.03.2014

  30. I would like to be a sniper because I would sharpen my skills and know that I could defend myself no matter what might occur.. I don’t live in a scary country, but I don’t trust the government, and you just never know. I think it would be cool.

    By debbie on 01.03.2014

  31. My heart beats faster in my chest as I line up my scope with my target. This is my life. This is not only my life, this is my livelihood. People hire me when they want someone taken out. It’s not exactly the American dream, I know, but it’s honest, more than what I was doing before, at least.

    By Alex on 01.03.2014

  32. You are a sniper away from your goal. Let me show you how it is done. N one has been able to complete such a task. I am the only one who has completed such a task. Let me show you how being

    By hermie on 01.03.2014

  33. We couldn’t eat lunch in the courtyard outside, because suburban high schools weren’t used to this happening where they were. I remember my mother getting in the car, waiting for the gas to pump. “I’m happy to let the fear win,” she said. She didn’t want to get shot at a gas station. The fear was gone in a year, and we pretended this never happened.

    By Susan on 01.03.2014

  34. The sniper to his aim at the hotel room, not realizing it was going to be his beloved wife he was suppose to kill. He watched her as she picked up the room they rented. He sighed and placed the bullet in the chamber and before firing whispered “I love you,”

    He was found dead on top of a building the next morning.

    By Julieanna Riddell on 01.03.2014

  35. Who would think from looking at the tiny old woman who dishes out sex advice, that she had been a trained (and active) sniper with the Israeli Army. Yes in dee dee, Dr. Ruth Westhimer can still dis-assemble and re-assemble a sniper rifle blindfolded! Who would have thunk it??

    By just a girl on 01.03.2014

  36. boom.
    How many lives are taken a year by a man with a gun? But what drives that man to shoot? Malice? Madness?

    By Shilo URL on 01.03.2014

  37. It is very early to do what the boss said. Kill this guy. That’s what he said. He is just a sniper. He is the boss. He already know what to do. He is not the kind of guy who backs out. He, back out?
    Peter don’t think so.

    His family don’t know the truth. The truth that he wasn’t a manager in a store. The truth thzt he told everybody else that he was single. No family, no two adorable kids and a very kind, beautiful wife. His wife doesn’t know that he has another whole new world.

    Because he can’t risk them. He can’t risk their safety. He can’t. Whatever happens, he won’t tell the truth. He loves them so much. He, a sniper. Now, the target was coming out of the building. Time to work.

    By roze_princess on 01.03.2014

  38. those are some interesting people. Must have to block out all emotion for as long as it takes to get it done. but then what?

    By Vanilla Lemonade on 01.03.2014

  39. She was an excellent shot. Could have been a sniper, if she wasn’t a she. One day the rules will change. One day she will be able to do whatever she wants.

    By Casey on 01.03.2014

  40. The gun pointed towards my face. I let out a small scream. “I could of used a sniper” he smirked into my left ear. “But I wanted to be close when I killed you”
    Sweat dripped down my face.

    By Ella on 01.03.2014