January 31st, 2010 | 808 Entries

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808 Entries for “snap”

  1. Snap crackle pop.

    By Kendall on 02.01.2010

  2. Oh, snap!! That was downright amazing…

    By Dylan O. on 02.01.2010

  3. rubber band. my brain after professional development days. my underwear. making a rhymthm for a beat. dancing along to music. aha!

    By Christine on 02.01.2010

  4. crackle pop in the morning

    By Anonymous on 02.01.2010

  5. crackle pop. those guys are the best. it gives me nostalgic memories of my childhood. i never really ate rice krispies, but i did like the treats. they are the best.

    By Matt on 02.01.2010

  6. simple…every thing in life should be simple even if it is hard….doesnt make sence of course not i just like confusing you and that is not simple so sorry for not really even talking about simple i just wrote what came to mind.

    By Kaeleigh on 02.01.2010

  7. snap…OHHHH SNAP that is the BOMBdigity,,,,balling,,,,beast ,,,,etc. you choose either way you will sound weird….:)

    By KAEY on 02.01.2010

  8. snap

    By melike on 02.01.2010

  9. Buttons. Rice Crispies. Green beans(only if they’re good). So many things snap, why is that sound so satisfying? So appealing? Why do we, as humans, like some sounds but abhor other, like squelching noises, things that sound slimy? Perception is a fascinating subject to me.

    By Anonymous on 02.01.2010

  10. snap like breaking something ,,,,snap crackle pop,,,oh snap! oh w/e you want ohhhhhhh SNAP i just wrote about Snap if your thinking about the Word snap i want you to SNAP out of it *wink wink nudge nudge* hahaha

    By Mike on 02.01.2010

  11. oh snap. he caught me staring.
    pretend you were looking at the poster behind him.
    don’t let him see you nervous.
    casualy turn your head.
    that’s right.
    snap. i should have jsut smiled and winked.
    i’m such a pansy.

    By kat the great on 02.01.2010

  12. heyoooo you know. snap like dat shiiiiit

    By brothaa on 02.01.2010

  13. ove, peace, amor, life, respect, dreams, feith, god. dog, animals plants, earth, air, water, food, fruits, mom, family, babyes, helth

    By ruth on 02.01.2010

  14. fingers butt nails breaking i snapped my wrist you could hear his leg snap back into place music lights

    By jurnee on 02.01.2010

  15. snapping

    By jerry on 02.01.2010

  16. Charles always said this, being gay. We called him Charles for three years, and it wasn’t until graduation that he let us know that everyone called him Chuck. He talked to me until he didn’t. Like highschool, or junior high. Law school was no different. I hated it. Cancer made me bald. Made me hate tax.

    By Anonymous on 02.01.2010

  17. Snap

    By Anonymous on 02.01.2010

  18. snap. crackle. pop. and repeat. cereal, yum.

    By cait on 02.01.2010

  19. S NA P BING

    yum cereal crackly in my stomach fluids

    By elizabeth on 02.01.2010

  20. You use your fingers to do this. When your finger hits the skin on your hand, it makes a “snapping” noise. It is a dance move often used with smooth jazz, to go along with a beat. spelled S-N-A-P, it is a word.

    By norma on 02.01.2010

  21. Poetry readings are full of snapping noises instead of clapping noises. I’m not sure why.

    By S.B. on 02.01.2010

  22. crackle pop.

    By Anonymous on 02.01.2010

  23. picture i have no idea what to type right now uhhhh im not gonna put my real name i dont want people to know who i am but this is a really cool site. uhhhhhlallalalllallallal hey wanna hear a

    By bob on 02.01.2010

  24. crackle pop. back to the frame from whence you came. cannot build drown to write in throws up hostage cattle warden shoes fits the right place and proper coding will suffice if the wrong matter occurs intro extro rather retro in ang and ang and angle whater

    By Mat on 02.01.2010

  25. think about ghetto people saying “oh snap”. This word used to make me think of a sound, but now it makes me thing of some interesting slang. snap crackle pop. I’d like to take a nap. Oh Snap. I’ve got to be in a trap. Oh Snap. Snoop Dog would be so proud of me for wirting about oh SNAP. Crap. Lap. Dap. Gap.

    By Michelle on 02.01.2010

  26. Oh snap! I step on the sticks underneath my feet. Where have they gone? I’m alone. I can hear the hoard. save me. They’re after me. I can hear their moans… where’s my gun?

    By asdfghjkl;' on 02.01.2010

  27. time : close to sixty seconds

    By ma on 02.01.2010

  28. a frequent technique used to emphasize the beat when listening to secular music. Although it could be religious too. The snap is performed by the friction created between two or more fingers.

    By Anonymous on 02.01.2010

  29. I snap my finger to the beat of the music until one minute later, boom! My fingers just snapped right off ! I couldn’t believe it. Why on earth would a persons finger just snap off from grooving to

    By Paul on 02.01.2010

  30. I hear the SNAP! of a pony tail holder breaking and realize I’m not alone here. There’s someone else in this room. In fact, I can hear their breathing now. Inhale. Exhale. And so on. I feel my heart rate rise and peer through the darkness of the void for a sign of life. Footsteps. Who’s here with me?

    By Natalie on 02.01.2010

  31. snap

    By case on 02.01.2010

  32. with a snaaaaaap there is sass. some people snap their fingers to make a point. others to be obnoxious. i like snapping my fingers but i sometimes can’t do it

    By Anonymous on 02.01.2010

  33. Snap? retarded. this is the third time i’ve refreshed the page and i thought that maybe i’d get another word. now it’s not really fair and i’m breaking all the rules because i technically have had time to prepare what it was i was going to write for this. except not. I think of cereal characters and stupid angry bitches that talk with their hands. you know the type? *snap snap snap* in hopes to maybe get their point further across.

    By Jude on 02.01.2010

  34. Oh snap! I just shat my pants! Snap! SNAAAP! God damn I love the sound of that word. It makes me think of bones. Snapping bones! Brutality! I’m tired of you’re shit, SNAP!!!!

    By Andy p on 02.01.2010

  35. back in the day when i was a young kid, a foll in his own head, achieving the belief he was his own man, but failed to see

    By Anonymous on 02.01.2010

  36. i love the sound of bubble wrap. bubble wrap is so satisfying i stop in the middle of my shift just to pop every single bubble on a sheet of bubble wrap. SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP! ugh! its orgasmic!

    By Lauren on 02.01.2010

  37. i always do, at the simplest things. i woke up this morning and snapped at my brother, more than once. he was on the computer, seemingly since the sun was down. we only have one, so everyone’s gotta share. but i don’t like having a plan that gets messed up because it doesn’t go as planned. i snapped at him. he snapped back. same old, same old. brother and sister. it happens.

    By Jean B on 02.01.2010

  38. snap..pop goes the weasel. I really don’t know how to spell weasel. Anyway, I wish I had a button that snapped.
    Once upon a time, there was a turtle. This turtle, well, he had a button that snapped.
    He was the talk of turtleopia, of course, why wouldn’t he be.

    By Rachel on 02.01.2010

  39. Snap goes the bones in your body, as his death grip tightens around your soul. Snap, goes your being when you’ve lost everything you’ve ever loved and hoped for. Snap, goes the twigs in the woods while death chases close behind you.

    By missscaryjeri on 02.01.2010

  40. So. snapping reminds me of west side story. Like, when they are walking up next to eachother, in a line. All ready to break out in song and dance. IN UNISON. Then thinking about west side story makes me think of my freshmen year in highschool. yuck!

    By Madi on 02.01.2010