January 30th, 2010 | 399 Entries

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399 Entries for “sour”

  1. sour food, sour love. it’s what i saw the moment i looked into his eyes. i saw the way he smiled back at me, but as soon as he opened h is mouth. i almost cried, it was sour. his teeth where more than jacked up, they where hideous. though i wish i just stared into his eyes, i had to look at his teth.

    By simone . on 01.31.2010

  2. reminds me of lemons. i don’t really know why.. well actually it is rather obvious. lemons are sour. or are they? why are they yellow? yellow is not something i associate with sourness. green, usually. sour apple? apples are not sour. yellow-green? that’s sour. sour sour sour. oh yes, that sounds incredibly amazing.

    By Anna on 01.31.2010

  3. I think that lemons are sour and delicious. I love sour things, but not as much as I like salty food. This exercise is strange, and I am not sure how sour relates to my life. I love the lemon drop candies. I do not like sour patch kids. Sometimes sour foods burn my mouth. People have sour attitudes, which I dislike. I wish everyone was sweet. This is strange.

    By Chrissy on 01.31.2010

  4. sour is the land sour is the mind of a chosen few or a chosen many. sour has ruind my tongue, wait it will heal, time will heal it but it has already been healed

    By A on 01.31.2010

  5. as i pulled the milk out of the fridge i realized it was sour. i threw it in the trash can and put the cerial back in the pantry. this was not shaping up to be one of my best days.

    By noname! on 01.31.2010

  6. focusweel

    By Anonymous on 01.31.2010

  7. focusweel

    By Ninet on 01.31.2010

  8. I love sour foods, the way my tongue almost jumps to the roof of my mouth with excitement. My mouth waters just thinking about my favorite sour candy – Sour Skittles. Whatever that weird sour powder is, it’s awesome. Where can I buy a bucketful of that?? yumm. I would put it on everything.

    By Katie on 01.31.2010

  9. Tjhings are sour, the opposite of sweet. People like sour, but more like sweet. Its a weird thing, and lots of food are sour. I personallly prefer sweet, but You know how life is. I tih9nk that sour isd a good flavor but only in small doses. I dont know why I like sweet better, I just kidn of do. Its not that I dont LIKE sour, but I just dont think it has any place ina cake or pie.

    By Giggity on 01.31.2010

  10. oh no i hate the sour taste of some stuff. other stuff i really like. when things go sour of course it always leaves a bad taste yes it does. Sour mash whiskey is good. sour attitudes are bad however. got to keep a level head.

    By Tinker on 01.31.2010

  11. As I was eating the sour gummy worm, the taste of it reminded me of home. Of the days that I used to spend with my father in his candy shop. Oh how i miss those times!!!
    I will never forget him…..

    By Jose on 01.31.2010

  12. not sweet

    By bob on 01.31.2010

  13. After a look that promised sweet, the taste was merely sour. He took one bite and threw the rest of the orange in the trash can. So much for healthier eating in the new year.

    By gino on 01.31.2010

  14. Pickles touch my tongue. Sour skittles make me wince. Raw, my tongue gets. Eyebrows cling together, faces come apart. why must it always ened this way? Why does everything turn dark? The sourness always comes around, and never leaves. SOUR it always is. My hands start to shake. Here it comes.

    By Maggie on 01.31.2010

  15. candie. i could use some sour skittles right now. They make things so much better.

    By candie on 01.31.2010

  16. strawberries. a sort of funny taste. tart. what am i saying ya know. Im just saying what anyone says about sour! Fuck You!

    By Anonymous on 01.31.2010

  17. makes my mouth water makes me think of bad things sour word sour face sour love sour food. Sour and sweet chinese food is good food is life sourpatch kids sour sour rous rousseau beginnings and endings sour endings happy beginnings soursoles savvy

    By Brittney on 01.31.2010

  18. lemons that sting in the summertime. Falling lemons on the ground that open and ooze out their citrus scent.

    By Swaz on 01.31.2010

  19. the woman had a very sour look upon her face. ‘I don’t know why you’re looking at me like that’, said mark.
    ‘Well’, she said, ‘you aren’t leaving me much choice’.
    ‘But alas my dear, you can either take the carrots at the price I gave, or you can go on your way’, said the grocer.
    Mrs Smith took out her purse with a sigh. ‘It can’t be helped she said’.

    By Dan on 01.31.2010

  20. sour. the taste of your blood is sour. i spit it out onto the ground by our feet it fizzels and bubbles on the ground and slowly seeps into the dirt were only the out line of the shapeless blob it made up. dark against the discolored grass. the earth vibrates in that small spot of the spatted blood. and the grass rises several inches expanding when more plants begin to grow. strange ancient plants rise from the ashes of the sour blood. your sour blood. colors brighter than this dark world is familar with. rising like a creature lifting its head and opening its eyes and in the center of the ring of flowers and strange albrint colors a small tree gradually extends toward the sky. taller and taller does it reach and the its branches morfing from the trunk of the tree grows leaves red like your blood. sour like your blood. so i would asume.

    By autum on 01.31.2010

  21. sour puss. sour skittles. sour patch kids. I ate sour patch kids when I went to see “Book of Eli” the other week. sour skittles are gross. I like chocolate better. I wonder how good sour chocolate would be. Probably pretty gross. It just snowed here. we have 6 in. Norfolk VA

    By M on 01.31.2010

  22. sour……oranges are sour, as well as raspberries. People can be sour as well, and we all know that sour people are not fun to be around. Their outlook on life is not a sunny on for sure!

    By Emily on 01.31.2010

  23. is something that is not particularily pleasant and is often refered to as milk. It can be used as an action word and a describing word to describe the taste of something, or to show a mood.

    By Anonymous on 01.31.2010

  24. sour

    By test on 01.31.2010

  25. A bitter taste in my mouth like rotten apples and dripping candy. I want my mother but the world has crumpled in like rotten fruit. Can I go home now?

    By Katie Beth on 01.31.2010

  26. cream, its delicous, sounds good to think about. tastes good on tacos. mmm, its like a bitter version of cream cheese, in the sense that they are both white…. yeah, not very similar at all.

    other things that are bitter could be the weather outside, its like -5 degrees. God damnit is that awful .

    By Petwar on 01.31.2010

  27. Sour grapes are awesome things. They make your face pucker up. However, few people can resist the sweet temptation of sour grapes. Why? Only the taste buds can tell you, and they don’t talk!

    By Danny Boy on 01.31.2010

  28. It tasted almost sweet at first. Nothing seemed different about this particular green Skittle. It was the only color of the candy that I ever liked. I chomped down on it, breaking through the crystallized coating, and it hit me – that awful, puckering flavor that I never liked.

    By Kris on 01.31.2010

  29. lemons lemons lemons lemons lemons
    lemons are sour
    that’s what I think when I think of lemons
    oh, and you
    but I guess you’re like a lemon
    because you’re as sour as they come

    By Lindsey on 01.31.2010

  30. lemons lemons lemons lemons lemons
    lemons are sour
    that’s what I think when I think of lemons
    oh, and you
    but I guess you’re like a lemon
    because you’re as sour as they come

    By Lindsey on 01.31.2010

  31. Today I didn’t do much. I don’t really want to talk about today. Mystical things live down in the ocean. I should I be writng about sour? Woops. When I was eight I put a handfull of Sour Skittels in my mouth. That’s all.

    By Kasandra on 01.31.2010

  32. I hate sour things.

    I hate the face they make me make, I hate the way that sours things taste. Did you know that most poisons are sour-tasting? That’s why your body rejects them so much.

    That’s got to be why I don’t eat sour candy anymore.

    It’s not because you always ate them, right?

    … right?

    (Apparently, sour and bitter have the same meaning.)

    By mmkay on 01.31.2010

  33. Sometimes you get a strawberry that doesn’t quite taste like the others… it’s a little bit more sour. Usually these ones (I find) aren’t as red as the really tasty ones, the ones bursting with sweet goodness. All the same, it’s still a strawberry, ain’t it?

    By Benji on 01.31.2010

  34. eww I’m not sure what to think of this word. It is usuallly something that only few people like. I like sour things… or do I? Yeah I do… Well it looks like the time is up so I gotta finish this sentence.

    By DIgan on 01.31.2010

  35. The taste, like sour, rotten grapes, flooded through my mouth. I almost grimaced… almost… before I remembered that I was an invited guest and I should be gracious. Smiling sweetly through the pungent aroma that was still clinging to my nostrils I said, “thank you, what a lovely year this was for Cabernet.”

    By on 01.31.2010

  36. so your seemstress can save some dough, don’t sue her.

    By becky on 01.31.2010

  37. lemons, limes, babies who eat sour patch kids, etc.

    By Anonymous on 01.31.2010

  38. It was a little bit sour. She shrugged slowly, hoping that the group around her would notice and take it as a sign that she had converted. One of them, so to speak.

    But it was sour and, a little bit surprisingly, sweet. It was all in the aftertaste really. When you first bit into the meat, it was a little bit tough, but after a bit of force, it was soft and as juicy as you could ever want. It went down pretty easily, it got stuck, that first bite, but after more of the juice seeped out, it went down like a dream.

    The sour taste didn

    By Candice J. Masar on 01.31.2010

  39. Whats sour is tomorrow, and our past. Just kidding. Why is everyone so pessimistic. I accually like sour flavors. You should too. I like that gummy sour crap. Yum. Theirs also sour fruits. That now is a different kind of sour.

    By Cheyla on 01.31.2010