February 1st, 2010 | 574 Entries

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574 Entries for “timing”

  1. timing is a race. It races you and your ability. Its a test against the time and you must beat it.

    By TWIGGSSS on 02.02.2010

  2. not enough, losing out, 8 hours,

    By scott on 02.02.2010

  3. there never really is perfect timing. timing is always off. there’s not a time when we are really expecting something to happen and it actually does. it just doesn’t work that way. does it?

    By che on 02.02.2010

  4. restriction of where, elapsing without knowledge

    By scott on 02.02.2010

  5. Life is all about timing. We are always worrying if we have enough time… Time to live, time to find who we really are, time. Before it all ends.

    By Skyla. on 02.02.2010

  6. Oh no, i hate being timed.

    not a nice feeling. Walls closing in on me.

    i have to run!!!

    Get out of here before the doors…

    shut! ……………….

    By Yasmyn :) on 02.02.2010

  7. perfect timing! that’s when i think when i saw this word, an ideal teamwork requires synchronization, that is, good timing between activities, i sure hope my teammate knows this -.-

    By Ayr on 02.02.2010

  8. the timing was worst than ever. Why did that problem have to come up while she was there, watching over my shoulder, doing what a mum does, being annoying. It was so annoying but oh well, its happened now.

    By Maddi on 02.02.2010

  9. when the time is just right.

    By Migza on 02.02.2010

  10. It is the time in my life when timing is so important if I am to find happiness. I have to know it is real.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 02.02.2010

  11. timing

    By Anonymous on 02.02.2010

  12. It is all in the timing, the old cliche says – and perhaps there is a resonance in the cliche, in all cliches… that is what keeps them so timeless. We need to perfect timing, inject timing, know that if we tune into the timing, we will tune into all that is good and right and pure – that’s what I want. All that is good and right and pure to tumble into my presence.

    See how much bullshit I can move into a single minute? Incredible.

    By juliejordanscott@hotmail.com on 02.02.2010

  13. is timing the word? its everything really. you have to have the right timing in a lot of situation because if you dont you could end up looking like a complete asshole. thats no fun. you also could miss out on a lot of things.

    By Anonymous on 02.02.2010

  14. my timing has proven to be off for most of my life, never quite working the way I anticipated. Perfect timing requires patience and diligence – the ability to wait for the right thing at the right time.

    By j on 02.02.2010