October 12th, 2013 | 83 Entries

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83 Entries for “date”

  1. That date, it was a sillage of the year which brought in so many moments. So many tragedies, so many smiles. SO much.

    By Chak URL on 10.12.2013

  2. The last time i was asked on a date, it was probably the most awkward thing of my whole existence.
    Dates are stupid anyways. If you want to spend time with someone and get to know them, you shouldnt have to rely on an overrated dinner and movies type situation. humans have a tendency to label anything that has to do with love. its time to stop that.

    By Lex on 10.12.2013

  3. It is a tale of time
    To spell this tense:
    Tea ate a tad of ted.

    By Volodymyr Bilyk URL on 10.12.2013

  4. mark the date on your internal calendar
    of the day when the birds sing
    not the blues but that happy songs.
    of times when things felt genuine
    not lit up in negativity.
    and i am wrapped up in the metaphors
    and soliloquies of the mundane life.

    By Lovelysunnyday URL on 10.12.2013

  5. Her fingers flew, digging in the stained floral makeup bag for a tube bright red lipstick. Fingers shaking, she slicked on the color, before flipping her head upside down to volumize her curled hair. Outside the bathroom, he was at the table, menu in hand, waiting patiently. Their first date. His first impression.

    By ~| Lizzie |~ URL on 10.12.2013

  6. I don’t even remember what I said to you. All I remember is what I felt when you smiled.

    By Amangelin Diore Jalbuena URL on 10.12.2013

  7. A date? A date! I’ve never gone on a date before.

    I don’t know what to expect.

    My dress is fine.

    My hair is nice!

    I’m so excited.



    My dress looked better on the hanger anyway.

    By Lightsandcandy on 10.12.2013

  8. dates are waiting! We first have to get settled in to our selves first. Unlike the lucky ones, we knew nothing about us. So we had to pretend to get interested in finding out about us. If I wrote a bunch of things about me and stuffed it inside an acorn, you’d read it right? I mean, I’m hoping you’d do the same for me.

    By creepestbloom URL on 10.12.2013

  9. I have a date with an explorer who told me that when an explorer stops walking, the world stops turning. I’m planning on finding him on the top of the city hillside, where he will be recording his thoughts and dreams in a leather journal, and under the blanket of constellations, he’ll tell me just not the history of each shoelace of stars, but the power behind each print that the shoes of the cosmos have left behind. And then we’ll order pizza and recline on the couch at my place because that’s nice, too.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.12.2013

  10. To say the least to you
    I wouldn’t care
    the date was far too quiet
    in our silence we fiddled with
    phones, wishing that a conversation
    would erupt.

    I looked across,
    and saw a ghost,
    an un-real version of yourself.

    By fz URL on 10.12.2013

  11. dates are different things for those
    who mark their planners carefully
    who cross off boxes on a calendar
    and run through days like marathons
    shrugging off the minutes
    or drinking down the time
    drowning in an hour on a bench
    with a pretty girl
    or staring at their watches
    dates are different things for those
    picking up a that pretty girl at 8:00

    By slantedstories URL on 10.12.2013

  12. A date is rather insignificant. It only matters in the eyes of the beholder, and it can change their world just like that. Set your own dates. Do it. “Todate”.

    By Omid S URL on 10.12.2013

  13. The other night I went on a date, it wasn’t so fun, but it was better than I would have imagined. Tomorrow we are going on another one, but let me revisit the previous date. We went to the aquarium and so that being said we saw lots of fishes and sharks and it really wasn’t so bad, there were also dolphins and even some lines and so tomorrow we really want to go somewhere else- maybe the zoo or something? Who knows, only time will be able to tell.

    By Brianna on 10.12.2013

  14. “So who’re you going on this date with?”
    “It’s not a date,”
    “But you ARE going out with someone?”
    “Well, I’m not going out alone,”
    “And you like them?”
    “Yes, her,”
    “So she likes you and you like her and you’re going to dinner,”
    “And a movie,”
    “Uh huh,”
    “Oh, honey,” she said, shaking her head. “What do you think a date IS?”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 10.12.2013

  15. It’s a date. Plump, sweet dates taste delicious. A date with destiny? never had one. Make a date to do what you promised someone you’d do. Today’s date? No idea.

    By Paul Eveleigh on 10.12.2013

  16. today’s a sunday
    i think

    the sun looks brighter like it’s having its birthday
    there are church bells in the distance

    (maybe they’re police sirens
    maybe there’s been fire
    but the first one sounds better)

    the air smells like extra effort put into breakfast
    if there were people around i’d read
    lazy mornings in their eyes
    instead of the newspaper

    today’s a sunday because last night
    when you left
    was a saturday

    and i can’t have been in bed for more than a day
    can’t possibly be that pathetic

    even though my stomach’s hollow
    my hands can’t grip anything
    my sheets stink

    all the signs point to me wondering
    for the rest of my life
    what it was about me that made you leave

    today’s a sunday, and i’m fine
    i’m not dying

    By h. b. URL on 10.12.2013

  17. calendars. coffee shops. bike rides. young love. old love. plan. unplan. spontaneous.

    By nathan salley tells a story URL on 10.12.2013

  18. “Hey, do you want to go on a date?” He said it casually, like it was no big deal. But his heart pounded in his chest; this was his best friend.
    “Like, a date, date?” She asked. “Not a pseudo-date like we’ve had before?”
    “Yes. A real date. Do you want to?”

    By Kristina URL on 10.12.2013

  19. Daunting
    As I lay here imaging the
    Trepidation, of whatever this is going nowhere. Seemingly, all
    Endless events of mild attraction and even milder boring conversation.

    By lee on 10.12.2013

  20. I saw you far away and the days couldn’t have rushed in any faster. I knew that after that day that nothing would be the same. In seeing you face to face, I wouldn’t be able to hold my feelings in any longer. They would burst out of my skin and become who I am and who you saw me to be and I wouldn’t be able to take it all back not that I could make myself back into the person I was before you.

    By kathrosis URL on 10.12.2013

  21. a day is any other day. when you go through life, you can forget to differentiate the days until you look at the calendar and see what date it is today. oh, today is the day i should be doing things.

    By Karen Michelle Victoriano URL on 10.12.2013

  22. I like dates, I just don’t like climbing the trees to get at them. The reason I hate climbing the trees is, if I get rejected, it’s a long way down. So I usually go out with grapes instead.

    By roarke URL on 10.12.2013

  23. The date was going – well, not great, but it was a far cry from his last one. Which had been straight from a horror movie. His date had even been arrested for murder!

    Really, this plain, ordinary dull man was much more to his pace. The man droned on and on about his job at the computer shop. Really Roger loved computers as much as the next person, but he knew crap about them. He didn’t care about processors, motherboards, and shit like that.

    When the date finally ended they parted ways. Roger had to rush off, so there were no good night kisses. As he heard his date yell; “Call me,” after they had parted ways. The only thing Roger could think of is; ‘Yeah, right!’

    By FairyNiamh on 10.12.2013

  24. First dates; Jerome had always hated them. He never thought that they were accurate portrayals of a persons real character. Materialistic notions.

    By WhoisRGL URL on 10.12.2013

  25. I heard footsteps at my door, a doorbell rang, I rush downstairs to open it.
    He smiles at me, marvelously. I finish getting ready, I’m done.
    To the restaurant we go, how everything will go, we don’t know.

    By Denise Watson URL on 10.12.2013

  26. I had a date one time with a girl that said I reminded her of her first cousin. True story, it was a blind date, and she’d seen a picture of me beforehand, and yet, in person, “You look too much like my brother”. So that definitely put a damper on things, and I started to wonder whether or not it was too forward to pay for dinner – but we split the check, because that’s what family would do.

    By Creepy_Snowman URL on 10.12.2013

  27. i stood in front of the mirror and began to braid my hair. it was a style i had been meaning to try for a while now and tonight was a special occasion. my first date.

    By mandi on 10.12.2013

  28. It hung so sweet from the wilting branch, the desert heat and no moon for weeks–only stars. Up he reached and sweat ran down his face; long rivulets from the upper delta to the lower ocean. Lost in the sand, without the moon: who could know when it was? Wrinkled fingers wrapped around it, pulled it down–it snapped off the branch; you know the sound–carried it with them for the rest. Wrapped a smooth polished ring around the finger, til it wrinkled, shriveled up, no rain for weeks. Isn’t that what we’re here for? Asked the waiter, with another bottle of wine and a red tablecloth.

    By mattlock URL on 10.12.2013

  29. I never go on dates.

    No, even if I wanted to, I will never get one, you know why?

    Because I’m not seeking one.

    And I don’t talk to many people.

    ANDDDDD,Cream on top of the cake

    I don’t care for that kind of stuff right now.

    I’d rather live another day, see another sunset

    than to have to go out on a limb and try to seduce one of those attractive dolls.

    That’s like making out with a Barbie.


    By A.C. Rooks URL on 10.12.2013

  30. He had a date Thursday night. She was young, blonde and fairly attractive. Suzy. They met at the local pizza parlor and begin discussing likes and dislikes, movies, music, books. They had a lot in common. After a couple of beers they were getting along like best friends.

    By Jason on 10.12.2013

  31. I reached over and checked the calendar. “Today’s date is October 28th,” I said to her. I gasped and quickly realized that I needed to leave. I had almost forgotten that my sister had set me up on a blind date with one of her colleagues.

    By umbazachika URL on 10.12.2013

  32. Dates flow through my head. Hours. Minutes. Seconds. All specific locations in time, and all of the vivid memories associated with them, all working together to construct my being, my human essence. Without time I would have no order, no structure, I would just be a mad cesspool of random data. I wouldn’t exist.

    By Amanda URL on 10.12.2013

  33. a date
    something you judge the other person on
    their bowtie
    your hair
    means a complex of things on
    the first
    but nothing
    compared to the mind
    the person themselves
    on the first date

    By maria URL on 10.12.2013

  34. The date is 10/12/2013 and I’m sitting in my room listening to the soothing and sensual voice of the great Morrissey, I await impatiently for the first sign that I am loved.

    By ellie on 10.12.2013

  35. What is the date today? I’ll give you a hint. Chocolates, cakes, cookies, food. You still have no idea? How could you forget? It’s our anniversary! Well, maybe that’s why you are so cold to me lately. You don’t love me anymore.

    Hehehe. You thought I forgot. you thought I don’t love you anymore. Today’s date? I know you we’re hinting on me. My plan always worked.You’ll be surprised at the end of the day. I love you a lot.

    By roze_princess URL on 10.12.2013

  36. I stepped into the cafe and took in a deep breath. I did not know who she was. I did not know where she came from or what she did. I was only asked to meet her here. So there she was. Not anything like what I had expected. She had short black hair and was of medium height.

    By Zanteith URL on 10.12.2013

  37. Date me, take me to the park and let me sing to you under the tree tops
    Let me dance along your shores at night and lift you up so that you can feel like an airplane And then I will know you made it on time to your date, to your destination, because that’s where we feel like we’re going, but we’re arriving on time already, like a low level flight
    A distance never made it too far away to be called a barrier
    And you let it all go like a wave under a tornado
    A light moment to be given away,
    A moment to take your breath away
    A date

    By Anthony Ross - URL on 10.12.2013

  38. The date was September 3rd, 1998. I couldn’t remember it, at least not well. My mom says it was one of the most important dates in my life, her life, my dad’s life. It was the day I was found. The day that they discovered that sweet little child hiding behind the bush in their yard. She’d said exactly six words, “Mommy says your my mommy now.” Yes, that was an important date.

    By DreamerGirl on 10.12.2013

  39. The date 10-17-12 is one of the saddest days in my life. It is the day my Grandfather finally passed away because of cancer. Almost a year and I still miss him. Thinking about the future and who else I will have to miss in the days that come.

    By Matty URL on 10.12.2013

  40. She asks sweetly like the little tiny drops of pure sugar I’d snatch from the candy store counter. And I can taste the light patches of dewy caramel sunshine as they glow out in my smiling response.

    By soyblobs URL on 10.12.2013