October 12th, 2013 | 83 Entries

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83 Entries for “date”

  1. I have to hurry. I ran as fast as I could. I know everyone’s probably looking at me as if I was crazy. How can you believe that a man who is to be married to the most beautiful woman on the earth ran away from the altar only to meet a stranger?

    By Cat U. URL on 10.12.2013

  2. I don’t like dates. Never have. They’re awkward; forced. I’m not me when I’m on a date, I’m someone I think you’ll like. I don’t think you’ll like me.

    By Kelsey on 10.12.2013

  3. What is a date? A time and place? A meeting with someone?

    By Esther on 10.12.2013

  4. I just want a date. Only for the experience. I have had raisins and plums but not a date. I think it would be interesting. Don’t you? Taste of something new.

    But wait, maybe I won’t like it. Should I just stick with the familiar? Ah but I shall live life, and take it as it comes. Life; the beautiful mystery of the date I will never have.

    By bunnylyn URL on 10.12.2013

  5. she didn’t know what to think of his request. After all, she was still recovering from her last lover and the damage he had done, not only to herself, but to the entire world. but Mala liked Michael Hilt, and even if he was her coworker, he was a good man. He always treated her and her young daughter Violeta with respect, and he believed just as much as she did in mending the gap between the transformed and the rest of the human race peacefully. So smiling, she agreed to accompany him to the Abissian embassy’s gala.
    she had no idea her that her ex-lover was one of the guests, or of the maniacal disaster the event would actually turn out be because of it. He was always a incredibly possessive man after all, and as she had thankfully found out before he could entrap her, a man obsessed with bringing the world into his twisted version of order. He hid it well, but he had not taken her sudden break up and night time flight from him well. she had left him, and he had, at least, believed it was true love.

    By Amanda URL on 10.12.2013

  6. the daunting reality that you must confront. the dress doesnt fit right and the make up is smeared from the excessive amount of perfection you are trying to make people in you. its all a facade instilled in us through society.

    By Hannah on 10.12.2013

  7. “I’ll take an order of the stuffed dates, please.”
    “Really, dates? You like dates?”
    “Um,” Anita hesitated. Did he not like dates? Should she not have ordered that?
    A broad smile caused the corner of Chad’s eyes to crinkle. “Because I love dates! Make that two orders.”

    By kristina URL on 10.12.2013

  8. The date. He sits next to me and asks me for today’s date. I know the answer very well. How could i forget this day? it’s on my mind, as this day approaches.

    By Vishnuprasad. T on 10.12.2013

  9. I can’t remember how long its been since I last looked into your eyes. Maybe it was yesterday or a week ago. All I remember is laying on the ground looking at up at the sun through my window, or maybe I was looking at the stars. I think its August 5th, or was that a month ago? I remember, its January 28th, or maybe its December. I can’t remember when the last time we kissed was could it have been 3 days ago? I can’t remember the date it was when we first dated.

    By Yahtzee URL on 10.12.2013

  10. Nevouseness, hands shaking, sweat forming on the tip of my brow. Will she say yes, or will she reject me. And why am I so scared of the answer…

    By Morris URL on 10.13.2013

  11. Crooked sunlight beamed through the windows. It was hard to say what time it was; maybe early morning? The snow reflected so much light. Despite being such an early date in December, there were powdery drifts of the stuff as far as the eye could see.

    By WearyWater URL on 10.13.2013

  12. a date can mean so much. for me it meant romance, but now it means a memory.

    By Mackenzie URL on 10.13.2013

  13. raul shanchez,danny archuleta,dylan mcmicheal all loved
    dated and abused by me and my ablilty to disregard what i have and
    shut myself up at the times necessary. fuck if only everything had
    instructions!!! somebody mixed my medicine, now baby its all

    By echoe on 10.13.2013

  14. DATE?? gonna go to starbucks with my fave friends . and/or chill with them.. no homo i mean.. i just love to hang with them,.. spend memories but i too want to spend with either a girlfriends.. :)

    By Juphile URL on 10.13.2013

  15. hmmmm.. date.. more of flirting sometimes, in a place unknown or be in a high class shop, talking random stuffs, more likely love stuffs.. skdjivjdaf.. random:)

    By Juphile URL on 10.13.2013


    By Mashadi URL on 10.13.2013

  17. A special time, a lovely night with a loved one. A time on your life that means so much. Today. Something to look forward to. Happiness. Sadness. Time. Space.

    By Debbie on 10.13.2013

  18. “It’s not a date.”
    “C’mon, you’re clearly interested in me, you can’t ask a girl out and not have it be a date…”
    “Look, if you’re going to insist on calling it a date, I’ll cancel the invitation.”
    “Alright, have it your way.”

    “So how did your date go?”
    “It wasn’t a date.”
    “Oh really?”
    “He called it a lunch meetup.”
    “So proper. Did he wear a shirt and tie too?”
    “No, he wore a model UN club T-shirt.”
    “He kept stirring his lemonade with his straw. Clinking the ice cubes.”
    “Not really, he always did that when he talked, like he didn’t like listening to his voice or something. But when I talked he stopped and listened.”
    “You had a good time?”
    “Yes… maybe because it wasn’t a date.”

    By Holden URL on 10.13.2013

  19. Today’s the day. The twelfth.
    I walked up the steps to the graveyard, like I did every year on this day. Slowly, heavily.

    By Clara URL on 10.13.2013

  20. October the thirteenth is a date that means a lot to me. The day I first set foot in Japan, starting my new life here. New in many ways; a new job, a new independence, and the chance to leave behind all those thing about my self that I didn’t like, and wanted to change, or start anew.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.13.2013

  21. Every date means nothing before I encountered you. Since that date, you are my everything.

    By ACE on 10.13.2013

  22. The date approached fast, I wasn’t prepared… Hell, nobody was prepared. It was freezing cold the day after yesterday, and today it’s hotter than I could ever imagine. The world is coming to an end.

    By Jenny URL on 10.13.2013

  23. Today’s date is thirteen of october. There were not as many people in the streets as I would expect. Maybe it is because of the rain. Maybe there is lack of love and therfore no couples were dating in the streets. Maybe people went on to another level.

    By Haimina_K on 10.13.2013

  24. We went on a date together and I fell in love. She became my love, my life. Until she met somebody else. Complete chaos and sadness in my life. Until I met another person.

    By Cares Diaz on 10.13.2013

  25. It tasted weird. I never had eaten one, and now I was confronted with an entire basket. How many do I have to stomach before enough is enough. Enough to please the blowhard sitting across from me, who insists

    By Greg Miller URL on 10.13.2013

  26. “Er kommt!” Meine kleine Schwester Charlie, die sich die letzten zwölf Minuten ihre Stupsnase an der Fensterscheibe platt gedrückt hatte, drehte sich zu mir um und grinste aufgeregt. “Er kommt!”

    By Date on 10.13.2013

  27. Thirteen ten thirteen. Big effing deal. I am in a bad mood. I have a date with rage and with resentment. You could say it’s a menage a trois, and those are never pleasant, not really. Someone almost always comes out of those things wounded.

    By LM Noon URL on 10.13.2013

  28. The date was small and very wrinkled; nearly dried to a cinder, but it tasted good as she sank her teeth into it. It was so dry she had to worry at it, like a dog.

    By mrsmig URL on 10.13.2013

  29. everyd

    By Haley URL on 10.13.2013

  30. Today was the day I knew. I knew what was coming but I couldn’t avoid it. I don’t believe in fate, but still…

    By brendanstoneham on 10.13.2013

  31. There is a different fate everyday. A different day and year and month. I always need to know the date in school.

    By Haley URL on 10.13.2013

  32. Rebecca was asked out on a date. It was to be the first with the handsome young man who had just joined her advertising company.

    By Alexandra URL on 10.13.2013

  33. It’s today
    Not tomorrow, when we are unable to understand what’s happening around
    Not yesterday, when we can’t change the mistakes we did, the anger we felt, the oportunities we lost.
    Just today.

    By Fernando Aires on 10.13.2013

  34. I knew it was coming and I dreaded it. I was seeing the signs. Signs that scared me. Signs that there was life after death…and James was sending me a message. A message I didn’t want. A message that made me remember. He was coming. The date was circled on my calendar and I knew my time was short. God, what had I done?!

    By cimmerianrose on 10.13.2013

  35. The date was almost here. I dreaded it. James was sending me a message, a message that confirmed to me that there was life after death. But I didn’t want this message. I didn’t want to know he was there somewhere beyond my sight. I was scared. The circled date on my calendar was getting closer and If the message was correct, my time was short. Oh God! What had I done?!

    By Cim URL on 10.13.2013

  36. It’s today.
    Not tomorrow, when we are unable to understand what’s happening around.
    Not yesterday, when we can’t change the mistakes we did, the anger we felt, the oportunities we lost.
    Just today.

    By Fernando Aires URL on 10.13.2013

  37. A Day, time, memory significant to be remembered or listed. A way of documenting this.

    By cara on 10.13.2013

  38. it is time you have to do some thing
    maybe you waana go to a doctor so

    By abdo URL on 10.13.2013

  39. The final date for submission is the 12.12.2013

    By Loukia on 10.13.2013

  40. two souls trying to escape the feelings of lonliness, joining at a single moment, a single kiss, a goodbye
    speechless, scrambling for words, gracing the other with nervous smiles

    By Kayla on 10.13.2013