June 12th, 2010 | 184 Entries

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184 Entries for “smiles”

  1. smiles are what you really want to see from babies. PArents try to get babies to smile all the time. Usually it’s just gas at first, but when a baby eventually truely smiles, parents jump for joy and tell everyone they know. The next few weeks are spent trying to get babies to repeat the smiles.lkl

    By Mrs. Prior on 06.13.2010

  2. All the people. All of you, who makes my life worth living.

    By Frida URL on 06.13.2010

  3. Why do they that smiles can light up your day? They can’t, you know. Sure, sometimes they can. But when you’re having the worst day in the world no number of mouth muscle contractions can make you feel any better.

    By Finn URL on 06.13.2010

  4. Once again? Well, this time, my head is filled with air- balloons and cotton candy. I guess I really love smiling people.

    By Frida URL on 06.13.2010

  5. Smile though your heart is aching. Smile even though it’s breaking.
    I don’t know where this song first came from. I’ve heard Charlie Chaplin, which would be cool. I recently heard it on Glee and loved it.

    By imshort123 URL on 06.13.2010

  6. you smile at me… I feel fulfilled. i see everything inside of you is surrounded by good intentions. You are what I want in the world…..

    By Karlee Pittman on 06.13.2010

  7. Smile at me…I die yet I come alive. Your smile can bring the whole world to its knees…or at least my world

    By Karleep URL on 06.13.2010

  8. smiles like friends when they’re faking. little kids with baby white teeth and shiny, sticky faces of peanut butter and jam. silly teenage quotes and romances. white teeth and red lips, yellow stickers with smiles.

    By fiatlux4 on 06.13.2010

  9. I see their smiles and I wonder at the honesty of the expression. The eyes are what tell the story. Eyes that smile cannot lie.

    By BasedOnFiction URL on 06.13.2010

  10. Simple smiles. Happiness captured in a moment. Pure brilliance of a dazzling white smile.

    By Jenna URL on 06.13.2010

  11. Smiles are contagious. When someone smiles it can make everyone around them smile. When a small child smiles you can’t help but smile. People should smile more. The world would be a better place.

    By Sophie on 06.13.2010

  12. smiles….happiness leads to smiles, letting endorphines soar. Sincere smiles create vortex…don’t hold back.

    By mary URL on 06.13.2010

  13. ripping the sides of skin
    teeth stained yellow
    strike to the tastebuds

    By Doctor K. on 06.13.2010

  14. He’s beautiful. Dominic can see it in his eyes. oh, those eyes. that smile. his smile is what he loves the most. that’s his favourite thing. matthew rarely smiles but when he does it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. dominic wants to marry that smile. he wants to kiss those lips and feel his smile. that’s what he wants to do.

    By Elcee. on 06.13.2010

  15. The three smiles of my Evils: Evil has an affected smile. I don’t like it. Evilmore has a smile that is always ready to come bursting to the surface. Evilmost has an unexpected smile. One that surprises me whenever I see it.

    By Evesreflections URL on 06.13.2010

  16. And the smiles were like sunshine in showering from the heavens above. Peering throught the dark clouds of pain. Maybe it was genuine. Maybe.
    No, it can’t be. But the way that she smiled. They all smile…

    By Julia on 06.13.2010

  17. H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S.

    By JZKVGJY on 06.13.2010

  18. Smiles on my kids are the fuel for my train. Hearing them laugh, talk, share ideas and just be silly are the things I need to keep the engine moving forward.

    By Matt URL on 06.13.2010

  19. He smiles as he walks by and gives a little wave. I do the same as my face blushes pink. A race car driver, a sexy beast, hitting on little ol me. He kept coming to the canteen window I worked, I’m sure he would throw up soon if he ate anymore. Eventually he stopped, but I couldn’t wait to see him again.

    By Julie URL on 06.13.2010

  20. She was all smiles as he held the door open for her. This is what she had wanted since she was a little girl, and it was happening so fast all of a sudden. All the years of waiting had finally come to an end, and there he was, everything she had dreamed him to be and more.

    By Chuppers URL on 06.13.2010

  21. Everyone was smiling, looking at her, advancing towards her. She backed away slowly, afraid. Their smiles seemed plastered to their faces, fake, unreal. Then she saw the strings at the edges of their mouths. Their mouths were sewed into permanent smiles.

    By Emilie URL on 06.13.2010

  22. Whenever I pass by people, I always try to smile at them because I know it will make them smile too. Here in Spain, no one really smiles at each other passing by and it makes me a little sad.

    By Daniela on 06.13.2010

  23. what the hell is this Jewish magic? I can’t even think about what I’m not supposed to think about. I’m trapped in this world and I can’t escape. God help me. osjfaldsmandkasldkmsakdl

    By Keegan McMillin on 06.13.2010

  24. Their smiles are beaming and bright. Three boys, three different smiles. All wild, crazy, fun, sometimes silly. Each smile shows each personality and each mood. Without their smiles, they would be only half of what they are. Love.

    By B URL on 06.13.2010