June 11th, 2010 | 228 Entries

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228 Entries for “brave”

  1. You what’s brave? Eating live snakes. Have you ever eaten a live snake? It’s just like spaghetti. Escape snakes… and angry. And sometimes poisonous. You can’t get good snake noodles anywhere in this town, we’re just a small city. You really have to travel some where overseas… like Dubai. The home of snake noodles. Mmmmm, delicious snakes.

    By Michael Sleep URL on 06.12.2010

  2. Continuing when you can no longer continue.

    By Peter URL on 06.12.2010

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever been the kind of brave that people see in movies. I don’t really save people. Or animals. Or stuff like that. And I’ve always been afraid of everything. I can’t watch scary movies or anything; but I am brave when someone who I love is in trouble, I think that’s the most important.

    By Krista on 06.12.2010

  4. he was as disappointed in her almost as much as he admired her.she,though,thought aslittle of him as he almost did himself.deep down,he knew she was right,or used her claim as an excuse.yes,that was true.he was at fault.even when she stuck the knife into his neck and he lay there bleeding she had the gall to call out to him,”if you were only brave enough to save me.”

    By i try too hard on 06.12.2010

  5. I don’t know what “brave” means… Is it to save your friends if they’re in danger? Is it to save everyone who is in danger? Or is it to be able to let go of the ones you love?

    By AkaSabakuryu on 06.12.2010

  6. braving the world
    she goes alone
    bracing the wind
    she goes along
    being herself
    she goes far.

    By hannah on 06.12.2010

  7. When I think of the word brave naturally I think of lions. In kenya there are lots of lions, which leads me to kenyans… they have some fucked up rituals including killing albinos and taking their bones. I don’t think I would like to visit there but perhaps I would go to south africa.

    By Kelly on 06.12.2010

  8. I Am Brave And No One else can take it from me for they are nothing but fools on the sidewalk. My brave smile and soul is unstoppable. Perhaps, I’ll be brainwashed like them all and become a weak fool like them.

    By Paige Weeks on 06.12.2010

  9. Be brave
    be strong
    don’t ever back down

    Hold your head high
    feet on the ground

    Bravery is your attitude to the things that are thrown in your path.

    By Me URL on 06.12.2010

  10. He was a lot of things–brave was not one of them. As he stood in front of the raging mob of fans, he tried to swallow his fear. He failed.

    By Gecko URL on 06.12.2010

  11. Most of us think of brave as a fairy tale thing. A knight’s thing, a swashbuckling Amazonian adventure, sitting down on a bus, sticking it to the man – but it’s more everyday than that, it can be the smallest and the most powerful.

    By Michele on 06.12.2010

  12. It’s a word that feels so big and grown up when you are a little kid honey, but all it means is that you are going to keep walking forward when your feet want to stop, and you are going to keep talking loudly when your voice begins to crack. And the best part is brave has it’s hand straight up in the air, waiting for you to take it and hold it and help it to the other side of everything that makes find his way standing next to you.

    By thepain URL on 06.12.2010

  13. It’s not about what you will do. It’s about what you would never think you would do, but do anyway. It’s about the difference. It’s about love.

    By Scott McClellan on 06.12.2010

  14. she is so brave, knocking men down, left right and centre. Not so brave at 1 am, after half a bottle of wine and the pall bearers are all too sore or enraged or crushed to play.

    By Meredith URL on 06.12.2010

  15. The concept of bravery is a strange one. Some could consider bravery to correlate with heroism; the ability to perform heroic acts in order to save something. But others could consider it something else; the ability to state your mind no matter the consequences.

    By Jason on 06.12.2010

  16. i want to be brave without judgment and fear. Joyously, happily, and completely brave.

    By Laurel URL on 06.12.2010

  17. She was such a brave child. Her parents had fled the country, but she…she stayed behind. Her fiery hair billowed behind her has she stood on the hill. The city burned with the last embers of a fire set by those who wished to destroy her.

    By Happy URL on 06.12.2010

  18. by stating i should be brave and take on life’s adventures you are really calling me a coward and yourself a superhero

    By Re Joyce on 06.12.2010

  19. I consider myself brave for telling you this,”I love you for who and what you are.I don’t want or need you to change.I love just the way you are.”Because of this you consider me a coward.

    By Joyce on 06.12.2010

  20. She stood so tall. blood flowed into her eyes from her hairline, blinding her, but still she stood resolute against the enemy she could nevr hope to defeat. the sky itself seemed to laugh at her as it fell, the entire world crumbled around the shoulders of this one beautifully brave girl.

    By Lii on 06.12.2010

  21. He was a brave young lad. He killed the triple headed dragon with his lazer beam of doom and then saved the totally hot babe. After that, he got full of himself, became a raging alcoholic, and eventually died of a heart attack.

    By Michael URL on 06.12.2010

  22. To be brave one has to have the ability and willingness to do the unusual and go the distance when others fail to give their best. I believe bravery is a character quality.

    By Adewale Adewumi on 06.12.2010

  23. I am not as brave as I would like to be. I try to give off the impression, but it never goes very deep into me. I am scared. So fucking scared of this world and what is going to happen. Please help me.

    By Chelly URL on 06.12.2010

  24. motherhod, lech kaczynski in poland, war for peace.

    By Achmaja on 06.12.2010

  25. As he started out over the deserted village, the site of scattered bodies made his stomach church. Brave. He had been sent to stop the genocide in a country where words like “brave” didn’t exist.
    Brave. He gagged profusely at the site.
    He had hidden in the fields.
    The word drowned in the bile that dribbled down his chin.

    By verbum URL on 06.12.2010

  26. The world is full of people. Some are smart, some are loyal, some are insufferable. However, the only ones who really make a mark on the world are the ones who are brave.

    By Stephanie URL on 06.12.2010

  27. the brave men who fought in this war where now being labelled as murderers , but who can blame them ? in the battlefield they where heroes , but when they returned home victims of their own circumstances they could no longer be at peace

    By humberto on 06.12.2010

  28. It takes all my courage to think of this
    coming back at me now and again
    These words that gag me
    Stuck in the back of my throat like old thoughts of her

    By nlcrj URL on 06.12.2010