June 2nd, 2014 | 191 Entries

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191 Entries for “sly”

  1. He glanced at me out of the corner of his eye, and a tiny smirk seemed to tease the edge of his lips. I wondered if his words had contained some inner meaning, some attempt to mock or belittle me, but I couldn’t see what might have brought that on. We were friends, weren’t we? Why would he attempt to push me down further than I already felt on this terrible day?

    By Kimberly on 06.02.2014

  2. having or showing a cunning and deceitful nature, surreptitious, showing in an insinuating way that one has some secret knowledge that may be harmful or embarrassing.

    By Xin Huey on 06.02.2014

  3. Elena looked up at her, a sly smile tugging at full lips. “You love it,” she said confidently.
    She chuckled, the sweet sound spilling from her throat like water over the falls. “I love YOU,” she corrected. “Though at times I wonder why,”
    “No you don’t.”
    Fingers dancing along her lovers’ arm, Arya couldn’t help but smile. “No, I don’t.”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 06.02.2014

  4. Slip away down the path of my love
    is this enough
    You need more than just me
    broken and weathered
    Step into the light you have earned
    nothing is empty
    without your fingers around my heart
    drift into hell
    where I reside with my blackened hate
    another is better
    You are the golden gift of life inside
    I am nothing
    Given to the one you have been
    another you have
    Emptyness reigns forever now
    walk the ocean
    farther and farther you slip
    madness comes
    the angel of death cannot have you
    only me
    time slips you further and further
    into the grey
    what will the sly angel say now?
    Black dreams
    the light consumes me as I scream
    the bed empty
    You’re gone forever without a sound
    dreams cannot heal
    the love you rended from me
    Go away
    I am nothing without you

    By Olcsealgaire on 06.02.2014

  5. Being sly isn’t a good thing. People would think you as a person who are negative and doesn’t helps them at all. Helping sly friends, may also harm you as they might betray you.

    By Koh Swee Hong on 06.03.2014

  6. A slight gaze,
    hands behind his back
    then feet no longer under me
    I knew he had something planned
    Sly cooper strikes agian

    By Dara on 06.03.2014

  7. You are a sly man. All you are is a mystery. With your black coat and black hat, you make me wonder. I know I shouldn’t want you, but I do. You are the mystery I need in my life. The enigma I can’t survive without. Who are you? I don’t know.

    By Emma on 06.03.2014

  8. The pigeon looked down and gave me a sly look; I could swear he even winked, and would have smiled if that were possible with a beak! Then he took off from the telegraph pole and darted after the yellow Ferrari that had almost run me down. He was fifty meters down the street before he caught up with it, but I could still clearly see the white trail that spewed from between his tail feathers straight through the sunroof and on to the Ferrari’s brown leather seats. All those years of leaving breadcrumbs out for the pigeons had paid off!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.03.2014

  9. At school I didn’t really like him. Having met him again recently he is still as sly and untrustworthy as he was then.

    By Alexandra on 06.03.2014

  10. Cat-eyed, flitting to the corners of the room, to the knuckles of strangers, their own, which occasionally tug at their own sleeves, they are aware that someone else may be aware. Their thoughts are glaring. Neon-red. They hide their hands, eyes lowered.

    By daisy URL on 06.03.2014

  11. He’d always known that he was cunning. Although a passerby would say, that he looked like an angel: innocent and kind (if they even managed to notice him in the first place).

    (no inspiration to continue…)

    By Lin on 06.03.2014

  12. What was about it, this unbearably sly promise he had slipped between my lips. As though a promise that I could not speak, and yet it speaks through me and within me, remaining only in my ears, alas.

    By Peskiper on 06.03.2014

  13. He reminded me of a snake, mysterious and ever changing, with me tagging along, slightly behind him every time. Everything he said was suspicious to me, every world sly and misleading in its words and intentions.

    By julia on 06.03.2014

  14. with head cocked, he looked slyly across his nose, while he ran the tip of his finger alongside the ledge. then suddenly she came bursting through the room screaming “stop

    By visageegasiv on 06.03.2014

  15. asdf

    By A on 06.03.2014

  16. Sly words. He used sly words to get into my brain. Into my heart. My soul. His sly words were always more than enough to get in. However, no matter what he said when he left they were never good enough, and never will be, to get out. There are no sly words that can be used to remove a memory from the heart. w

    By whitney on 06.03.2014

  17. Alles war geplannt,
    nichts dem zufall überalles.

    und intregiert-
    Du hast alles perfektioniert.

    By Anuri URL on 06.03.2014

  18. She peeked around the corner, giggling. She knew it wasn’t supposed to be funny but her disposition had reached a near hysteria. Her sister covered her mouth and pulled her in close, whispering threats in her ear.
    “Shut up, they’ll hear us. Do you have a death wish?” The sister hissed in her ear.

    By Beka URL on 06.03.2014

  19. I prefer sky, the door to go far away

    By Gauche on 06.03.2014

  20. “Dude, I like him! He’s got sly personality!”

    “Well, I kinda like him too.”

    “Impossible. Since when did you like that kind of guy?”

    By anugraharsya on 06.03.2014

  21. Do not talk. This is my sly attempt to get you to be quiet. I used to love the sound of pencils on paper

    By Mrs. Ott URL on 06.03.2014

  22. He walked into the room, and everyone stared. His missing appendage was highlighted by these people, who were known to say dumb things.

    By Alex Bernat on 06.03.2014

  23. One day bob was sneaking through the forest when he came across a bunny. He was hungry so he ate the bunny for dinner. It was so good. He went around the town eating all the bunnies.

    By Matt Lezotte URL on 06.03.2014

  24. It could be someone’s name, a male fox or a female fox named a vixen. All foxes are elusive creatures.

    By Kathryn Nelson on 06.03.2014

  25. I ran. I new they were there. They are always there. No matter what. They never left. They never told me why. I knew that the boy would be sneaking out. I knew that they wouldn’t go for him. I just didn’t know why. They didn’t ever stop him.jlkj;ljlkjl;kjljlkjljklkjl;kjlkjlkjl;kjlkjlkjlkjlnioln;lknlknlkjlkjlkjl;kjn;lknl;klkn;lknl;kjlkjlkjl;kjlkjlknnlkj;lkjl;kjlkj;lkjl;kjnklklml;kjl;kjkloijin;lkj;lkj;lkj;lkjlkj;lk;lkjl;kj;lkj;lkj;lkjl;kj;lkj;lkjl;kj;lkj;lkjl;kjljklkj;lkj;lkj;lkj

    By Allie D on 06.03.2014

  26. My dog seems to be very sly. Yesterday he tried to eat my gold bear. My wooly bear caterpillar was almost as sly as my dog but sadly he could not beat him. My sly wooly bear tried to eat the dog but he lost the fight and got eaten.

    By David Simon on 06.03.2014

  27. one day timmy was slurpen a slushy when he saw a man he thought he new. it was cool guy. cool guy is so cool and sly. cool guy was having a chill day.

    By zach on 06.03.2014

  28. Sly as a fox. Ella sneaked around the kitchen attempting to figure out what her parents were talking about. She heard her name in their conversation. What could they be saying?

    By Ava Cison URL on 06.03.2014

  29. This activity is not what I expected it to be. I like the word sly because it sounds fun asdfja;lsdjflakdjsflajsdflkjads;lfkjasd;lfjalsdjflasd jclasdjf;lajsdlfjasldkjfalsdjfalsdjfasdjfladsjflaksdjflasdjflkjasdlfjasdlfjalsdjflaksjdfljasdl;kfja;lsdjf;lasjdf;ljasdlfjal;sdjf

    By Mrs. Ott on 06.03.2014

  30. She enters the room ever so gently. She was sly as a fox.

    By Isabella W URL on 06.03.2014

  31. I was walking out of the mart clutching my hoodie to my chest. The stolen chips and drink crunching against my stomach. I didn’t choose the crime life I like to say it chose me.

    By lizzie URL on 06.03.2014

  32. Let me get one thing straight, none of this was planned. One day I was walking down the street. I meet a man, his name was Danny. He gave me a note, the note said “You are a good person don’t let anyone tell you differently. That sly man made my day he made me happy. The weird thing is, the next week, I started being bullied but their words couldn’t get to me at all. I stood up to them, all because of Danny, the sly boy on the street.

    By Anna on 06.03.2014

  33. One day bob was sneaking through the forest when he came across a bunny. He was hungry so he ate the bunny for dinner. It was so good. He went around the town eating all the bunnies

    By Matt Lezotte on 06.03.2014

  34. SLY
    Run like a sly fox running through the dark woods. Where to leap next, where to stop and listen. Life in the woods can be harsh, you don’t know where to go. Now run to your destiny,y and find the you you want to be. If you were a sly fox where would you go next?

    By Maddie Gordon on 06.03.2014

  35. Ramin is a very sly human being. When we first met he slyly followed me around the building without my knowing. His parents are very sly as well they named his brother’s Armin and they named him Ramin.

    By Matt H on 06.03.2014

  36. Sneaky slow blue black.
    Sly makes me feel…incredibly powered.
    Sly makes for an interesting life.
    Sly is lonely yet surrounded.

    By Gab on 06.03.2014

  37. Horribly sly was the rat that sulked in the shadow of the dimly lit alleys waiting for it’s prey. Huge yellow teeth glistened with the warm golden of the many surrounding street lamps shrinking back in fear of being seen. Huge was this colossal being that crowded into the small alleyway from which it would hunt. Like the man that stood concealed in the shadow of a balcony high above. He had it in his sights…

    By Alex on 06.03.2014

  38. I walked into the room, sets of eyes nervously moving around, each narrowly avoiding my gaze. I flatter myself against the wall, creeping my way to the other side. People flow in, wearing black masks streaked with red. I reach my hands out, grabbing onto the back pocket of the man in front of me. I pull something out, discovering it to be a gun. I shoot it once, twice, three times into the air and everybody begins to stare. It is done. The masks are now fully coated in assortments of red, purple, and brown. I see eyes bright turquoise, growing brighter by the second. Jaws drop in amazement, surprise, and shock. I sneak out of the room, leaving the chaos behind. It is done.
    Now I recently realized that I may have acted too quickly. At least, too quickly for anyone to notice. I hoped that they would listen; they didn’t. They listened only to themselves, not even beginning to look for the cause of the chaos. I hear the screams. They must have seen the wall. I bet you are beginning to wonder what the wall was. It was coated in blood, with five words written on it in dark black paint. Those five words can cause even the bravest to cower in fear. “Fear me, I am Moriarty.”

    By Lily Rothschild on 06.03.2014

  39. The class is trying this for the first time. We are trying to be sly and figure it out without extra help. My class is sly because they think we do not have to do any work at the end of the school year.

    By Mrs. Ott URL on 06.03.2014

  40. My dog seems to be very sly. Yesterday he tried to eat my gold bear. My wooly bear caterpillar was almost as sly as my dog but sadly he could not beat him. He fought the dog and sadly he lost the sly battle and was eaten.

    By David The Great on 06.03.2014