April 28th, 2012 | 131 Entries

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131 Entries for “sliver”

  1. silver metal, precious, cool, easily bent, gold, necklaces, sliver love silver. this is stupid. sliver can be like wait, sliver? what the fuck is that? not silver? okay im confused. sliver is some sliver thing thats not silver. okay yeah.

    By Elli on 04.28.2012

  2. sometimes you have to make yourself be creative. on those days when you’d rather not get out of bed, and you can’t be bothered to make anything better than tea and toast for every meal. sometimes writing about something unpleasant is a necessary part of your day. you only have so many days that are really yours in life; make them count!

    By Anais on 04.28.2012

  3. A sliver of gold, drifting down the stream.
    His eyes followed it, paralyzed. Where did that come from? Where was it going? Did someone lose it? It drifted farther and farther away.
    It took him a few seconds to realize that it was a sliver of fucking gold.
    He chased the stream, running down after it, trying desperately to catch it.

    By Harrison Chiu on 04.28.2012

  4. All you who contribute to this 60 sec Stream of Consciousness writing…..
    Have a story to tell…..
    Just write it !!
    A Sliver is Never Enough
    for a Wordsmith.

    By Isabella on 04.28.2012

  5. The blood drenched hands are all she can ever account for on this. The blood-shot eyes of the audience watched in aghast and sort of enchantment as they couldn’t believe what they just have saw. The slivers of the flesh, the guts, the blood. Oh, the blood.

    By huxley URL on 04.28.2012

  6. i talk to the
    silver stars that dot the sky
    and hope that someday
    some of these words
    will come true

    By paige URL on 04.28.2012

  7. Cheesecake?
    Just a sliver please.
    I’m on a diet.
    (uncomfortable pause)
    Well you may as well pass then.
    Well if I give you just a sliver you’ll only want more….you’ll think about that cheesecake all night your cravings will never go away. I’m doing you a favour really.
    But I just want to try it and I’m watching my waistline.
    That’s what they all say. Really…this cheesecake is a metaphor for the way that you live your life… cautiously….don’t want to over do it…no no no…not you
    (uncomfortable pause)
    …it’s like love. Yeah… yeah…the media portrays it as some really great thing…and don’t get me started on Hollywood movies… but it never works. It’s just a myth that it works. See if you NEVER feel it…then you don’t know what you’re missing. You wonder why everyone else in the world does the stupid things that they do and you can be a bystander through all this. Yup…you have a SENSE that something’s missing. That there’s some big secret that everyone else but you understands….and you start to think that you were away the day in grade school when they gave out the “what to expect in life” rule book.
    But no.
    Until it HAPPENS (which I might add always seems to come out of the blue! YUP!)
    Then this whole other part of your being WAKES UP and you feel stupid… let’s face it what are the chances of two people being zinged at the same time… NOT BLOODY LIKELY …YOU’RE DESTINED TO LIVE IN PAIN A DEEP PAIN FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE….and suddenly you think that you understand every love poem ever written and “oh my God” suddenly becomes a phrase in your vocabulary…
    …and then your reason kicks in and you think to yourself quaint things like, “well it’s better to have loved than to never have loved” at all or some sort of crap like that… I mean who was the idiot that made that up anyway!? and you can tell your reason EXACTLY where to go because it has now taken the co-pilot seat on this roaring jet engine soaring through the air thinking that a crash landing might be a better alternative than to go through the REST OF YOUR LIFE caring deeply for someone who thinks that you’re an idiot and there’s not a damn thing that you can do to let go of those feelings that have HIJACKED YOUR ENTIRE MIND AND BODY. And as you look for the eject button (because the auto-pilot button that you’ve been using your whole bloody life doesn’t appear to work anymore and the cute waitress who was bringing you those nice little bottles seems to have disappeared too…leaving you only with the sustenance of those white flour crackers in non-recylable packaging which doesn’t matter to your any more because ……you’re in love and your soul is residing so deeply within the beautiful nonpolluted rivers of existence- when you’re not heart-broken that is- that you don’t care about recycling anymore)
    Love is a cruel joke on humanity. I am sure that we’re some sort of alien’s science experiement!

    Uh…cheque please….

    By Pam Heighway URL on 04.28.2012

  8. That’s all it takes to make you feel uncomfortable. That’s all it really takes to make you feel pain; for something small and almost imperceptible to change your entire view on life. A sliver.

    By Mikey URL on 04.28.2012

  9. Silver is a mother fucker, who thinks he’s fucking better than gold, yet he is not worth as much as gold is worth, people still love silver more than coal, because silver is closer to white than coal, and coal is black. Silver is the color of unicorns blood, you should never drink it.

    By Matthew on 04.28.2012

  10. the most shiniest metal i have ever seen
    i would like to be covered in silver
    One day ill have a silver castle

    By sawlat on 04.28.2012

  11. alright, so a sliver. a piece cut off from something whole. so close to being silver, but it ain’t even gold. i guess when i think about this word i think about how i could have been cut off from my resources, i could have been cut from the world and family and community but here i am now. here i am.

    By arianne URL on 04.28.2012

  12. I gave it all away. I have no regrets, I’d do it again. I’d do it Again. I’d do it again. It’s fate or future or whatever you call it. I’d do it again it’s what i’m meant to do.

    By Susannah URL on 04.28.2012

  13. OW! Sally yelled, as tears began to fill her eyes. She ran from the play ground over to her mother, who was watching from a park bench. She held her finger tightly, as she looked at the wood that was sticking out of it. She ran up to her, saying, “Mommy, I got a sliver!”

    By The Writer URL on 04.28.2012

  14. They are always there.
    You just can’t see them all the time, but they see you.
    They see every mistake, every triumph, every sorrow and every joy.
    There is no way to hide, they can always see you.

    You can only see them for a little while, even then if it is to cloudy only the brightest you can see.
    But they are always there.
    Silver lights, twinkling with knowledge.
    Knowledge beyond what we can comprehend.

    You never know what they see.
    What they here.
    Be wary you are always under their gaze.
    The gaze of thousands.

    You may not know why they watch.
    You may not know what they see.
    But you will know when they die.
    Because you might to.

    By Alex on 04.28.2012

  15. A drop of liquid on my skin
    I look up, and saw nothing
    But more and more pressure bolted down
    I looked at the ground and still,
    There was nothing

    By Haneul on 04.28.2012

  16. Silver is the colour of the wind, if the wind had a colour. It’s a unicorn’s mane blowing through the sky, and the glitter of non-gold. It’s the beautiful lining of sadness, and every cloud in the sky. It’s a new way of looking at things, and something new to covet.

    By Carolyn on 04.28.2012

  17. through time we travel, hefting our load, only seeing the space around us. we look off into the distance and see not our future, but only a chance termination.

    By k on 04.28.2012

  18. Sliver into my clean white sheets
    with your hands sliding gracefully around my waist
    like a snake wanting to bite your
    loving poison into my flesh.
    Taint this body with your fangs
    and let the blood taint the sheets
    with my venomous passion for you
    and only you.

    By TheAmoretto URL on 04.28.2012

  19. In the moonlight, her eyelashes.
    Drops of rain shimmered on the window, glinting, winking.
    Dew on the grass.
    We danced on the floor in our bare feet.
    We spun, her skirts rustled, whispering.
    The stars came out.
    A promise parted her lips.
    The moments are sliver when they happen.
    When they’re over, they are gold.

    By Dulcie URL on 04.28.2012

  20. ive never. Been sure why gold is supposed to be better than silver, whether you win a race or make it to that anniversary. To me silver shows strgth’. And understanted fortitude. My mother and both of her parents went gray/ silver long beofre their time, and truly, ifi can be more like them, i would consider myslf a better person. There is also the phrase “all that glitters is not gold”, the gold rush, and gold jewelry shops that compell economic victims to transform any kind of familial gold for green– cash money which is easily exchanged at any number of transactions. Siover jewelry, purchased for young couples starting out, is harder to. Exchange in a moment of panic. Given the choice, illtake silver myself, whether as a hue of my hair, or a methaphoric embodiment of my familys past in dishware form, or in e sibver tounged words that compose our famial legacy

    By Molly URL on 04.28.2012

  21. “Ouch! Goddamnit Jim I gots a sliver in mys fingy!”
    “Your what?”
    “My fingy Jim, my goddamn fingy!”

    By Amanda Nelson on 04.28.2012

  22. i looked over at his silver watch and couldn’t help but notice it was past the amount of time i promised to waste here.

    By Abra URL on 04.28.2012

  23. a sliver of hope. it’s tragically beautiful, isn’t it, that sliver of hope shining through the despair and the grime and the stupidity of this world? and that sliver is all we have left.

    By lillian on 04.28.2012

  24. I couldn’t dance. Not that I wasn’t able to, I used to be a wonderful dancer, but I couldn’t anymore. Dancing involved to much physical contact. But yet I felt drawn to him. When I was with him, I had a sliver of me that left when I was with anybody else. When I was with him, I felt human.

    By delilah on 04.28.2012

  25. like the ribbons on my first white dress, I want the mother of the bride and groom at my wedding to be swathed in silver. A representation of all the value they have. Something precious and pure and untarnished.

    By Gloria on 04.28.2012

  26. I looked through the sliver of the door, it was open just a crack, and I had to hold my breath. He was in there with her. And I felt a strange feeling in my chest. It was the first time I’d ever felt something like that before. And in that moment I knew. When I saw he was standing there with her, his hands behind his back, his shirt off, I knew that I was in love with him. And I wanted to break into the room and knock her over and tell her to go away. But then he held up his hands and I saw he shake his head and in that moment, through that sliver of door I saw hope.

    By river URL on 04.28.2012

  27. A sliver of almonds. Almonds are a delicious addition to a salad. I love them! They are best when they are sliced really thin. That’s what a sliver is – something sliced really thin! Yum…. I’m hungry.

    By Melissa on 04.28.2012

  28. i just want a sliver of attention. i am not one of those girls who is a wallflower. and i am definietly not one of those girls who gets whatever they want. no way. i am right in between. i have the perfect friends who get everything and then me. i guess i should get some of it by association but i just seem to go unnoticed. after a while it gets old. i keep looking for that perfect someone, but now i just think that there is no perfect one, at least not where i am looking. i need someone who looks at me first, not just because i am there. i just need to find him. i just want a boy. i just want to fit in. i just want to be liked. just a little. just a sliver.

    By anonymous on 04.28.2012

  29. a sliver of fingernail skitters across my desk while i think of all the reasons i should leave you, the anxiety that slips into my heart like a knife and brings ice with it, a sliver of doubt in my mind quickly becoming a machete in the dark.

    By Katherine White URL on 04.28.2012

  30. there’s always a silver lining to every cloud. At least that’s what they tell you. Usually it’s when they’re trying to gloss over something unpleasant. It’s not true you know. There’s nothing good about losing a baby. Nothing good at all.

    By Amy Fable on 04.28.2012

  31. “I wonder how many times they will make me drink this.”
    She takes another sip and shivers, it tastes like blood and feels like liquid metal as it runs down her throat. Nobody ever said the cure would be easy.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 04.28.2012

  32. Maybe it was just meant to be. I knew her so many times and yet this was my first time so close. Breathing and talking to her. Laughing and drawing that beautiful smile on that perfect face. Who made someone so beautiful? And all I felt all night were slivers of bad thoughts and hopes that not ever sex could bring, only being so close to someone like her. There is no one else like her alive. No one.

    By Trey URL on 04.28.2012

  33. The enemy slivers. The King delivers. The King enters and delivers. What a glory! Haha! Buttery glory, He is. :) Sliver away enemy, spread Him onnnnnn. Yeahhhh.

    By Martina on 04.28.2012

  34. I wasn’t desperate enough to sell my father’s jewels, but I was afraid it would soon come to that. I tried and tried to find another way out. Still it seemed that selling these heirlooms would be my salvation.

    By Ruben URL on 04.28.2012

  35. It had been raining that night.
    I remember the moon had been a half-hidden sliver in the sky, peeking its pale, worried face periodically out of stormy cloud banks.
    I left my car and walked to the warped trees at the edge of the forest, just as they told me.

    I should have been worried, too.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.28.2012

  36. A sliver, a splinter, such a tiny thing, yet wedge it under a fingernail or into your palm or toe and it can upset you entirely. A sliver of light can be good, but of wood could be bad, a sliver of ice simply might drive you mad.

    By Caleb on 04.28.2012

  37. I do not know what this word means really. I have to check it right away- I have to just write about the word for some given seconds.

    By ana heredia on 04.28.2012

  38. the composition of love carries with it a sliver of self sacrificial heartache. the veins of this fidelity create themselves to be something of a cluttered dwelling, confusing the soul until the clutter is clarified and elutriate. just as the moon has its time of expanding and contracting light, this sliver recedes almost as soon as it arises. to master the ascendancy of love means to rid of all its blithe which has made it what it should be; at ease, carefree, insouciant. be thankful for the present, for without the heartache there would be no love.

    By Tas URL on 04.28.2012

  39. Charlie is tiny, tinier still when he’s sleeping, curled in a little ball, ratty old t-shirt riding up on him so that Mac can see the sliver of pale skin of his belly. Mac likes how tiny Charlie is, makes him feel bigger in comparison, stronger. But it gives Mac a reason to try and protect Charlie from the bigger guys at school who give him shit.

    By Cassie URL on 04.28.2012

  40. a peek, no more, she giggles and it’s infuriating, a tinkle of laughter like bells. pretend innocence. she knows what she’s doing, sending me a mischievous look before running off, leaving me here with the image of her skin burned into the back of my eyelids.

    By paper URL on 04.28.2012