April 27th, 2012 | 190 Entries

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190 Entries for “balloons”

  1. They hung from every edge, every corner of the room. The varieties of colors. They glossed in their stance.

    By seiga on 04.28.2012

  2. It was a funeral, a clown’s funeral. The coffin was lined with colourful balloons. It was probably one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen, but then again that’s what you get if you go to Africa!

    By greg on 04.28.2012

  3. Me: “Did you get a balloon?”
    Mum: “Sorry, they all when in like the first five minutes.”
    Me: “But I love the Argos Balloons. They’re so cool.”
    Mum: “…really?”

    By Billy on 04.28.2012

  4. red, air, float, fly, colours, shapes, sizes, party, kids, rubber, explode, blow up, big

    By msebelnl on 04.28.2012

  5. I really loved it on my 30th birthday when I tuned up to work and my collegues had blown up ballons and put them round my desk.It was really something and to say the least it brightened my day .thanks to all.

    By Jackson on 04.28.2012

  6. birthday happy party friends sing eat cake circus clown fun funniest cakes celebration

    By me on 04.28.2012

  7. blip
    who are you
    wut wut
    da butt
    spicy tuna

    By Yo landa on 04.28.2012

  8. Ballons are full of helium and some are just full of air or breath and the ones that are filled with helium float. Balloons also are bad for nature because if you let one go it will eventually sink and then it may land in the ocean and maybe kill an animal in some way.

    By Willow on 04.28.2012

  9. cirkus, clowns and stuff like that know what this is.
    and it makes kids happy ;)

    By Oliver on 04.28.2012

  10. I lay back on the soft, damp grass. Watching them as they disappeared into the sky. Each one of them floating away into seperate directions. It would be silly to expect them to follow each other. It would be easy to call it physics. Of course it would, balloons have no personality.

    By Aisha on 04.28.2012

  11. Balloons are a happy thing. There are so many different types and colors available that it’s probably not possible to have an occasion that there isn’t a balloon for. As someone who is old-school, though, I prefer the ones that are just one color to the ones that are a likeness of an animated character. I think that makes the decorator have to use their imagination more.

    By Becky Norris on 04.28.2012

  12. I feel like a balloon. Like I’m on the verge of blowing up. I feel so fragile. I feel like everywhere I walk and go there will always be needles, pins, cutters, knives. Everything is bubbling around in me. Depression, anxiety, pressure, stress, emptiness. They’re all building up inside me like molecules. And then one day, when all of these ‘molecules’ build up so much, I swear I’m going to burst.

    By RmCalderon on 04.28.2012

  13. Balloons are really cool! I love them because they have many different colors! I always love letting them go and into the sky! It’s fun when I try to keep it up without it touching the floor! I love playing balloon karate with my sister Hope!

    By Faith on 04.28.2012

  14. The little girl wrapped the balloon ribbon around her tiny fingers. She giggled at the feeling of the rubber against her skin. She puts the balloon against her face to feel the coolness of it all. Then, she looks through the balloon at her mother peering back at her with a smile.

    By crystal on 04.28.2012

  15. The little girl wrapped the balloons ribbon around her tiny fingers. She giggled at the feel of the rubber against her skin. Then, she grabs the balloon with two hands and squishes her face against it. She smiles through one side of the balloon and her mother stares back at her with a loving smile.

    By itscrystalllm on 04.28.2012

  16. She was watching as she watched the inflated sphere float to the sky. The note tied to it was secure. She didn’t have to worry about it being blown away by the wind. Someday, the Doctor will know that she misses him.

    By Threse Vargas URL on 04.28.2012

  17. John knew it was useless, tying a note to a balloon and releasing it, hoping Sherlock would find it and know how much John misses the consulting detective.

    But he released it anyway. But what he didn’t know was the man on the rooftop watching him, making sure he’s alright, trying to say that he misses him too.

    By smoothmovebro on 04.28.2012

  18. The Balloons float towards the sky. I try to watch them get smaller and smaller, but the sun burns my eyes. Yet I look anyways. It’s painful at first, watching the memories float away. But I have grown up. At that moment the balloons are too small to see.

    By Olivia URL on 04.28.2012

  19. Red, blue, green, and orange balloons filled the sky like colorful gems. The young child peered into the clouds as he watched the cluster float into the stratosphere.

    By Jordan on 04.28.2012

  20. If you see balloons,
    think of me.
    I fly high among the trees.
    I loved thy land that was so proud.
    But I am happy to be in this shroud.
    this life to painful just to cease,
    Only you I would believe.
    The love that grew,
    like roots of trees.
    I will not forget thee.
    the pain to heavy,
    my sight too dim.
    It is time to turn this old body in.
    Do not cry,
    when you see me leave.
    I will be like a balloon among the trees.

    By Holly Cox on 04.28.2012

  21. You don’t know what to do when it’s this cold outside – like there are bits of freezing ice, stepping into your arena, playing with the junk in your mind, in the upstairs. You want to play too, but somehow every time you go looking all you find are water balloons that have been left in the freezer for too long – ice water balloons, shriveled up and hardened into sharp edges that break on the corner of memory.

    By Thirteen URL on 04.28.2012

  22. i love baloons. they can come as red pink white green or brown. they pop easily. you see many of these in shapes sizes in birthday parties. children love them so do adults. when i was young i used to always ask my parent sto buy me baloona and they always went to the beach to buy me some.

    By Praneeta on 04.28.2012

  23. Balloons…light and airy, floating in the high in the sky. Colorful, bright, symbolic. They can be happy and sad. Birthday celebrations or sent to those who’ve gone on to heaven. Cheerful, uplifting…can I have one?

    By Nikki on 04.28.2012

  24. party
    defy gravity

    By eliza on 04.28.2012

  25. Ballons sind bunt und sie quietschen, wenn man sie aneinander reibt. Und wenn sie mit Haar oder Kleidung in Berührung kommen, gibt es manchmal einen elektrischen Schlag. Sind sie mit Gas gefüllt, kannst du sie loslassen und dann fliegen sie weit hoch in den Himmel, so weit, bis du sie nicht mehr siehst, kleine rote, grüne, gelbe, blaue, weiße, orange, schwarze Punkte, die immer kleiner werden, bis sie verschwinden.

    By Lisa URL on 04.28.2012

  26. I’ve seen so many balloons floating.It just reminded me of the days when we used to celebrate our christmas weekends.But today all this has become just a nostalgia.Now a days christmas is celebrated on televisions.People have good food and just stick on to television.

    By johnso p john on 04.28.2012

  27. balloons filled the sky as the mayor cut the ribbon signifying the opening of the new mental health facility. they were all blue. I though that was a strange choice.
    the new facility was where I met the girl who would later envelop and destroy my life as I knew it.

    By rob URL on 04.28.2012

  28. Fly high, slowly away
    Useless thoughts
    Be free

    By Kathryn Damron on 04.28.2012

  29. nowadays it always reminds me of movie ‘up’ , but universally balloons are always about birthdays and making children’s eyes geise .

    By doojah on 04.28.2012

  30. Colors strewn on the floor, on the sot damp earth, the pest-ridden flowers, twisting and turning until the sea is all but a glorious rainbow, brown and murky, and filled to the brim with dirt.

    By Anna Meursault on 04.28.2012