April 29th, 2012 | 189 Entries

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189 Entries for “alibi”

  1. “I shouldn’t need an alibi,” she sobbed, gasping for air. “I loved him!”
    Mascara-smears panda-ed her face enough that even I felt guilty looking her in the eye. Cunning little bitch.

    By Barber URL on 04.30.2012

  2. Shit.
    I either need a shovel or an alibi.

    Either would suffice.

    By Simondo URL on 04.30.2012

  3. some people have multiple alibi.

    By just582 URL on 04.30.2012

  4. Oh welll I was ummmm just taking a shower when I heard the gun shot. I ran outside naked and I saw him laying right there on the kictchen floor. So sad ..he was such a good honest man and he took his own life. That is my alibi and it is as solid as my cooking.

    By ajloopy URL on 04.30.2012

  5. Born with a silver spoon, spun from flax and gray thread off an old dress – and it travels between your fingers, underneath your nails, touches your thoughts for an instant, a lifetime, makes everything bright, light and cold.

    By Anna Meursault on 04.30.2012

  6. I have no alibi nor do I want one. My confession must stand as an article of belief, of integrity, of action. You who strive to hide behind excuses, to live your lives through a lens and a mask, are not my kin.

    My alibi, if there must be one, is this. I am as much animal as man. I am as much villain as hero. I will not apologize.

    By laurapacker URL on 04.30.2012

  7. This is just not a cool word. According to Mrs.Propp it means information about where you were during a court case or something. It helps keep you protected from lawyers so that your not found guilty. If you have a strong alibi then yoou would be okay.

    By Kevin on 04.30.2012

  8. What is an alibi? A justification, a way out, a glimmer of fact in a sea of doubt and suspicion. I am glad I have not had to had an alibi. Having one is not something I want to need! You?

    By willz on 04.30.2012

  9. a jury never has much of a sense wheether a person is guilty or innocent unless they have an alibi. Juries can’t decipher lies as well a mother can. My mother knows whenever I give a faulty alibi. Even if I’ve thought up a wonderful story she knows the truth.

    By Cayleigh Juanito URL on 04.30.2012

  10. Why was I here? Why was I here?
    I bit my lips hard. “I was sleep-walking,” I explain.
    “In my office?” he asked.
    “I don’t know…. I’m in your office?”
    “Are you snooping?”
    “NO!” I cry. “I was just sleeping and I woke up when you banged against your door…”
    “You’re not a really good liar, Miss Levi.”
    “No, sir. No, I’m not.”

    By Livy on 04.30.2012

  11. Well they wanted to know where i was the night of the murder. They knew i wasn’t home when it happened. But my sister was. SO why me? why did i need an alibi to prove my innocence. Well heres my alibi i was at my track meet and we did not get home until very late.

    By Kevin on 04.30.2012

  12. I think everyone has a side to their story. This is where you discover who’s two faced, who’s a liar, and what the truth really is. An alibi can prove you to be the worst of liars, or the best at telling a lie.

    By carol URL on 04.30.2012

  13. I was sitting on the stand….they asked for my alibi, I froze. WHY couldnt i remember a thing?!! I could barley remember my last name, how do they expect me to remember what i was doing two months ago?! The sweat dripped down my face while the lawyer ask ,

    By JCC1510 on 04.30.2012

  14. Alibi..jones Heffmer, an accused murderer stated is alibi on telivisoin three years ago. It was for the case of my little sister. He looked the judge straight into the eye and told him he had nothing to do with it. That bastered.

    By carol URL on 04.30.2012

  15. An alibi is what your story is. In crime shows they will often ask what happened or what was going on at that time.

    By JCC english on 04.30.2012

  16. I have been asked about my alibi on several occasions this year. people may think that automatically means that i was in trouble or commited some crime but it doesnt. Authortiy figures are not my best friend. Freedom is. I think alibi is a

    By English1510 on 04.30.2012

  17. after a midnight stroll with my friends last night people are asking alot of questions this morning. where were you who were you with, when we tell them they do not believe us, aperiantly we are a shechy crowd. There was a gunn shotting. and we have no alibi.

    By JCC 1510 on 04.30.2012

  18. This is my alibi, my reason, my story. I was born into this world and have to live in it. And I want to live deliberately, sucking out the marrow of life, as Thoreau would say. So my reason is because–I want to live.

    By willz URL on 04.30.2012

  19. If I can produce an alibi
    Waterproof to the hilt
    Could it ‘prove’ my innocence
    And eradicate my guilt?

    Perhaps if no-one knows
    The extent of my mistakes
    They’ll vaporize into harmless tales:
    Eyes of arsenic and a head of snakes

    It’s safe and fearless, hiding behind
    My make- up of perfection
    If I can conceal my faults effectively
    Could I escape the desert of rejection?

    By Jacklin on 04.30.2012

  20. in the hit series jescicca flkethcewr sthe main chararee or protagonist =finds people on her travles thaqt has is suspected of muredering a key person and finds in alibi

    By James Bond URL on 04.30.2012

  21. Quickly, I dodge into the shadows, feeling my heartbeat soar. I hear voices.
    “Have the FBI given up yet?” a British voice asks.
    “Yes, they have stopped looking for all the children,” a deep voice says. “Do you think any of the girls suspects that we really kidnapped them?”
    “If they don’t suspect yet, I hope they do.”
    “Why sir?!” The man with the deep voice sounds incredulous and shuffles on his feet. “Wouldn’t that be harder to control them?”
    I glance around the marble wall and nearly gasp at the sight of two men, standing before the room I had just been in.
    “Because,” the British man continues, “if they suspect, then they will make excellent spies. Now, I’m going to sleep.”
    The door handle jiggled and shut behind the British man, leaving me to listen to the sounds of the other man’s footsteps.
    I run all the way to my room, and when I enter, Natalie’s up.
    She crosses her arms. “Where have you been?”
    “Looking for a snack.”
    “Is that a lie?”
    “No, it’s my alibi.”

    By KenzieB19 URL on 04.30.2012

  22. What will be your alibi
    when then burning sun sets on a fiery landscape,
    when the ocean’s tumultuous swells consume ships like peanuts at a circus,
    when pandemonium reigns
    because you had to take a peak at immortal secrets
    buried for centura beneath the bosom of the fault,
    what will you tell the karma police
    when, in blue suits, they come knocking?

    By ObsidianSky URL on 04.30.2012

  23. I had no alibi. My actions were a disgrace, a shame, even. My conscious pounded within me, and my thoughts protested deeply. I had done wrong. No alibi could save me now.

    By Grace Baker URL on 04.30.2012

  24. her alibi was weak
    she didn’t care
    she wished only to spend those few moments
    to touch that warm hand one more time
    longing showed in her smile
    her brown eyes
    the playful flip of her hair
    and the expressive gestures of her hands

    By Domiknitrix URL on 04.30.2012

  25. The reason I didn’t kill him… Have to think quick, the officer is looking at me. He knows I have no alibi. He knows I’m thinking of one, a lie as to cover up the fact I DID kill him. But he’s waiting for me to commit the sin, to lie to an officer so that I will have to be booked and brought before court. Should I ? Or shouldn’t I?

    By deideiblueeyez URL on 04.30.2012

  26. Don’t know what this means. Just testing to see what this website is about :)

    By Margarita Vidrio on 04.30.2012

  27. She knew that she couldn’t be in two places at once. How, then, would she go about being in two places at the same time? How could she simultaneously murder her husband and be seen across town dining with a friend in a very public place? She needed an identical twin. And a solid alibi. And her husband’s 15 million dollar life insurance policy.

    By Melissa URL on 04.30.2012

  28. An alibi is a way to prove that you are telling the truth about a certain situation. Connotations of the word tie it to criminal activity, so to give an alibi is to prove that you were not able to commit crime mentioned. An alibi can be disproven also by the police as a means to narrow in on a suspect.

    By traci underwood on 04.30.2012

  29. I’m here to give you my alibi of why my book is overdue. You see, I started reading the book rather late one evening and because it was such a good read, I could not put it down. After I rushed through the book, I had so many questions and clarifications that I decided to go back and take a second read.

    By Salim on 04.30.2012