April 28th, 2012 | 131 Entries

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131 Entries for “sliver”


    By MANSIMRAN KAUR URL on 04.29.2012

  2. i miss eating pastrami and roast chicken paninis at starbucks, they always put a whole sliver of pastrami and and i couldn’t bite through and ended up with it hanging down my chin like a great big tongue and everyone laughing at me or thinking i was crazy!

    By Kate Parr on 04.29.2012

  3. Silver branches drip rainbows in the morning sunlight, birds sing joyful arias to the glorious dawn, the winter’s chill a kiss on my skin as I lie in the snow and gaze up into your eyes.

    By Ama Marie URL on 04.29.2012

  4. There is a sliver in my finger, and it hurts like crazy. Why must it cling under my skin so? Why does the sliver slide further into my finger when I try to pull it out? Tweezers are pointless in this matter. I pull, they push.

    By Kirsten on 04.29.2012

  5. The shiny silver amulet dangled from the princess’s neck. It gleamed in the moonlight, like her shiny golden hair. She stroked the amulet to give her luck. She took a deep breath and began to climb the mountain. She hoped she had enough strength to get to the top.

    By Debbie on 04.29.2012

  6. this word represents somthing that we as ppl do not fully understand nor fav. to go about this particular type of movement instead of more traditional forms is wat makes us uneasy.

    By Levi Lil on 04.29.2012

  7. Fghugcfffdf

    By Ll on 04.29.2012

  8. Slivers of time that walk with us from the past, letting us tied together, leaving us bound as deep as soulmates. Eternal walkers, forever lovers

    By avathar91 URL on 04.29.2012

  9. Silver spooons are used for many things. Mirrors, eating, stirring. Clanking. The sounds of metal spoons on metal bowls is hair pointing. Sometimes, metal can be rings, cars, anything. But metal spoons is what I see everyday. IT gets awkward when you realize that SLIVER is different from SILVER. I read silver. But it is actually sliver. Sliver is a cut or a splinter. A sliver of the wood entered my finger. I have a splinter and it hurts.

    By Bailey Castillo on 04.29.2012

  10. cold grey money interesting pretty metal rings jewlrey gold diamonds precious metal computer

    By melissa Oliver on 04.29.2012

  11. A sliver of moonlight filtered through the gap in the curtains, making a pathway of light in the dark room. A ribbon’s curl. A spoonful. A silver shining. Sometimes that was all it took to bring the stars back in.

    By siobhan347 URL on 04.29.2012