January 1st, 2015 | 119 Entries

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119 Entries for “slate”

  1. A fresh start and a new beginning. The slate has been wiped clean. Like the promise of a rising sun, the radiating light warms and incites hope.

    By Nicolle on 01.01.2015

  2. Dark and cold. The sky is clear and the sun is slowly rising in the distance. It’s time to wake up and get the day started.

    By Teal13 on 01.01.2015

  3. Cold and bitter
    It coats the roof
    a bitter chill
    fillls the air
    and wind howls
    and snow swirls
    and the slate
    the roof
    of the house.

    By Emily on 01.01.2015

  4. slate, uh, slate. like slate flooring? i like, it it gives a nice cabin feeling… wait like clean slate because it’s the new year. ya that would make more since. um, i’m not really a clean slate person at the moment i’ve done my fair share of running away from problem and it’s never gotten me anywhere so. i don’t want a clean slate this year leave my slate cluttered as hell.

    By BR on 01.01.2015

  5. a wooden slate that fell to the ground made a deafening echo throughout the room.

    By Ela on 01.01.2015

  6. This year is a year of clean slates and washing anew. There is nothing like starting over. Life is one streamline with no real interruption but a new year is the start of the new and the end of the old.

    By Cierra URL on 01.01.2015

  7. Clean. Charcutterie. Not sure how to spell that, but now I’m hungry. Slate reminds me that I need to buy a couch for my empty apartment…because of the color.

    By shelby on 01.01.2015

  8. Bajo la barra de granito había una cabeza enraizada con la madera de un viejo árbol que guardaba el espíritu de un jefe indio: Cabeza rapada.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 01.01.2015

  9. ice skating slates
    in this sole finger
    skyscrapers bleed
    and therefore linger
    deep beneath the sea

    By too stable on 01.01.2015

  10. Slate is more than jus baking shape it has potential to hold massive weight something like a brain in different ways, just lay back and Think.

    By Ana Bell on 01.01.2015

  11. I ran my fingertips over his slate counter top in the hopes that its texture would awaken me to some universal truth about life, illuminating its greater purpose, or whatever epiphany was meant to pop to mind. Instead, what I really wanted in that moment was a cup of hot, aromatically spicy tea.

    He looked at me expectantly as I contemplated filling his stainless steel kettle with tap water and lighting a single gas burner, before, of course, helping myself to his tea stash. If he had a sad assortment, it was of little consequence. I always had a packet or two of my favorite kind in my purse.

    My mind dwell on fragrant chais, and perhaps what I might find in his mug collection, not the question that was asked of me.

    By Intuition on 01.01.2015

  12. Slate can mean several differetn things, such as the slates on your roof or to slate someone is to be horrible or to smear them. Also, a person could be slated to be in a programme, it can mean to be “thought as” or “rumoured”

    By Jordan on 01.01.2015

  13. Slate. At this time of year I think about a blank slate. Being the start of the new year, you get to start all over again, forget about your past mistakes and move on, which is really neat.

    By AJR on 01.01.2015

  14. You need to start with a blank slate and then fill in the details. If everybody stuck to the rules then life would be a lot less complicated

    By John31 on 01.01.2015

  15. There is no reset button in life. And, you can reset a game, but not the playing of it. Not many want a reset anyway, more of a selective start over again. The slate may be a bruise, but there are always darker hues. There’s always black paint and white charcoal, too. Clean is nice, clean is fresh, seasoned is spice and zest. The question is, what can you do with the room on the slate you have left. Justify it, own it, right it, stand behind it, without hiding or denying the rest.

    By Swing through on 01.02.2015

  16. A clean slate. That’s all she kept telling me. A clean slate is what I need to live a happy, long, fulfilling life. “I’ll go with you” I say.

    By monica jane on 01.02.2015

  17. I believe God I believe in myself I bie e all things are possible with courage I can achieve my goal I want to study the bible at a university
    I want quality time to know spent time doing the will of god I believe God will give me the strength in spite of my age I want to travel and do and see god’s world I bieve I believe!!

    By Colleen gordon on 01.02.2015

  18. A slate is the representation of a blank ness, An opportunity to write new futures, ideas, hopes, learnings, to practise skills of everyday to be able to erase and go again and again.
    A slate is also a representation of childhood that is gone, where life was simple and allowed for mistakes and learning.

    By Vijayita on 01.02.2015

  19. Every year people think about a clean slate. For me 2015 is a year that I build on the slate created in 2014. The high, the lows and all in between create a slate of experiences that do not need to be removed.

    By cynthia beiler on 01.02.2015

  20. You begin writing as a kid with a slate. Where we are taught to write the letters, all in font size of 44. Then you make small words. And then you learn to erase them and write new ones. I wish if only some parts of your brain were like a slate, where when a word is complete, it can just be erased. And something else rewritten.

    By Kaushik on 01.02.2015

  21. Liam told me on new years eve
    resolutions are bullshit
    if it’s a big enough problem
    you would have solved it

    but maybe people just need
    some extraneous force
    to come along with a rag
    or a tap on the back

    so they aren’t left broke
    with no cleaning products.

    Kind of like this site,
    like this word.

    By bridget URL on 01.02.2015

  22. having a clean slate means starting fresh, which i suppose is something everyone could use and hope for with the start of this new year.

    By m on 01.02.2015

  23. blank. full of possibilities. no mistakes on it. no color on it yet. clean. probably has a nice piece of chalk or two with it.

    By Hope on 01.02.2015

  24. a new begining, clean, fresh

    black like a chalkboard for writing, drawing

    painting pictures

    By joann on 01.02.2015

  25. She sat on the porch of the log cabin and wiped the dark grey slate with the sleeve of her shirt before she began her new lesson of numbers that her grandma was about to give her. Anxious to begin, yet also anxious to be done so she could run and play with her friends.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 01.02.2015

  26. they’ve offered you a brand new slate, but you’re too easy to ignore without your faults and mistakes.

    By kab00mslang on 01.02.2015

  27. A clean slate. Isn’t that what everyone wants as December slowly counts down to January at midnight? Some greet it with a passionate kiss; others greet it wishing for that kiss, hoping this is the year they finally find that person to kiss next New Year’s Eve. Goals are made, and within days, are broken.

    By Dann on 01.02.2015

  28. It was difficult to look into those eyes. Slate, sleek, and far more dangerous than anything she encountered before. He was silent and even in that, he intimidated in ways she couldn’t wrap her mind about. She cleared her throat, aiming to make a sharp remark, but only love spilled out.

    By Kira on 01.02.2015

  29. She required a clean slate. That’s what she told herself, anyway, as she packed her belongings into color-coded, alphabetically organized, pre-sorted bins.

    By Wendi Lynn on 01.02.2015

  30. Take one. Oops! We’re missing our slate. It’s going to be a looong day, said Matt. He was like that, great at his job, but not exactly meticulous with his packing up of the gear. Shit. We left that at the other place. What’? The producer was getting annoyed. Yeah, I must have … oh yeah, I remember now.. We left that slate at the bottom of the cart. I saw

    By sue on 01.02.2015

  31. Staring with a resignation almost as heavy as the The crimson slate billiard table they were to shift out of their auntie Glen’s basement, Andrew and Shane cursed their late Uncle Rog for his utter lack of forethought. Auntie Glen had hated ‘the heavy red beast’ from the moment Uncle Rog had won it in a Kiwanis raffle and insisted, against her advisement, on heaving it down the stairs and setting it in the middle of their tiny den, only to discover that there wasn’t enough room on the sides to slide a pool cue, and leaving it to sit for the next six years as a repository for every item Glen had ever asked him to put away in storage.

    By Erica on 01.02.2015

  32. Slate grey: The colour of my mood and of the Midlands and the north and its utilitarian architecture.

    By Clare on 01.02.2015

  33. I wasn’t ready for the party until I actually finally got up and put clothes on, brushed my hair, etc. Something came over me, like I was on a clean slate. It was beautiful.

    By Cailin on 01.02.2015

  34. Slate. What does one think of when this word appears in written form or through speech. A type of rock in which the molecules are arranged in layers. A dark-grey colour, layers often visible to the naked eye when viewed at the edges.

    By Humza on 01.02.2015

  35. All we want in life is a do-over. A slate that we can erase everything off and start over. Make new memories, make new friends, ave new lovers, make every moment count. It’s all we want. but why is it that we fight for it. Not fair, is it?

    By Neha on 01.02.2015

  36. Clean, do as you please, wash again, start again, chalky, smudged, soap water wash start, sunshine draw

    By Trish on 01.02.2015

  37. Oh well, look at that, a blank mind. Life gone, all is left is gray, ‘cept he doesn’t know that. He knows nothing, more than Greg, I guess. Amnesia, the doc called it, whatever that it.

    By Belle on 01.02.2015

  38. I watched the slate slip off the roof making it way towards the ice. with no time to think, all I could do now was hope and pray, that the slate would not break the ice.

    By christie on 01.02.2015

  39. BLANK SLATE…..

    By MICHELLE on 01.02.2015

  40. clean slate, fresh slate–how new years is supposed to feel. but it didn’t feel that way at all. I feel the same. Still uninspired and unmotivated to change my life–stuck. Its this paradox of knowing I need to change but still not knowing how or wanting it bad enough.

    By taylor rice on 01.02.2015