December 31st, 2014 | 44 Entries

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44 Entries for “mercy”

  1. Have mercy! That was the cry of Jesse and the Rippers. That was then. Today she waddles around his apartment dressed in meth girl sheik. She smells. I don’t know when the last time she showered was. She doesn’t care. Neither does he, it seems. John came by again.

    By ZBooty on 01.01.2015

  2. Have mercy. Go easy on me! If one could always ask for mercy and have it appear would yu? Or would you rather move through the experience to see if you can find your own way out of/through the experience?

    By Amsuka on 01.01.2015

  3. Everywhere I go I am at the mercy of others. I used to value control, I used to have my life in order, but ever since I left home I’m learned to depend on and appreciate the goodwill of others. So far it has gotten me around the world and made me plenty of friends. I am careful not to overstay my welcome or let anyone feel taken advantage of.

    By dan URL on 01.01.2015

  4. the power of mercy goes to the person with power. The more the person seeking mercy begs for it, the less likely he or she is likely to receive it. Women are more merciful than men with men. Men are more merciful with women. Children have it naturally.

    By Cora Judd on 01.01.2015