June 8th, 2023 | 6 Entries

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6 Entries for “skyscraper”

  1. A tall building. It towers over the city’s skyline as if a needle had been poked through it causing a dent in it. It is a symbol of technological achievement of mankind. A glass monolith.

    by anonymous on 06.09.2023
  2. One gazes upon these monumental obelisks piercing the heavens, and contemplates the delicate tapestry of lives woven within. Each window a tableau, a fragmentary glimpse into countless souls searching, yearning, wilting within the confines of their monotonous routines.

    by Jaz on 06.08.2023
  3. The city moved below. Small lives, big dreams. The tower, indifferent, watched over them. Concrete. Glass. Life.

    by SLYSLY on 06.08.2023
  4. silver spires and enchanted gargoyles that whispered secrets to the wind. Its floors were filled with enchanters, potion makers, and ancient scrolls that held the knowledge of worlds beyond our own.

    by human_esque on 06.08.2023
  5. There it stood, this tower of Babel, only without the linguistic mishap. Stretching its back like a cat waking up, saying, “Hello, I’m here!” Man builds his own mountains now, you know. Cement and steel instead of rock and earth. And we climb them every day, only with elevators instead of ropes.

    by arlo on 06.08.2023
  6. have you seen those crazy tall buildings downtown? they’re like giant Lego towers! I bet if you’re on top, you could high five a plane.

    by mellowtonin on 06.08.2023