June 9th, 2023 | 7 Entries

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7 Entries for “focus”

  1. Bazen bir konuya odaklanmamamak gerçek “odak” olabiliyor. Tıpkı herhangi bir resme bakmak için yakınında değil de bir adım geride durmak gibi.

    by Aksu Onurluer on 06.10.2023
  2. only in one attention in one subject or topic
    giving full effort, and ideas to the given topic
    no distraction
    only one

    by Cloyd on 06.10.2023
  3. I was struck by the number of eyeglass cleaners I owned. A metaphor, perhaps? My quest for clarity amid the buffoonery of life.

    by SLYSLY on 06.09.2023
  4. The matador’s gaze locked. The crowd faded. Only him and the bull. Clarity. Purpose. One move. Life or death. In the arena, a man finds what he seeks

    by human_esque on 06.09.2023
  5. my brain is like a pinball machine with thoughts bouncing everywhere! if focusing was a game, I’d lose like a motherfucker

    by mellowtonin on 06.09.2023
  6. An aperture narrowing, colors growing vivid, the whispers of her psyche crescendoed into symphonic clarity.

    by Jaz on 06.09.2023
  7. willing my mind to sharpen, like the proverbial pencil that’s never sharp enough to jot down life’s absurdities. the brain is a soup, and a stray noodle keeps obscuring the clarity.

    by arlo on 06.09.2023