June 7th, 2023 | 15 Entries

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15 Entries for “license”

  1. Hazels mother has a driving license. She always drove Hazel to her support group meetings or other places she had to attend. Her mother was always supporting. Of course she was scared for her daughter but she knew that Hazel wont have much time left.

    by Xinlei Xu on 06.08.2023
  2. A license is a valid proof for something that indicates that you have excelled in that particular thing.

    by Cherry on 06.08.2023
  3. Lisans, bir üniversite eğitiminin temelini oluşturan bir derecedir. Birçok öğrenci için lisans, akademik ve mesleki gelişimlerini sağlamak, kariyer hedeflerine ulaşmak ve bilgi birikimlerini genişletmek için önemli bir adımdır. Lisans programları, farklı disiplinlerde geniş bir yelpazede sunulmaktadır ve öğrencilere belirli bir alanda derinlemesine bilgi ve beceriler kazandırırken, aynı zamanda eleştirel düşünme, araştırma ve iletişim becerilerini geliştirme fırsatı da sunabilir.

    by Tuğba on 06.08.2023
  4. It is proof that you are good at driving, teaching, skills, and work. It can use achievements.

    by Cloyd on 06.07.2023
  5. authorize me
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    by Em on 06.07.2023
  6. we are funneled into the narrow confines of ‘permitted’ thought, ‘approved’ practice. what becomes of the renegade ideas, the maverick approaches, the unconventional solutions?

  7. “Wanna drive?” my friend had his characteristic smirk on his face, one that could rival Hermes in mischief.

    “Uh… what do you mean, bro? You know I don’t have a license,” I chuckled nervously from the passenger’s seat.

    Suddenly, with that same smirk on his face, my friend let go of the steering wheel. His foot was still firmly pressed on the accelerator.

    I lunged for the wheel.

    by SHR on 06.07.2023
  8. driving car gun bike

    uh idk boo



    Gogeta>Black Frieza

    Vegito>Black Frieza

    by Hasan on 06.07.2023
  9. Living in California, I endure a great deal of traffic. Sadly a vast majority of the traffic issues are not related to the high population, but to those who do not pay attention on the road. I see drivers playing on their phones, shaving, curling their hair and even getting dressed while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. Many do not even seem to understand the basic traffic laws. I always wonder just how so many bad drivers gained a license.

    by cat on 06.07.2023
  10. The tyranny of authorization often subdues the spirit of innovation. We are funneled into the narrow confines of ‘permitted’ thought, ‘approved’ practice. What becomes of the renegade ideas, the maverick approaches, the unconventional solutions?

    by ivyivy on 06.07.2023
  11. “license and registration please.” here you go officer. “uh, this is a half-empty redbull” wow. negative nancy over here.

    by mellowtonin on 06.07.2023
  12. they bestow an image of competence without ensuring the substance. a piece of paper is but a poor substitute for actual skill and dedication.

    by SLYSLY on 06.07.2023
  13. In the clutches of bureaucracy, we often mistake license for legitimacy. It’s a veiled deception, the illusion of competence wrapped in the garb of validation. The true measure of capability lies not in a document, but in the demonstration of skill.

    by Jaz on 06.07.2023
  14. These are not mere pieces of paper or stamps of approval, but an implicit social contract, a mutual agreement that binds us in the dance of civility.

    by human_esque on 06.07.2023
  15. the emblem of regulation, a mediator between chaos and order. Within its parameters, we navigate the landscape of societal norms.

    by arlo on 06.07.2023