November 29th, 2011 | 216 Entries

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216 Entries for “skyline”

  1. skyline my brow high flutter on the widows back. looking down scattered marvels rolling off the wall into the ground. search what cant be found behind the

    By carlos URL on 11.29.2011

  2. the sky line might be a line in the sky. ha. that’s dumb
    but the=is makes me think about the sky, and there’s a lot of it. ya know…open space
    it makes me think about how big this world really is
    and how much i just don’t know and will never discover.
    but for some reason that only makes me want to know more(:

    By maritzaface URL on 11.29.2011

  3. We stood there looking out the window at the skyline, lit up in the dark of the night. I dearly love cities – especially cities at night! The party sounds were a murmur behind us, as we stood together. We both enjoyed moments like these – small time outs in our daily life, small contemplations.

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 11.30.2011

  4. She observed the skyline, haunting in it’s breathtaking view of lower Manhatten. Clouds lingered in the air like ghosts hovering over mortals in the city below. On a park bench, she could see it all happening, like slow-motion in her mind’s eye.

    By divad raizok on 11.30.2011

  5. Buildings upon buildings. Those form the skyline of a big city. In the mornings the stark shapes of high rises mark the beginning of the day. When the dark falls, the hazy rims marks the evening.

    By Rene URL on 11.30.2011

  6. The skyline changes with the level of fog. From majestic mountains to wall of soupy grayness. I am reminded of Scooby-doo, cutting the fog with a knife. The skyline has disappeared and so has my sight as to what lies ahead.

    By Susannah URL on 11.30.2011

  7. The great, grey building towered on the horizon as the plane zoomed overhead. Andy looked up at the white monster. He shook his head sadly. “Don’t those fools know what trouble they’re headed for?” he asked himself.

    By Anonymous on 11.30.2011

  8. The skyline was beautiful. Surely not fitting the moment. Bullets were flying all around place, bombs and grenades were exploding loudly, killing not only the people. But this scene as well, again people were killing mother nature.

    By Omnix URL on 11.30.2011

  9. Sierra Skyline is an obnoxious band. Just saying.
    Skylines aren’t very interesting. Why focus on the obvious? Things beyond the skyline are way more intriguing, as well as things around the skyline.

    By artfulataraxia URL on 11.30.2011

  10. Okay, first I think of Homestuck, of course. Feeling like John, like I can fly. But I always want to relate to the situation at hand and I can see the skyline. And I wish, I really wish that I could reach it. But my own stupidity traps me and burns me til I have to touch the ground again.

    By Brittany on 11.30.2011

  11. Bring me that horizon.
    That’s from Pirates of the Caribbean. There’s also a John Mayer song that comes to mind… Something about being stranded, unable to fly. Bigger Than My Body: “I’m stranded behind the horizon line, trying to feel something true…. Someday I’ll fly, someday I’ll soar. Someday I’ll be so damn much more.”

    Mmm, skyline. I do love it. It makes me think of the potential for adventure.

    By krsramblr URL on 11.30.2011

  12. Delhi doesnt have a skyline. It has open spaces. Bombay actually has a skyline. I mean I have seen it in movies, it has these tall buildings which form a not so pretty skyline. NY has the best skyline, I guess. I think I would prefer watching an empty sky than a skyline.

    By Shagun on 11.30.2011

  13. The skyline gave way to a roar. It wasn’t unusual for planes to head over at this time of year. But honestly, this thing sounded more like a freaking military aricraft. With a deep breath, I continued digging. Maybe I would reach it before the end of the day. Maybe not. Why was life so difficult? I need to find what it is I like about this, and that.

    By Luke URL on 11.30.2011

  14. The skylines vision was simple, to be. To simply be…Nothing more; nothing less. The desire that boiled below it’s surface was nothing more than an image, one of fragments and dreams of dreamers that stood staring out late into the night hoping to catch a falling star and tuck in in their pockets. The skyline simply wanted to be that falling star, the one to whisk away the dreamer’s dreams and make them a reality.

    By Delita on 11.30.2011

  15. The skyline view from our apartment in Atlanta the summer of ’07 couldn’t have been more captivating. There was no cloud we could not conquer, and every day, it lives in my heart and lungs. …

    By aubrey URL on 11.30.2011

  16. i stare for hours
    at the grey world
    that inhabits the skyline
    in my window
    i see only rain
    and gloom
    even on the days
    the sun in shinning
    so i unregretfully wish
    for armageddon
    just so i can smile
    as i watch you
    become nothing
    but a memory
    of a disease
    once cured

    By Andy URL on 11.30.2011

  17. The skyline stretched out before me. A horizon to be conquered, a new path to be taken. I knew I would be Ok now. I would just keep driving until I got where ever it was that I was going.

    By Dee on 11.30.2011

  18. The skyline is an anchor. On TV shows the filming could take place anywhere, but throw in a few skyline shots and the audience believes it all takes place in whatever city. Each city has a distinct skyline.

    By elizabeth b URL on 11.30.2011

  19. “Skyline”? Is there a certain line on the sky? Well, I don’t know the exact meaning of this word, but I’m figuring out that it might be the shape of clowns or whatever. If not, it can be the horizonal line between the sky and the ocean.

    By Yoon.J.Hoon URL on 11.30.2011

  20. Out on the horizon, that’s where dreams are born, and dreams go to die. I used to look out, over the ocean, to the rising sun, and wish for fame and glory. Now I sit on the dock, and watch the setting sun.

    By Soft URL on 11.30.2011

  21. I saw the skyline and it made cheer.

    By Eric URL on 11.30.2011

  22. Looking towards the horizon in a built-up conurbation, where the city meets the atmosphere a pattern is formed

    By Donald Duncan URL on 11.30.2011

  23. “Look out at that skyline, Jenny,” he said, placing his hand on the small of my back. I slowly inched away. “It’s incredible, isn’t it?” He stared, transfixed by the tall beams of metal thrusting their way into the sky, slicing open the grey clouds. I couldn’t understand.

    By Casey on 11.30.2011

  24. in The low lights as I was taken I finally stopped kicking and screaming, I starred. There above the skyline, it was there flying towards me with it’s black feathers shining…

    By Anna on 11.30.2011

  25. I am a city boy, born and bred, although the skyline in the west is different than that of eastern cities. The west is postsuburban, without the hubs and tall buildings so prevalent in the major midwestern and eastern cities; instead, the skyline is roofs of houses, power lines, and mountains.

    By Ed URL on 11.30.2011

  26. It streaked across the tips of the trees, filtering in through the branches and little spaces between the leaves, and even sparkling, in some spots, among the trunks. But the earth rose up and blotted it out. I looked up to find the spot where it is most pure, but found only sky the whole day round.

    By mattlock URL on 11.30.2011

  27. The limit of your reasoning is laughable, he says. He smirks, and sees the horizon in the skyline. He sees the future and the possibilities in his fingertips, and he can only laugh because he knows his future is set.

    By Circinus URL on 11.30.2011

  28. I did skyline already, I want a new word

    By vince URL on 11.30.2011

  29. I looked at the skyline. It was so white. It did not want to acknowledge the sky. Aunty Joyce lay in a beautiful brown coffin. I saw the luxury red roses on top. I did not throw in flowers or dirt. I stood by the edge about to burst into tears. Johnny drifted past, just to see his mother, one last time. I looked at Gran. Goodbye Aunty Joyce.

    By Jeanette on 11.30.2011

  30. cats cats are funny they are cut weard i think they arre better than dogs i have two cats i love cats love them so much i cry every time i see a dead cat in the street.

    By Audrey Johnson on 11.30.2011

  31. And as the sun crested the hills, we glanced to the distant skyline. Our terrible night was over. Jake grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the terrible memories forged inside this decrepit mansion. It was finally over.

    By Nikki on 11.30.2011

  32. dogs i like dogs i would like to have a dog but my family travels a lot so im not alode to have 1. I’m more of a cat person but i still love dogs.

    By Audrey Johnson on 11.30.2011

  33. I dont really dont know what a skyline is but I do know a restront callled skyline chillie my dad loves it. I’m not a big chillie fan. The only chillie i will eat is my dads chilie

    By Audrey Johnson on 11.30.2011

  34. i look at the skyline, what do i see?God’s great love he has given to me.i look at the skyline what do i see?God’s perfect gift to me…

    By white wolf URL on 11.30.2011

  35. breath in the skyline.
    breath in the sounds
    of a concrete heart
    beating with life,
    beating with the sounds of feet.
    breath in
    knowing that at this very moment
    you may be at the very center of the universe.

    By NuSol URL on 11.30.2011

  36. There are two types of jam: jam made out of fruit and jam made from skyscrapers. The jam made from skyscrapers is eaten by dinosaurs in the movies that have been playing in my head for the last 50 seconds or so.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 11.30.2011

  37. The skyline flashed with colors of peach and purple as the sun set. It was beautiful. All was peaceful on these hills.

    By Muddypawprints on 11.30.2011

  38. I think I have
    A-crush upon
    Minha Prada

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 11.30.2011

  39. skyline thats a funny word i wann wake up to a skyline because me and emilie are gonna live in new york one day new york has a ridiculous skyline thats what its called right?

    By Jasmine URL on 11.30.2011