April 23rd, 2008 | 384 Entries

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384 Entries for “sitting”

  1. She was sitting at her table under the faint orange glow of her victorian-styled night-light. It was hot and humid outside, but she was brimming with bliss in the air-conditioned surroundings of her room.

    Life was good.

    By Lydia on 04.24.2008

  2. Sitting alone hurts, even if it is for awhile. Im not sure why but it just seems to eat away at you until someone sits beside you. It seems to just. Be. You have no control over what you feel until you see someone sitting beside you, you feel their heat and it keeps you warm, out of the cold misery thats your life.

    By HamishILY on 04.24.2008

  3. Sitting is one of the most amazing activities one can engage in. It not physically taxing it’s just awesome. I love sitting. However, if you sit too long it can have negative affects on the body. For instance i’m a lazy bastard because i sit too much.

    By Jon on 04.24.2008

  4. sitting on the edge of my seat as i wait silently, hoping that today will be my day for redemption. i’ve been so down for so long. and if i try a little harder i know my smile will come back, but who has the energy to try? we do the same thing every day and every day until we die, so why try? so i’ll sit here, silently and wait until the day my redemption comes.

    By Na'ama on 04.24.2008

  5. sitting on my cushion i fell the weight of the earth pressing from below and above. i experience the pressure momentarily then fly away where my mind goes…whiteness or blackness…it doesn’t matter. i will once again remember my legs and arms and head and hurtle back toward the cushion. breathe…breathe…breathe in…breathe out…

    By Leslie on 04.24.2008

  6. i was sitting on a park bench one day watching the world go round, the skies were blue and the few clouds there were were lazing around as if they were hanging out to dry, a bird flies down and lands on a fence post opposite and for a glorious moment that lasted centuries in my mind we stared at each other. each wondering what the other had seen.

    By Alex on 04.24.2008

  7. The porch swing rock at bit a she sat down
    Leaves tucked between the slats
    Like pages torn from books
    A tear sneaks down her cheek
    Sniffling, she wipes it away
    Looking up at the moon

    By Lucia on 04.24.2008

  8. I love sitting. I’m sitting right now in fact. It’s probby one of the greatest feelings in the world. I hope I don’t get a flat, pnacake ass. God, that would be awful. I know that sounds shallow but it’s true. I don’t want to have to wea pants ten sizes bigger because I sat a lot during my middle age years. Even at work I sit all day….shit….maybe I should start standing while I work.

    By jessi Lee on 04.24.2008

  9. I’m sitting here wondering why I am stumbling instead of showering… It’s 10:20am and I still haven’t showered… EW! Oh well, as soon as I am done writing about sitting I guess I will get off of my ass and take a shower…after a smoke… and maybe something else I shouldn’t mention! Procrastination is an art form!

    By Tiffany on 04.24.2008

  10. After Charles gives you news like that, you’ve got to sit down.

    “Mutants? crawling out of an impact crater? In Jersey?”

    “I’m afraid so.”

    By Roberttheimpossible on 04.24.2008

  11. After Charles gives you news like that, you’ve got to sit down.

    “Mutants? crawling out of an impact crater? In Jersey?”

    “I’m afraid so.”

    By Roberttheimpossible on 04.24.2008

  12. i like to sit. it is a lot easier than walking or standing or even doing jumping jacks. i remember one time i was sitting on a bed and then i laid down and fell asleep. i love to sleep. therefore in my conclusion, sitting leads to sleeping.

    By Aaron on 04.24.2008

  13. one word is a very good topic but still very hard i want to make it clear that nobody can write on this topic because it is not a topic its a one word saying that it is one word but there is no one word

    By nouman on 04.24.2008

  14. A way to repose in a vertical way, wile maintaining a certain posture of the self. To sleep awake and peer through to the original thought one has to be seated. Not asleep, not awake and standing. The seat of… is a comon phrase in the world of the spirit.

    By Michiel on 04.24.2008

  15. Sitting under the tree, it occured to me that life was nothing but event after event, leading to a “whole” I could not yet comprehend. Nor was I really meant to. That would defeat the purpose. This filled me with a kind of hope that I couldn’t put my finger on,

    By Joseph on 04.24.2008

  16. Here I am, sitting alone. A week from now I will be with them again. With her again. It seems like its been forever. Sitting.

    By Arthur on 04.24.2008

  17. This is what i am doing right now. Lots of people sit, for example, cats sit on mats. There is a very fine art to sitting very many different positions and variations, i.e. slouching.

    By Sam on 04.24.2008

  18. sitting on my chair at home thinking about a beautiful girl. The love of my life, the one I dream about care for and love. she makes me smile, she makes me want to sing. What would I do without her? I can’t wait until we get home from work each day to talk watch tv and spend time together.

    By Scot McC on 04.24.2008

  19. im sitting in a bench, this is the only thing i can think about in this moment, isnt that awful, i mean, if a got some more time to think about what i want to write, i possibly write more about this, don you think so? i think?

    By Angel Diaz on 04.24.2008

  20. i am sitting here in my heat and mind with many thoughts…..comfortable in my chair….seeking answers……thoughts flow through my mind of summer days and green grass, blue skies and sitting with nothing more to do than dream….

    By jennie on 04.24.2008

  21. I was sitting waiting wishing you believed in superstitions then maybe you’d see the signs. for if i was in your postition id put down all my ammunition chair rela

    By georgia on 04.24.2008

  22. relax, good, ulgy word, fat, calm, smoke, meeee, coffe, grandma, zoran, work, fucking job, driveing

    By Amy on 04.24.2008

  23. in a seat with a mug of coffee in my hand and studying organic chemistry *shiver!*
    in a park bench with cold breezes accompanied by hot sun
    in a bathtub, swaying with the waves

    By shaz on 04.24.2008

  24. Not that i feel like i have to, or that i even want to. but I need to. soon.

    By Nick on 04.24.2008