April 24th, 2008 | 276 Entries

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276 Entries for “raw”

  1. donte eat anytuhin raw
    because rae is deade
    eat live
    eate fresh fruits
    be hippie
    and just dance to the sound of your spirit

    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
    Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare


    praise the lord
    save your souls

    en nombre del padre del hijo y del espiritu santo!

    By akbal lahun on 04.25.2008

  2. the way my muscles felt after the last three marathons, in the last three years. the music that plays in my mind, the feelings i have for you…thats raw. thats a one liner.

    By lauren gurney on 04.25.2008

  3. uncooked
    there is a pepsi named raw
    raw meat is dangerous
    WWF RAW!!!
    opposite of raw is war

    By mohsin on 04.25.2008

  4. not cooked…not completed…not enough?

    By plase on 04.25.2008

  5. not cooked…not completed…not enough?

    By plase on 04.25.2008

  6. flesh, cold, harsh, new. uncooked

    By Huda on 04.25.2008

  7. Raw ore. It is the one thing in World of Warcraft that I cannot find- no matter how much I try. It eludes my intelligence. Also, raw is the opposite of war. In a good sense. I mean, in a letter sense. You know how you can reverse the latters?

    By Sean on 04.25.2008

  8. its meat and when its red its uncooked its rough and can be sore like a grazed knee or this makes me think of the colour red like the saying red raw or raw red. lol its an easy word to teach someone so young as u can point to food and say this is raw

    By kaz on 04.25.2008

  9. Emotion, and carrot. Scrapes and hurt feelings.

    By Jessica on 04.25.2008

  10. this feeling, I have never felt. This anger, never dealt. I see raw power in you, yet it now is shining through me. Why must people with talents of such shame them?

    By brenda on 04.25.2008

  11. meat wound food boy character fire disease pain bone life

    By kanishka on 04.25.2008

  12. raw reminds me of a lot of things, mostly food and music. when I hear the word raw used to describe music it reminds me of the long gutteral tones used in blues

    By ryan on 04.25.2008

  13. is life at its perfect form, before it is altered to satisfy our tastes. it works exactly as nature intented. only instict.

    By carlos on 04.25.2008

  14. raw, bare, barren, uncharted, new in some ways, fresh or worn down, beautifull, honest.

    By laura verschoor on 04.25.2008

  15. raw

    By Lawrence on 04.25.2008

  16. dunnno what to say, this means not polished, something in it’s natural state. The word represents a style that i very much approve of,in art or literature, i prefer stuff that is unpolished and has an honesty, it is in fact rawness that i appreciate most.

    By Jon Hunter on 04.25.2008

  17. potatoes…hmmmm…. or tomatoes! but those are healthier cooked. Carrots too, those are great! But back to potatoes, there’s so much you can do with them. Like make a battery, for instance! Monster trucks and stuff are also “raw”, but in a different way.

    By J-dog on 04.25.2008

  18. My fingers were bleeding.
    Open creases of red,
    circled them like rings.

    Hanging onto the future
    they bled some more.
    letting go of the past
    scabbed everything over.

    War is raw.
    these are my fingers.
    building something.
    I cannot see.

    My hands are at war,
    shaping and controlling.
    as I type.

    Cast out, these wounds may heal.
    but raw now, they burn.

    By ramdom on 04.25.2008

  19. The other day I fell on some gumballs (not the sweet kind, but the kind that fall off trees). I scraped my knee and the skin was sore, red, and raw. I was in some pain, but I pressed on.

    By Jack on 04.25.2008

  20. without skin…open to emotional sensitivity, both good and bad…anxiety in crowds, oppointments, random encounters….open to the wonder of nature, dogs, and intense love

    By L Ravenwood on 04.25.2008

  21. the specimen was raw. though we were used to eating the fish, i couldn’t help but think that it tasted odd. when i looked at the rest of the plate, i noticed that it was mixed with more than one type of fish. i have never eaten snapper in sushi, rather crab and what ever fish my friends had ordered,. i was shocekd

    By lucer on 04.25.2008

  22. Food can be raw. Carrots, potatoes, broccoli, lots of vegetables have a lot of nutrients in them that are good for you when they are raw. When you cook those vegetables, a lot of the nutrients are cooked out and while they are still good for you, they aren’t as good as when they are raw. Also, you should not eat raw meat because there is bacteria and disease that can affect you.

    By Jenni on 04.25.2008

  23. There was a raw carrot floating in a river and one day a rabbit walking along the river saw it and decided it was hungry so he took the carrot and then he ate it and he turned into a frog. So then the frog was hopping along the river bed and a fox saw it and decided he was hungry and ate it and turned into a human and the human saw a carrot sticking up out of the ground and decided to throw it in the river.

    By kit on 04.25.2008

  24. meat is gross i am guessing i wouldn’t know since i don’t eat raw meat but sure whatever. or maybe it can be raw like when you cut yourself or get a rash or something and it becomes like chaffed or whatever and then that makes it “raw” ok. maybe raw is a color? i don’t know….maybe i should look it up sometime. raw raw raw i have run out of things to say about the word raw

    By Yvette on 04.25.2008

  25. My face, raw with emotion, told the story better than my voice.

    By industrial poppy on 04.25.2008

  26. open wounds that stay that way, no matter what I do. A little make up, appropriate clothing, others never notice.

    By PW on 04.25.2008

  27. raw when the dino saur as he burst out in anger his baby dino saure was scard of whats power his father had so he ran away raw thelittle dinosaure heard again frightened he hid behind a large yellow leaf and cryed all alone

    By Savannah (12) on 04.25.2008

  28. materials. saw. jig. I am a beast. The fish looks tempting. Tempting. TEMPTING!

    And so are you.
    Raw as the sand that gave birth to you.


    By mstiram@hotmail.com on 04.25.2008

  29. beef. cow. ribs, steak… meat meat meat. slaughter house, electric cow prods. Like the one my dad was almost killed with when he was little. Way to go gramps. Taking out the kids one by one. bastard. burn in hell.

    By whitney on 04.25.2008

  30. the meat was undercooked. Pink. Rubbery. I looked up at Jane with that “I’m sorry, I messed up again,” look and she just grimaced and took another bite. My hand crept to the ring in my pocket. Tonight would not be the night

    By Nathan on 04.25.2008

  31. empty, naked, fruity. open and prone to pain. Raw is the sort of thing you feel when you’ve opened yourself up to other’s and are now waiting for a reciprication of those feelings. raw is what you feel when others don’t feel the same about you. raw is an empty painful place.

    By charity on 04.25.2008

  32. Visceral. Energetic. Coming fast hitting hard, sloppy and wet, pounding. Down to the flesh, down to the bone, stripping, stripping away.

    By Josh Bashara on 04.25.2008

  33. A practice of Crudeness can be stimulating sometimes.

    In the bedroom.


    Nowhere else.

    When men are raw.

    It turns me on.

    By OnederWall on 04.25.2008

  34. Raw, Raw sexuality, raw sensuality..
    Is raw pure or is it uncultured.
    Is that not how nature made us all.. raw? Are we suppose to change then?

    By Hardik on 04.25.2008

  35. There is raw meat on the table and a lion spies it from afar. The picnicers have no idea that they are in danger. Dad grills at the barbeque and reaches over for that last piece of steak when…….

    By paul on 04.25.2008

  36. raw materials were key in the industrial revolution of english during the 19th century. even more interesting is raw meeat. it’s nasty and i hate nasty raw meat. I prefer more cooked meat such as road kill on a hot day. it’s salty, perhaps from tirs or asphault. who knew that was salty? i don’t care it adds flavor, something the industrial revolution did to europe

    By Johnny Garcon on 04.25.2008