April 22nd, 2008 | 340 Entries

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340 Entries for “climb”

  1. I like to climb things. as a kid I used to climb on rocks at beaches and stuff. I loved jumping between them. I also climbed a tree when i lived at my old house. It was really relaxing. That tree means alot to me.

    By Matt on 04.23.2008

  2. I climbed up the ladder with a heavy heart. I went on and on endlessly looking up at the stars that beckoned me onwards. My entire body ached with the endless moving up and up and up. Meteors soared past my ears whizzing by. Undoubtedly, this was the hardest journey I had ever or would ever take. Of my passage, many tales would be told. Despite my current discomfort, I kept moving on.

    By KarlH on 04.23.2008

  3. There were four brothers. The hill was so high that they couldn’t see through the clouds of mist that split them from the ground. It was a lack of respect for life that made them jump, a massive respect for life that made them climb. All four, brought into the world, climbing the social ladder, only to find themselves freebasing into the abyss.

    By james on 04.23.2008

  4. Continuallly up the stairs, his horizon never changes, step after step, constantly turning left. It seems like something has bene following him forver, sliming it’s tentacles over the steps, never gaining, or losing ground, as lost as he is in this staircase of forever.

    By RobertTheImpossible on 04.23.2008

  5. I looked back at my supportive friends. I was about to enter the cave, but i wasnt so sure about it. I climbed through the small opening and it was instantly 15 degrees cooler. may hands touched the granite around me and my hands got covered in grime. Later I got stuck.

    By Parker on 04.23.2008

  6. the other day I climbed a tree out in thousand hills state park. When I was a kid I used to always climb my neighbors tree; it was like my secret little hideaway even though everyone knew that I hid out there.

    By John Messina on 04.23.2008

  7. kinda sounds like one world, yers yers no, ahaha, one world would be good, evry nation united then we could terform mars and go on holiday there, as long as no criminals try and take the air, arni will have to save us, supose hes to busy in california. The OC programme sucks there are NO fat people (like me) in it evgeryones rich and beautiful, helping societies problems with image stupid programme.

    By Phil on 04.23.2008

  8. Climb is to ascend to transcend to grow and to achieve. Climb is not easy, although it can be leisurely. To climb means you can fall, to climb means you can reach. Just Climb.

    By Gypsy on 04.23.2008

  9. climb starts with c ends with be what would happen if it started with s then it would be slimb. obviously not as cool plus not a word. i climbed a tree once got the scar to prove it. fell and broke the son of a gun into 3 pieces

    By lawny on 04.23.2008

  10. I had to climb and got so far, but in the end , it didn’t even matter; cause at the top, I fell off and from then on I haven’t really climbed on.

    By Arvindan on 04.23.2008

  11. I climb the ladder of the life, unsure and uncertain !! The problem just is the higher I go, the more afraid of heights I get !! So I hope and I pray !

    By Sid on 04.23.2008

  12. i’ve always wanted to try out a climbing wall, but i’ve never been able to get onto the first rock! i want to build up my muscles and try it some day, always looks like so much fun! it will hapen one day!

    By Vivienne on 04.23.2008

  13. up. Fight. It’s always a struggle, no matter what you’re doing. Finding someone you love, establishing a family. I’m only sixteen and I’v3e been climbing for years. You start when you’re born, and keep going until you give up or die. Don’t give up. Happiness is up the hill. You just have to climb.

    By Marie on 04.23.2008

  14. never in my life have i seen such a random word! if the b is silent, why put it in the word in the first place?? it is soo unecessary, but there are so many words with silent letters! there is absolutely NO point.

    By lillian on 04.23.2008

  15. I climb trees. I climb to the top. I hope I don’t fall. Climbing ropes can hurt your hands. I don’t want to burn my hands. That yellow nylon rope is the worst.

    By heather on 04.23.2008

  16. The journey isn’t complicated. I dance all the time. We’re slowly clearing out filthy heads for the next three or four steps. You and Janice are too uppity for me. We’re silent. We’re cultured. We don’t like hamburgers, trances or the slim possibility that one day our neighbors will shift the blame and we’ll be stuck in a fucking well.

    By Aez on 04.23.2008

  17. Once upon a time I was in the middle of a forest, completely stranded from the rest of society. I didn’t know what to do so I started to climb. I climbed up the mountain, through the trees, past the rocks until I could see everything in the distance.
    Suddenly it became clear, who I was and where I was. And all I had to do was climb.

    By Katie on 04.23.2008

  18. on a mountain i stood
    and saw the top
    far away shadowed
    by the tower of telephone
    and power
    on the mountain i climb
    through the dead leaves left
    through a dead winter

    By fields on 04.23.2008

  19. I like to climb things. Sometimes I climb mountains, which isn’t very fun. I’ve climbed burnt mountain quite a few times in my life. That’s an okay climb, the top is really fun though cause it’s all rocky and stuff. One time I went with my mom and the Scotts and Ellie and her kids, and Ellie had a flip out. It was funny.

    By Natalie on 04.23.2008

  20. the mountain is high. there is no end in sight to what we see. we look to the sky for answers climbing towards an end that never comes. who is there to hear your call? who is there to see you struggle? move up, move forward and reach out towards that end. you will reach your destiny.

    By brandon on 04.23.2008