October 26th, 2010 | 235 Entries

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235 Entries for “serene”

  1. Slow silent night, the fire place burning, the warmth on my shoulders. You kiss my cheek tenderly, and I have concluded that this serene moment, is the moment, we have fallen in love.

    By Mayra URL on 10.27.2010

  2. I believe serene means beautiful. People say the view is serene and it is very good. I think the ski mountain loooks serene.

    By Willis URL on 10.27.2010

  3. I THINK THAT WORD means ducks are very cute and they are very yellow.

    By Remington URL on 10.27.2010

  4. Serene is a word that is hard to spell. I have no idea what this word means. What does this word mean? It’s a weird word. Have you ever heard of this word before? I haven’t! This word is cool and fun to say.

    By karina URL on 10.27.2010

  5. Serene is special. I’m not really sure. Super duper special, no idea. ????????????????

    By Bob on 10.27.2010

  6. i do not know even what this word means. Gosh im stumped even Remy doesn’t know what it means. Does anyone know what this word is if you comment on this same word would you tell me what it means. Thanks.

    By ash on 10.27.2010

  7. Wow i have no clue what this means. This is a hard word does anyone know what this word means

    By ash on 10.27.2010

  8. The forest is calm and serene. It just is completely calm and beautiful.

    By haileyp825 URL on 10.27.2010

  9. The serene landscape stretched out before my eyes–the checkered valley, the distant peaks. Suddenly, the rock under my foot on the cliff face trembled.

    By carneyd1 URL on 10.27.2010

  10. I think that that word has something to do with water. Water is blue. Boats float on water.

    By Rubber Ducks on 10.27.2010

  11. calm and tranquil, often out of my reach this past while but now I’ve found it again in the only place we’re I ever feel truly safe and content, at home and in my own bed.

    By Tara on 10.27.2010

  12. I think of a calm peaceful evening at the lake. I picture floating on a boat and listening to the sounds of the night. The sun is almost set completely and the waves gently rock the boat back and forth.

    By rebecca on 10.27.2010

  13. Serene is calm and peaceful. When I think of serene I think of beaches and trees, and warm places. Hawaii would be a perfect example of serene. A place that is serene is somewhere I would like to be. Northern Maine is serene in the way that all the trees create a peaceful atmosphere, it is a nice place to live.

    By Kelsey Fitzpatrick on 10.27.2010

  14. Serene makes me feel peaceful and sexy. The sereneness of my life is like a butterfly flying into the damp cave of hell. Go to the serene house and play with sticks. While I was in the serene park I thought of life as we know it. I feel serene and moist and green. Wild thing…..

    By Ian Gervais on 10.27.2010

  15. The landscape was breathtaking. The air was full of color – red, orange, purple, pink – the atmosphere was so serene that he was instantly soothed, despite the horrific accident, the one he was *not* going to think about…

    By Gemma on 10.27.2010

  16. serene means peace. when i hear serene i think of the ocean, and the beach. the beach is serene because the sand and wind in my face are calming.

    By zach ritchie on 10.27.2010

  17. The surface of the lake was utterly serene. Not a ripple of movement broke the glassy surface. The whole environment was serene…not a bird chirped, not leaf moved in the breeze, not a single twig snapped. The odor of the air was event neutral instead of the woodsy smell I was used to.

    By Lisa on 10.27.2010

  18. Ahh. The perfect vision of fall. Leaves creating that satisfying *crunch* beneath your feet, and trees changing to beautiful shades of red, orange and brown.

    What could be better?

    The next day, my thoughts were clouded by my to-do list. And I woke up extra early on Black Friday to get gifts for all of my nieces and nephews.

    Now I only wish my world could be that serene again.
    But I guess nothing lasts forever.

    By Angel of Music URL on 10.27.2010

  19. That is so serene. Life as we know it is dead. Dead, Dead, Dead. Soon everyone will die on the floor of their houses. No one will survive the horror of the death that is coming. Live while you can because it is not long.

    By Copypup on 10.27.2010

  20. I want to be serene most, if not all, of the time. But how can I be when life is anything but? I am the parent of a willful and remarkably stupid teenager. By stupid I mean without common sense and with all of the delusions of grandeur that come with the age. Serenity…will it ever find a place in my life?

    By Andie on 10.27.2010

  21. A crystal clear brook that bubbles over smooth rocks winds its way down the side of a hill towards a raging waterful. The serentiy that is felt is immediately halted as the water begins to rush, splashing over the side of the cliff into a pool below. Immediately, the serenity returns as the water begins to trickle on down a river.

    By Stephanie on 10.27.2010

  22. She felt serene as she sat on the precipice with her face up to the sun and the wind gently blowing through her hair. She didn’t want to leave.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 10.27.2010

  23. Its quite obvious what could be said about this word. it encases a feelling of total acceptance, or a slight freedom of seing reality with control and unreactiveness.

    By Claudiu on 10.27.2010

  24. Peaceful place in the house that no one can bother me. It’s my bathrooom. I am finally alone. No task to complete. No deadline to make. Just me taking care of my basic need. I enjoy it.

    By PC Daniel on 10.27.2010

  25. I think that the perfect envirement would be a serene one. I love this word. It means peaceful, and awesome. This word is what you would like your life to be like.

    By Shelby Boyce on 10.27.2010

  26. i don’t know what this word means. obviously i am not very bright because it seems like a very simple word. i have no idea whats up with it. but i guess it like means things that are cool. i guess. yeah i dont know.

    By breanna phillips on 10.27.2010

  27. I don’t know what it means, but I think it means something about peace and tranquility, something along those lines. Or maybe it means complete as well…

    By Joshua Chambers on 10.27.2010

  28. I have no clue what this word is. It sounds like a serious word though. It would be a wonderful name for someone. lol jk

    By Caitlin URL on 10.27.2010

  29. To be honest I think that I already wrote about this word. I won’t write about it anymore. This is pointless. You make me want to punch things and yeah. I don’t know. This word sucks. Nothing is like this word. I demand a new word.

    By Shelby Boyce on 10.27.2010

  30. I’m not sure if I really know what this is about. Okay, Serene_ do you mean the girl sitting on some island seducing innocent men with her voise and her good looks or is that about the noise of an ambulance car?

    By Lina on 10.27.2010

  31. All was silent as he looked upon the lake. There was no ripple nor a wave. Bob, then let out a fart, shattering the serene moment.

    By Asterios Polyp URL on 10.27.2010

  32. peaceful.

    By cats on 10.27.2010

  33. I have no idea what this means. I have never heard this word in my life.
    Every other letter is an E
    I noticed (:

    By Kelsey Simmons URL on 10.27.2010

  34. I wrote about this word yesterday; the reappearance of the word ‘serene’ is confusing to me, and I do not know what to think of it.

    My oatmeal half gone, I sigh and check the windows I have open once again; MSN, AIM, Google Chrome. No one has responded. Nothing has happened. dA is as empty as ever, Facebook has nothing new.

    By Savreyn URL on 10.27.2010

  35. He felt that the space was as serene as nature would let it be. The rampaging river, the blowing wind. All seemed to scream at him, however he felt it was one of the most serene locations he had ever been to.

    By davidb on 10.27.2010