January 16th, 2010 | 366 Entries

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366 Entries for “sink”

  1. the sink leaked all over the floor now my dog has water for days. I guess this helps me out with my chores. I love sinks, i love washing my face, what can i say?! =D. Sinks rule!

    By Vegas on 01.17.2010

  2. everything but the kitchen sink. sometimes, that is how it feels when you get roped into talking to someone about all their emotional stresses; that they are telling you absolutely everything about their life when all you asked was “are you ok?” but sometimes, with all the people to listen in the world, all you need is just one.

    By on 01.17.2010

  3. under the sink the water dripped quickly from the untightened clean out. The recent plumber with his dirty pants hanging low had neglected to tighten it after removing the clog.

    By dickie on 01.17.2010

  4. Theres nothing left for me here. I cant breathe in this place. Im drowning, sinking in my own hatred of everything around me. Hold me close, because if you let go. I might just slip away forever.

    By James on 01.17.2010

  5. The sink in the bathroom was filled with blood, and she knew he had been there. There was always blood when he closed the door to the bathroom. It’s how he did things. She wiped out the sink with a paper towel.

    By tyra davis on 01.17.2010

  6. Well the word sink has a few meanings, and one of these meanings has to do with a favorite place of mine that ive never actually been to. Leon Sinks. You see a sink is just a sinkhole. But leon sinks is the shit! Its a beautiful park in Tallahassee Florida. And I have an acoustic music project ive been working on and I named it after this location but im calling it “Leon Sank” A bit of variation.

    By Hunter McIntosh on 01.17.2010

  7. ships sink in water, i sink if i dont hold my breath in a pool, there is a sink in the bathroom, did you see the oil sink to the bottom of the water.

    By Anonymous on 01.17.2010

  8. We’re sinking. I am sinking into you, and you into me, hearts melding into one, we are fleeting, emotional beings. And yet we are without compassion for anything else.

    I’m sinking too. Sinking.

    By Anonymous on 01.17.2010

  9. i spilled some beans that i was eating out of a tin into the sink and tried to flush them down the drain but they just laid there without sauce on them all pale and unappetizing

    By woof on 01.17.2010

  10. He threw up in the sink and it was the best day of his life. Everything was in that bowl, his past, his hate, his old life.
    Free to start again.

    By Sable on 01.17.2010

  11. The boat would never sink, they said.
    Man will never walk on the moon, they said.
    You can’t eat here, or go to this school, they said.
    There will never be a market for the personal computer, they said.

    You’ll never be able to marry the person you love, they said.

    I hope they are wrong again.

    By Ryan on 01.17.2010

  12. boats sink. sinking is usually not a good thing. when boats sink for example the passangers areusually in trouble. sinking is like physics and bouyany.

    By sam on 01.17.2010

  13. sink or swim. sink to the bottom of the bath tub. eyes open, looking to the shower head, and watching bubbles float… not sink. i sink.

    By Rachel on 01.17.2010

  14. sinking…slowly…falling…away…from you…but i have to let go…because i’m dragging you down with me…time to fall…time to find a new start.

    By DebbieAnn1988 on 01.17.2010

  15. 流し台は沈められた状態で沈みました。

    By ビートニク on 01.17.2010

  16. plughole down ……down one loooong looong tube which smells the way the trap always does how does soap and hair smell so bad? down to clean smelling sea.

    By macaronifens on 01.17.2010

  17. I sink into the cold ground, where at least I can feel the frozen bones of people who’ve suffered the way I have. Where I can smell the fragrance of love lost, and vanilla tears. Where I can see the blood spilling over..

    By Sophie on 01.17.2010

  18. sinks. there are sinks in Chapin. Every room has one. This is problematic if you don’t keep them clean. I’m rather glad I don’t have a sink in my room, because cleaning things is not my forte and I sort of hate it. But at the same time, I wouldn’t have to walk down the hall to brush my teeth.

    By Lizzy on 01.17.2010

  19. i’m sinking. fast.

    By Anonymous on 01.17.2010

  20. He sinks into an armchair and starts to reflect on where it all went wrong. He knew he should have said something or made some kind of gesture towards reconciliation but for some reason, he couldn’t muster up the words nor the courage to do so.

    By Gianluca on 01.17.2010

  21. The sink was clogged for the upteenth time. She couldn’t believe it. She wanted to scream. She called her landlord instead who was utterly useless. He told her to buy liquid plumber or one second plumber or perhaps to cut her hair since it was that which could have been clogging the sink.

    By Reginald on 01.17.2010

  22. Either a great place to shave, a suitable place to wash sinks or what the mighty Luton Town have been doing over the last 10 years.

    By Tony O'Rourke on 01.17.2010

  23. A sink belongs to a…what’s it called in English. You do the dishes there. For some reason it reminds me of a holidays, because that’s when we do dishes at the actual sink. So a sink is linked to water, for me, and to being outside. I don’t like doing the dishes. But thats beside the point. Sinks are also in bathrooms, public or private. So it also reminds me of airports, which is kind of odd if you think about it. Sinking

    By Bee on 01.17.2010

  24. The kitchen sink was full of dishes, a pot, and two sponges. How two sponges got in there, I’ll never know. Other people in this house have a habit of not checking to see if there’s already a sponge out.

    By Merenwen on 01.17.2010

  25. The sink was old that much was obvious. I didn’t know why but I felt drawn to it, as if it held some unknown secret about the world and if I touched it I would know everything.

    By amy on 01.17.2010

  26. The sink is filled with dishes. I do not want to wash the dishes because all the dishes were dirty. TOday I washed the dishes because the smell was so bad. THe smell was so bad that chief rolled over and died from the smell.

    By Raquel on 01.17.2010

  27. The sink had a ring around it that was as old as snow from the winter of my first year.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 01.17.2010

  28. we all begin to sink, from the moment we are full of self awareness, we just try harder and harder to be ourselves, and the harder you try, the less yourself you become. We are sinking into holes of self pity, and selfishness. How are we ever going to love again?

    By RAWR on 01.17.2010

  29. My heart began to sink in my chest. I had tried so hard to make it right, but had still managed to make matters worse. I began to wish I had never even woken up this morning.

    By Anonymous on 01.17.2010

  30. everything but the kitchen sink pretty much describes the amount of stuff in my car bedroom purse. anywhere that doesnt need to be cluttered is cluttered with stuff maybe its just my personality?

    By Sarah Stad on 01.17.2010

  31. Sink or swim
    is all I can do
    not for her and
    not for him

    but for me
    is all I can do
    sink or swim
    sink or swim

    By Anonymous on 01.17.2010

  32. I love my bathroom sink! It’s round with green and white marbling. It’s pretty and the toot paste does not show much with the white…

    By Amy on 01.17.2010

  33. I submerged my hands into the water and considered what I would do when he got home. Would I pretend I didn’t know? Go up and hug him and ask how work was? Or would I really SHOW him that I knew.

    By Katie on 01.17.2010

  34. His own hopes beginning to sink with the tanking economy, he pulled out his pen and began to write words of inspiration that flowed in spurts of clumping ink. I ready should put this pen to use more often, he thought as he surveyed the black blobs congealing on his fingertips.

    By gino on 01.17.2010

  35. when i hear the word sink i think of the movie titanic. so sad. i loved that movie but i relly wich that the end was alittle happer less drowning and all.

    By Anonymous on 01.17.2010

  36. The kitchen sink was littered with dirty dishes, abandoned by teenagers far too lazy to wash them.

    By meg on 01.17.2010

  37. sinking into oblivion, helplessness, i try to remember why i am here for.

    then, i saw his face.

    and i remembered.

    “I am here to protect my friends.”

    By alice on 01.17.2010

  38. bathroom, water, the single drop of water falling every few seconds from the rusty old sink down the hall of the old victorian house. rubber ducks, babies, crying, a ship, the bottom of the ocean, treasure hunting

    By silvana on 01.17.2010

  39. sinking into mud and into the ground below where there are little worlds, tunnels and rooms with red front doors, little ‘out to lunch’ signs and busy people running sewing machines behind dusty windowfronts. the taxidermist we saw in paris, the rat-poisoner with stuffed rats in the window. the strangeness of life above and below ground, either way it’s odd

    By Karen on 01.17.2010

  40. sometimes I think I have more dishes in my sink than the day before.

    By Michael Lopez on 01.17.2010