January 16th, 2010 | 366 Entries

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366 Entries for “sink”

  1. my sink is broken, it leaks water when I have to wash dishes. I don’t like my sink anymore. It used to be unbroken, thats when I didn’t mind having to wash dishes too much. I hope someday soon it will be fixed.

    By Irene on 01.17.2010

  2. sink
    it is a noun and a verb

    By wholio on 01.17.2010

  3. sink or swim. it always scares me. i can swim. i know i can. so why do i always feel like sinking. why can’t i be free in the water? why does it slow me down. the second i’m alone in the deep, my heart skips a beat

    By <3 on 01.17.2010

  4. wet and drippy, it cries for you to be clean. Its tears wash your skin, tearing the dirt and grime away, letting you skin feel and look anew. Cry sink, cry for the soap for the skin, kill the dirt.

    By Tamara on 01.17.2010

  5. As I sink into this chair.
    I sleep.
    I wake.
    I stare.

    By just1more on 01.17.2010

  6. Sinking deeply into thought. I remember everything about myself and who I hve been. what I have been through. Being bathed in a sink. Sinking into a soft bed. We feel sooo many things in our lives. Sink can mean so many things for us. Good and bad. Am I sinking currently? Can it be helped? I hope It can be.

    By Rebekah on 01.17.2010