January 15th, 2010 | 478 Entries

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478 Entries for “major”

  1. major writers block

    By zeroid on 01.16.2010

  2. no one knew how they were going to be able to leave after the very moment that had come to pass… they were all laying on the floor… motionless as the blood dripped from their finger tips…

    By sally on 01.16.2010

  3. Major or minor, life comes at you pretty fast, live in the moment and live for today…it’s all you really have.

    By Christian on 01.16.2010

  4. i already did this one. i thought this was yesterdays? huh strange. majorrrly strange.
    … well atleast i tried. fa la la la la, la la la la.

    By yah on 01.16.2010

  5. Ironically enough, Major Avenue is merely a small street, extending for three blocks on the outskirts of the city.

    A long time ago, I lived on that street, and I made friends with the neighbor girl. She was gap-toothed and hyperactive and nine years old, and she lived with her widowed chain-smoker mother, two younger sisters, and a dog, in a beat-up 50s ranch house smelling of urine and mold. Like any of childhood, the friendship didn’t last long, and I saw her less and less frequently. One day she disappeared. The neighborhood gossip was that her mother died–lung cancer–and she was sent off to live with relatives in a faraway state. After a while mail to the family ceased, but the daily papers kept piling up on the lonely doorstep. A ‘For Sale’ sign was erected, then removed. The front window was boarded up, and the house was silent.

    Sometimes I wonder what happened to her, and her sisters, and her dog; why I never heard from her again. I can hardly imagine how it felt to be orphaned at such a young age. I can’t even remember her name.

    By Charlotte Ravenswood on 01.16.2010

  6. I sometimes wonder whether my problems that go on inside my head can be called “major” or whether they are typical of people my age-teenagers, meaning. Sometimes I feel like I am depressed, and need serious help, and other times I feel like my bad moods are just part of the normal adolescent hormone stuff. Who knows?

    By Sally on 01.16.2010

  7. your a major fag. a major loser, you stupid in a major way, everyone hates you, MAJORLY. so yeah, your a major ass. I hope you fall down a major well alex robinson. your a major pain in everyones life, no one likes you, not even your family NO ONE. This is a major crisis in todays society. no ones li

    By bob smith on 01.16.2010

  8. My name is Jacklyn. A name I never thought I would like until I heard it from your mout

    By Jacklyn on 01.16.2010

  9. major pain. i dont know if im anything major, ursa major. radiohead. radiohead rock. trees. stump. salvia. bottles, beware. running, running through the woods, none of us ever really know what we’re running from, but we are. we are allways running. always. kristen.

    By sarah on 01.16.2010

  10. Jesse Shulman

    By What's the point of an English major? on 01.16.2010

  11. I’m a major in network administration. It’s my job to maintain a network infrastructure on both physical and logical terms, thereby granting functionality to all the clients/users of a computer-based environment.

    By Scotty on 01.16.2010

  12. w

    By q on 01.16.2010

  13. A major setback.
    Major or minor?
    It depends on the way I see it.
    From one angle I see an Everest.
    Another an ant.
    I think I’ll simply step over this one.
    Let’s hope.

    By Judd on 01.16.2010

  14. the major steped out on the field, and immediatly got shot with a barret 50 shell between the eyes.

    By mam on 01.16.2010

  15. d

    By Anonymous on 01.16.2010

  16. life is a major pain sometimes but the alternative is even worse so on we trudge thru the daily battle

    By Dee on 01.16.2010

  17. Something huge.
    Someone important.
    Big deal.

    By j n on 01.16.2010

  18. I think Of the previous Brit, John Major. I think of a Major chord vs a Minor one. I imagine an army captain with a chest full of medals. I think of a Major mistake I should avoid making. I would like to contribute to a major undertaking…

    By Timothy on 01.16.2010

  19. Major. That’s like, big. Huge. Massive. Major earthquake, (Looking at you Haiti) sounds a lot better than minor tremor. Major keys are happy and light, minor keys are dark and brooding. Major.

    By Hatman on 01.16.2010

  20. I don’t know what mine will be, but it will be something creative and fun. I want a double major actually just so I don’t feel too anxious. I’m always anxious. No matter what. I’m sick of it, maybe I need help for it and I could be happier all the time.

    By Travis on 01.16.2010

  21. major pain in my dick. These fucking republicans. They think that Obama is a major Communist or some shit. How can you be so majorly retarded? Shit makes me Majorly sick.

    By Kragthor on 01.16.2010

  22. majority is fake when it is not about physical size, but about the immaterial version of selves

    By H on 01.16.2010

  23. major news is always major. u never know what it’s gonna be. a lot of things can be major. major catastrophe. major news. major problem. major awesome. major in college. a major in the military. i wanna be a psychology major. but i don’t think i’d like it.

    By Anne on 01.16.2010

  24. know exactly where you’re going, to not be afraid. to send what you know out and have others believe what you are saying is true. to be within the ranks and follow orders without asking questions. display of affection or lack thereof

    By Lorena on 01.16.2010

  25. The major problem that I have is learning to express myself using my voice, not my emotions. I tend to bottle things up, which leads to major problems for myself and everyone around me. I wish I could make major changes in my habits.

    By Ali on 01.16.2010

  26. I’m digging him in a major way. I think I’m smitten. Can’t sleep, can’t eat without thinking about him Don’t get me wrong, I can eat and sleep, but not without thinking about him. Oh jeeze, I feel like I’m seven-years-old.

    By cosmiclay on 01.16.2010

  27. head of a city
    major problem, something serious, like the problems i have now. i hope they will be solved soon.
    majority of something, the most of it. like majority of ppl – the most of them
    major in arts – degree type

    By Anonymous on 01.16.2010

  28. the highest tree in the deset explains that the sky is a reposessed dark mirror aged in a bitter lemon juice. even these gatherings let us know that the leader emptied it into the well.

    By Anonymous on 01.16.2010

  29. major is a word. i think of uncle johhny’s dog. oh my goodness he was a whale. whales are really big. i miss kristine. lucy is probably expecting me soon. ohhh dear. stijn is so silly. he’s telling me about his aunt. i love music. it’s always there. i want to major in psych. some say that’s not a real major but i’m excited for it.

    By sammi on 01.16.2010

  30. The major had a major in English but in fact he changed his major so many times that he had a major problem graduating and a major time facing his parents.

    By Saroyan on 01.16.2010

  31. What ever shall I major in in college? So many choices, so little time. Will it be something that shall please my parents? Will it be something that will earn me a bedfull of money? Or will it be something that condemns me to a lifetime of poverty, wasting a way in a suitable house when all I really need is more?

    By alice on 01.16.2010

  32. This is a major surprise that major turns up again in a major way. I thought this major website would change its words in a major way each day. No way, Major.

    By Saroyan on 01.16.2010

  33. This is major tom to ground control. Who exactly was Major Tom? Who exactly was Bowie referring to? I’ve always wondered about it but have never done any research to find out. Perhaps I should.

    By Arturo on 01.16.2010

  34. You have some major fucking problems, man! You’re seriously fucked. I mean, you like to lick dogs’ asses! How is that possibly erotic or tasty? I don’t get it! At least lick a human ass, for God’s sake!

    By Oswald on 01.16.2010

  35. it came to me one day and then i just knew. no, thats a lie. a major is supposed to guide you for the rest of your life. and its all in one moment that you have to choose what it will be. it will come, maybe. but the idea that one major is right is like the idea that one person is right. there is not just one right person. so what will i pick for my major? we’ll see. i guess

    By julia on 01.16.2010

  36. He is a major in an army. Unfortunately, that army belongs to a banana republic and is utterly underequipped, underdeveloped, and incompetent.

    By Ronald on 01.16.2010

  37. He liked to call himself “Major” and he liked to be called “Major” though he had no military training whatsoever. In fact, he’d never even fired a gun or enlisted in any military service. In fact, he was afraid of violence and the sight of blood.

    By Clemente on 01.16.2010

  38. i watched the sun set on my least favourite town and climbed to the top of the parking garage.

    where was i going? it was a dead and and everyone from here to there knew it. english? film? none of it goes anywhere. a dozen million starving artists and none of them going anywhere.

    is it really about fulfillment?

    By anchovypark on 01.16.2010