September 14th, 2009 | 329 Entries

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329 Entries for “shower”

  1. wet moist warmth
    raining down on my parched skin
    cold shivering
    freezing pains to my bones
    clean washed free
    sweet clean smell of my skin
    soapy bubbles
    no thankyou bath

    By E on 09.15.2009

  2. bath soap clean cold warm water bubles morning shampoo body wash conditioner wash face

    By kara on 09.15.2009

  3. i like to take showers!

    By Tori on 09.15.2009

  4. comforting, clean, water. it feels cold, or hot depending on my mood. i feel re-born after a long shower. there is nothing about it to dislike. afterwards I always feel like taking a nap, curled up in blankets and a robe. showers. spring showers outside. they make the flowers grow and you can lean your head back to feel the rain on your face.

    By amy on 09.15.2009

  5. showers make us clean and healthy, although i did hear that we COULD just be spraying unneccesary bacteria into our faces. Metal showers are better to avoid bacteria

    By tv on 09.15.2009

  6. cold hot smooth water pouring refreshing cleansing purifying soap shampoo conditioner product body wash spritz

    By tv on 09.15.2009

  7. I need to take a shower after this message. Showers before the day are good but if you wait till the last minute it can make your hair look crazy

    By Anonymous on 09.15.2009

  8. I used to go insane if I didn’t shower everyday. College taught me a lot, including how to be a little bit dirty.

    By Britt on 09.15.2009

  9. it rains on me. i am blessed and cleansed. pure light. pure sound. myrth and relaxation.

    By tracy on 09.15.2009