September 15th, 2009 | 374 Entries

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374 Entries for “paperback”

  1. loose paper, the affordable book, such books are more read and used than hardcovers…the latter being usually handled like something precious.

    By Tars on 09.16.2009

  2. is a type of paper

    By Anonymous on 09.16.2009

  3. the paperback sat leaning off the edge of the table, pages bents, corners much little time.words spill out in jumbles.

    By l0v3themusic on 09.16.2009

  4. book
    book cover
    soft cover

    By Anonymous on 09.16.2009

  5. There’s something about paperback books. The edges get frayed. The colors fade and sometimes the cover gets ripped off. It’s like life.

    By Erik Plowcha on 09.16.2009

  6. paperback attack, can you say hard smack? knowledge is slamming you in the face, you want to get out of this place. But the door slammed shut.

    By Carter on 09.16.2009

  7. the book was paperback. It ripped when my sister messed with it. I was so mad!

    By zoe on 09.16.2009

  8. books. there are paperback books to bend when you read because sometimes hardback books are difficult to get comfortable with and sometimes difficult to read the words nearest the binder.
    can you imagine a person with a paper back? that would be wierd.wouldnt it?

    By Brittany on 09.16.2009

  9. book, on sale,

    By Anonymous on 09.16.2009

  10. Paperback writer was on the radio as he pulled out his phone to check a text message. The car swirved as he read the message and just as he was about to reply he was in a head on collision. The radio kept playing the song in the heat of the moment.

    By Shaunessy Quinn on 09.16.2009

  11. i have a paperback book that has been reread and loaned out a thousand times. It always makes it’s way back to me, with the newest reader’s comments in the margins.
    They always come home, the good ones.

    By alisa haller on 09.16.2009

  12. paperback reminds me of the beatles song paperback writer…i hate books in paperback because they knick so easily and lock bad. paperback covers are more illustraed than normal, i wonder why that is…

    By Verena on 09.16.2009

  13. paper back books have aided to my creativity when i was a child. from walk to moons to lord of the rings, they have helped my mind to run wild.

    By kristin on 09.16.2009

  14. Paperbacks make hardbacks look bad. One of the two is knowledge for the people and one of the two is knowledge for uppity folks who have gigantic personal two level libraries. The later can just shove it.
    That’s right hardback owners. You an just shove it.

    By Y on 09.16.2009