January 3rd, 2010 | 411 Entries

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411 Entries for “ship”

  1. I saw three ships come sailing in, on Christmas Day in the morning.

    Who wrote these words, originally? What did they intend? Perhaps the ships were speaking of Christ’s love, sailing into port by descending to the world in flesh. Or Mary, the vessel who carried Him in.

    By Lindsey W on 01.04.2010

  2. the big tall battle ship pirate ship huge stormy seas and long forgoteten gold begging to be found salivating pirate torturer and rum drinker

    By Anonymous on 01.04.2010

  3. I realllly want to go on a cruise to the carribean. My neighbors go on cruises all the time and have so much fun. My dad doesn’t want to go because he thinks he’ll get sea sick.

    By edb on 01.04.2010

  4. I left on a ship and said good-bye to everyone I knew, but I had to. They wouldn’t let me stay. I’m too young, though, I’m too young! I can’t do this. But I must. Here is awful, there is just unknown. I’m young and on this ship and trying to start again. It will be better there. I hope.

    By Annie on 01.04.2010

  5. Horizon hugging love monster of the northern seas, bring about your ship, your tempest filled sails. Hold me once again in your ocean kissed helm.

    By Laura on 01.04.2010

  6. The ship crackled when the water hit it. William Turner saw the blue clouds approaching and decided it would be better to turn back.
    “No Captain,” said the boy.

    By Alexei on 01.04.2010

  7. On a ship you may get lost but it does not mean you should be afraid to step upon the moveable platform. Do not be wary of the voyage ahead; instead, perhaps you should rejoice at the opportunity that the wooden machine brings you. The chance to see what you are otherwise unable to… and that’s rather fantastic, don’t you think?

    By Amy on 01.04.2010

  8. The ship went into the harbor-the wind was gone, the sails hanging dead on the mast. It had to be steered in, using manpower more than anything else. I can’t think of anything else. I know nothing about ships. How annoying.

    By meesh on 01.04.2010

  9. Going on a ship i sailed without wondering where i was going. It was cold and i just awoke from a nap. On the balcony

    By Anonymous on 01.04.2010

  10. there was a ship. it was big, and blue. ice blue, not like the dark blue kind of ship that you see off in ireland. no, this was a special ship. i’m running out of shit to write about ship. did you know that ship is shit with a p instead of a t? i think that’s pretty dang special. not really. oh, you know who works on ships? seamen. lovely, right? sounds dirty, but really, it’s not. i don’t know what to say. seriously.

    By torie on 01.04.2010

  11. Getting on the spaceship, heading for the stars. No more home for me; thousands of light-years away.

    By Sue on 01.04.2010