January 4th, 2010 | 379 Entries

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379 Entries for “tower”

  1. As a little mental get away I occasionally picture myself in a very tall castle tower. I am thin and beautifully dressed with very long blond hair. There are big windows among the brick walls and the sky is a beautiful clear blue with puffy white clouds passing by. This is where I go to think when I need an answer that comes from my higher self. The self that sees the big picture of life.

    By Peaceable on 01.05.2010

  2. the tower held all the captives form th

    By Anonymous on 01.05.2010

  3. Shilds me
    then crumbles
    my tower
    my lifeline
    my support
    breaks with the fallen wind
    the waters of posidens ocean
    my tower
    my lifeline
    my su

    By Peter on 01.05.2010

  4. She sat in the tower, looking down at the ground below. She frowned, watching the people move back and forth about their business. A glimmer of light attracted her attention and she saw a knight dressed in gold armor coming towards the castle. She frowned, someone else coming to court her, to take her from her tower. She walked from the window, planning her escape.

    By haruka on 01.05.2010

  5. a large building with moss growing on the outside, up and up and up as far as the eye can see. it contains only two windows one showing the town the other showing the ocean. the town is very very small yet elegant. where the ocean meets the shore there there is a statue

    By k on 01.05.2010

  6. There once lied a towerd amidst an ocean blue and deep. A tower no man was known to have ventured inside. The light it cast was bright, slicing through the thick fog like a knife. It’s marble walls spiraled upwards eventually meeting at a single point, the lookout.

    By Erik on 01.05.2010

  7. She glanced out the window that morning and she could see forever. She had been in that room at the top of the tower for 16 days now, and she saw no end in sight. How did I get here? I just awoke. Am I still sleeping?

    By Antoinette on 01.05.2010

  8. Towers are tall structures…the last tower I visited was Qutb Minar in Delhi…there are so many around the world which signify so much …amazing, astounding, huge, overpowering…they make you realize how small you really are in comparison to these amazing structures

    By Amy on 01.05.2010

  9. high up
    everything below me
    nothing to fear and everything to lose
    yet still everything to gain
    i love the view
    the wind in my hair
    blowing my thoughts
    and carrying me to far off places
    loving every moment

    By Kora on 01.05.2010

  10. I went into the tower and climbed my way through the thickness of each step. Slowly I came upon the idea that perhaps it is not the tower I should be climbing but my own personal tower. Each step making me a more promising, responsible, humble and honest person. Each step further sealing foundation.

    By Sean on 01.05.2010

  11. The tower was the tallest most amazing thing. It was an amazing part of history. I wished to walk inside it. Oh yes the tower not of glass but of stone. The tower I could walk into and be consumed by darkness.

    By Anonymous on 01.05.2010

  12. It is a strong defence.

    By Jeggy Po on 01.05.2010

  13. Maybe as I looked up at the tower just maybe I could get inside. This tower was so heavily guarded. To get in would be a miracle. This tower was my dream. To be in it was all I wanted.

    By Kate on 01.05.2010

  14. “Look! Just don’t follow me. Please.” “Okay!” But he followed him still, he seemed to be aiming his toes at the man’s ankles. I could see the wonder in his eyes, it was like he’d never before seen a man in a suit, with car keys in his hand. He followed anxiously, awaiting to see which tower he would enter and whether he could follow him in. Or how to get in, his momma’d told him God’s angels built those towers. Maybe, he thought, this man’s an angel in disguise, for he is beutiful, and if my feet touch his I too will be beautiful.

    By Loser on 01.05.2010

  15. Shining pilar. Ivory, brick. Circling clouds. Piercing a brilliant blue sky. Daunting. A long approach. Guarding. Like a needle.

    By mk on 01.05.2010

  16. Theprincess fell out of the tower into prince charmings arms.

    By KK on 01.05.2010

  17. tall. legs. myself. photos. city. people. working. offices. cubical. new your city. my mom. california. tampa. orlado.

    By Anonymous on 01.05.2010


    La torres estaba inclinada ese dia hacia otra parte. Nadie parecia notarlo salvo yo. Asi que miraba a mi alrededor buscando a otra persona que observara el mismo detalle en la torre. Nadie. Solo yo, al parecer notaba la nueva inclinacion. Quiza estaba equivocado? Quiza siempre estuvo en ese sentido? No lo se, nunca me habia fijado antes en la torre. Camine hacia mi casa rapidamente, en algun lugar debe estar aquella foto que nos tomamos con Alejandra junto a la torre esa noche. Llegue a mi casa y entre de inmediato a mi habitacion sin cerrar la puerta, abri el cajon y comence a escarbarlo todo haciendo un impresionante desorden. nada, la foto no aparecia. Comence entonces a revolver los demas cajones y a sacar cuanto chechere habia debajo de la cama y en los armarios… millones de fotos aparecieron menos aquella foto mia junto a Alejandra frente a la torre. Camine a prisa hacia la alacena y comence a revolcar los cajones de la misma. Nada… donde estaba esa maldita foto? De repente recorde que se la habia enviado por correo a Alejandra hace unos a

    By Clockwork Poet on 01.05.2010

  19. she stood at the top of the creaking tower, her eyes shimmering in the glare of the sun. whenever she looked out of the high top windows, she got dizzy, thinking she was going to fall.

    By lisa on 01.05.2010