February 18th, 2012 | 142 Entries

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142 Entries for “shelter”

  1. My house is my castle.
    My body is my armour.
    My soul is my rage.
    My skills are my weapon.
    My life is my gift.

    My house is my shelter …

    By Omnix URL on 02.19.2012

  2. My room is supposed to be a shelter from the cold. But I opened the window and couldn’t close it, so it’s freezing. Last night I stayed up reading; I put my blankets over my lamp and scrunched up, so I felt like I was in a tent, fighting hard to keep out the elements.

    By Holden URL on 02.19.2012

  3. A sheltered existence is all we have to protect us from the harsh realities of the external world. But shelter can be warmth. Especially when it’s tarpaulin, set on fire by an angry seagull.

    By Thom URL on 02.19.2012

  4. A place where you can rest. It doesn’t necessarily have to be home. It can be anywhere, anywhen and anything. It can be black, blue, gray or green. It can be tall, short, oval shaped or even a little rikety tent in the woods that you set up with your grandmother several years back.

    By idraax URL on 02.19.2012

  5. Star at Dawn knelt by the river and gazed up into the sky. She knew that no other human was around for miles, and though she was scared, she had a shelter, this God that she had met as a child. It had been a long time since she spoke to Him, but she tried now.

    By ritajuanita URL on 02.19.2012

  6. a war place of protection

    By Charleze on 02.19.2012

  7. hello i am vincy i really wanna learning English very well

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    By VINCY on 02.19.2012

  8. my heart is your shelter. it blocks you from the rain of life and the sunshine streams through the windows. it keeps the wind away. but know that there is a door, and although the roof is lovely, it can have leaks that need to be fixed sometimes.

    By pooface on 02.19.2012

  9. make it useless

    By Runkun URL on 02.19.2012

  10. Driftwood shelters hide me from the sun. The beach is white hot, the hand-made shack provides some respite. It is noon. The sun is right overhead. The waves crash, salty and thundering. The breeze is non-existant. I bake in my paradise. The rough wood is uniform, bleached by sun and surf.

    By an octopus URL on 02.19.2012

  11. he never knew why people were so mean…so judgemental….so cynical. He never saw any reason for anyone to be upset…if you’re hungry, go buy some food. if you’re lonely, go hang out with someone…then he started to see the world as it really is..

    By Brandon URL on 02.19.2012

  12. shelter is a word that kinda has me stumped- shelter from the rain…shelter from bombs being dropped…a place you’re safe…

    By Joanne on 02.19.2012

  13. shelter. Well, I remember ._.
    emmmm…. yeah I got nothing ._.

    By Haze URL on 02.19.2012

  14. The storm rages outside and on the metal roof it makes a pattering sound like tiny feet running down the stairs. Inside it’s warm and cozy–a feeling you want to recreate any time but only can in the worst of conditions. Shelter necessitates bad.

    By Amelia on 02.19.2012

  15. This is a very big word, to me.
    Shelter is this apartment, shelter is those arms, shelter is that smile I can lift to protect myself.

    By Elio Hawkins URL on 02.19.2012

  16. shelter. you need it for resting. a place to belong. more of a home. that will make you feel secure when youre tired and worn out from the day’s activities. a basic need in maslow heiarchy of needs. followed by the physical needs like food.

    By Marian Loren Ortiz URL on 02.19.2012

  17. shelter? shelter is feeling safe, warm, looked after. it isnt about the roof over your head, its about the roof that keeps your emotions from ruinig you.

    By emily on 02.19.2012

  18. I hover in the shelter
    the shelter of your existence
    my faith
    I hunker down in the love I know as

    By KD on 02.19.2012

  19. You will always be my shelter. That place where I can hide. My soul needs a moment of your peace. Love you forever. You… LIFE. You’re my shelter.

    By Narwen URL on 02.19.2012

  20. The sheets of rain sloughed off of the roof, and we shed our raincoats in the hallway, scuttling through the dark into the kitchen.

    By jupiter URL on 02.19.2012

  21. Well personally I’ve never really been fond of Nelly Furtato (reference to Big Girls Don’t Cry “I need a shelter of my own prudention”). I mean, personally, I think she’s a bit of a whiner, but that’s just my opinion… Gotta respect that right?

    By Leanne URL on 02.19.2012

  22. shelter me. build a canvas of comfort over my heart and hold me there.
    hold me in the warmth of the two by fours of your strength.
    wipe the tears from my eyes as they fall towards your umbrella.
    hold me.
    shelter me. when the weather changes
    and i am no longer prepared for the turmoil of mother earth
    shelter me. shelter me. shelter me
    within the beauty that is you.

    By Erica Go URL on 02.19.2012