February 19th, 2012 | 145 Entries

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145 Entries for “balloon”

  1. Evelyn and Cerenity knew that their father would provide everything they needed for their grand adventure. They packed their little picnic basket, dropped into their laundry hampers, and waited as their dad tied a dozen helium balloons to the baskets. Suddenly, they were soaring above the mountains, flying out across the deserts. They were airborne in their imaginations.

    By ritajuanita URL on 02.20.2012

  2. It was a red balloon, because red had been their colour.

    They viewed everything in terms of what had been theirs, once upon a time.

    And out of the green of the forest, into the blue of the sky, they let the balloon go and watched it until it looked smaller than they felt.

    By M. Darkweaver URL on 02.20.2012

  3. i want a balloon! wait no! i want all the balloons in the world so that i could attach it to my house and travel around the world and still feel like i am at home like that movie UP!

    By Indra on 02.20.2012

  4. A single red balloon was tied onto the grave. It had the appearance of a symbol, a marker, a wistful memory. It didn’t mean much to him as he passed by. I took it to heart, however, and noted that a balloon meant something different, depending on where it was placed.

    By Brittany on 02.20.2012

  5. It flies up and high like a bright star in the sky it illuminates your thoughts, bringing a smile upon your face. A child jumps for joy but it is sadden by its departure to the sky.

    By Mayra URL on 02.20.2012

  6. El globo voló sobre mi cabeza y de a poco comenzó a alejarse de mí, volviéndose cada vez más y más pequeño, desapareciéndo de mi vista.
    No pude evitar sonreír, volví la cabeza a mi lado y la ví a mi lado. Era hermosa
    Ella era yo
    Yo era ella
    Eramos la misma persona completa
    Nuestras mitades por fin se habían vuelto a encontrar

    By Tohe URL on 02.20.2012

  7. Ballons steigen auf. orange Ballons, um dem Sonnenuntergang Konkurrenz zu machen. “Der Wald brennt!”, rief Otto, “Und von dort drüben kommen die Geiger! Lauf schnell!”, rief er von seinem Hochsitz und ich kroch tiefer in die Höhle, die ich mir selbst gegraben habe.

    By Eli URL on 02.20.2012

  8. I see a balloon in the sky. It’s pink and blue and tied to a little girl’s hand. My hand. I see me leading the balloon around. I don’t know where I am but I am happy. Happy as a child can be looking at the balloon, looking at the sky.

    By Celine Palavioux on 02.20.2012

  9. I want to soar above my worries, pressures, stress, past and fly high like a balloon. But no, I don’t want to just fly aimlessly. I want a young, playful, free, joyful girl to be holding on to that balloon. I want to be that balloon. I want to be that little girl.

    By juners on 02.20.2012

  10. increase

    breathe in and hold

    it’s something you can let go of

    a little fun

    By schligdog URL on 02.20.2012

  11. Put all your thoughts in a big red balloon
    Blow it up as big as it’ll go
    Knot the end with conviction
    Seal them in there tight
    Now let it go
    The balloon and all your thoughs
    Watch them float up, up and away

    By Marie-Eve on 02.20.2012

  12. in a hot air ballon she told me she wanted to ride across the mountains over the sea and land in a place where there was nothing but trees. I said “That’s a great idea…can I come?”

    By Natasha Kozaily URL on 02.20.2012

  13. I never liked balloons. They’re loud and obnoxious. Last night, I saw an episode of “Strange Sex” in which balloon fetishes – or “looners” – met at a bar and popped balloons together. That’s like my nightmare.

    By Fake Name on 02.20.2012

  14. The air balloon city floated high,
    away from the airship enemies.
    They shot at us, and we shot back,
    The airships and the city.

    By Ferruccio K. Choovanski URL on 02.20.2012

  15. I want to see the movie “Red Balloon”. In fact, I’d like to live as a red balloon for a day. Maybe today… maybe I will just float around and have no other intention than to bring a smile to people’s faces or prompt them to wonder what the fuck I’m doing there, floating in the sky. And maybe later, if I’m lucky, I’ll get twisted into some great animal shape.

    By T. on 02.20.2012

  16. i hate balloons they make you huff and puff until you pass out trying to get them to fill up .. balloons should be banned from all parties and be laid waste to.

    If anyone disagree’s it is probably because they have some fancy balloon pump.

    By Giles URL on 02.20.2012

  17. I layed there heavy sinking into the couch while floating around like a balloon just drifting…in my place all over the room in one spot

    By boobies on 02.20.2012

  18. the little girl loved to smell balloons – not when she first got them but two or three days later that intense plasticy poison….yummmmm

    By aly URL on 02.20.2012

  19. A balloon is something of a miracle. It flies because helium is lighter than air, which to be honest, I’ve never been able to wrap my head fully around. Balloons remind me of the Wizard of Oz, and his failed exodus from Oz. Bright, colourful balloons are something of a floating symbol for hope, easily lost if we’re not careful about holding on.

    By Scott on 02.20.2012

  20. one word sayed the word baloon to me. i said no. trololololol!
    only joking! now to get on with minecraft mabye baloons kill people mabye not or mabye so! laugh!! nervous arnt I! nooooo!! creeper! oh no!!!! well times up!

    By matthew miskelly on 02.20.2012

  21. Sherlock paused to let John catch his breath, the early morning mist dissipating as the two hiked througj the forest, boots crunching on the dead leaves and pine needles. They were nearly at their destination, a clearing in the forest filled with a particular flower which made the location famous for its power to attract the rare butterfly; the selfsame one whos scale on the Entomologist had pointed them here.
    “Oh Sherlock,” John gasped as the stepped into the clearing and found themselves surrounded by colors and the silent fluttering of wings, “It’s beautiful! Brilliant!”
    Sherlock smiled absentmindedly at John’s glee, his attention focused elsewhere. A dull blue scrap of canvas hanging from a branch twenty feet outside the clearing
    “Looks like our victim was here after all,” Sherlock murmured, “He must have crash-landed his survey balloon.”

    By floppybelly URL on 02.20.2012

  22. You can ride in a hot air balloon. I like balloons. They’re fun to play volleyball with. I am capable of inflating a water balloon. They’re not that hard to blow up, really.

    By Damaris URL on 02.20.2012

  23. I scanned the room around me as scattered people around me scream, “Happy Birthday!” I grinned ear to ear. Today was my 16th birthday and my two best friends threw me a surprise birthday party. i knew today was going to be the best day ever.

    By Elizabeth URL on 02.20.2012

  24. And we seem to be stuck on this never ending ascension. But what heights are we to reach when our feet are so heavy and our minds are so thick? Is this rollercoaster ride a senseless way to make us sick until the inevitable comes around to say good night?

    By Ruben URL on 02.20.2012

  25. Little Mylar sphere rises up and away. As it shrinks, it suddenly hits you that you’re never going to see it again, aren’t you? Daddy is unsure what to tell you.

    By jupiter URL on 02.20.2012