December 14th, 2010 | 290 Entries

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290 Entries for “sheets”

  1. Sheets of paper. I’ve written all about this in my free 60 seconds before signing up. Then again, sheets reminds me of bed because that’s what I am covered during night. What else can I say?????

    By Jeffrey URL on 12.15.2010

  2. Sheets. Warm, and all I look forward to when going to bed. I think the most at night, and the sheets help me fall asleep so I don’t get carried away by my thoughts. they have batman one them, so technically I sleep with batman every night. which is awesome for a 15 year old girl. ha.

    By RTwedt URL on 12.15.2010

  3. Your scent lingers from where you skin slid so smoothly between my sheets, and I feel like everyone expects me to say something like this because it’s all I ever talk about… Thing is, I can’t exactly help it; how, after one night, were you able to make this bed feel empty, make these sheets feel irreparably cold, without you?

    By Rob URL on 12.15.2010

  4. sheets are really cool. i use them to wipe my dirty asshole after i take HUMUNGOUS shits of flaming diaherria. They be all coll and stuff and clean that ish. the fuck shit up. LITERALLY. they get all up in that ass. LITERALLY.

    By Matthew Vuotto URL on 12.15.2010

  5. sheets of paper. sheets of paper to write on. to write our ideas and our belives to record what we need to know. to remember. a piece of the past we hold. our past. our experience. the reason we are who are. sheets of paper in a diary

    By Frosty URL on 12.15.2010

  6. I love sheets. I love messing up the sheets with you. I love rolling around on them and kissing you like we’ve never kissed before. I love sheets.

    By Amy on 12.15.2010

  7. She’s it. Yep. She’s the one. The one? Yeah, the one.

    I have one. You don’t. I’m not sure what my one does. What would the one that you don’t have do, if you had it?

    One more step over one more muddy puddle across one more littered street.

    I’ve lost my one.

    By sierraCs URL on 12.15.2010

  8. “Mom, I wet the bed again.”
    “That’s okay, honey. We’ll clean it up.”
    “I did a poo too.”
    “…That’s…okay too…”
    “And I vomed everywhere.”

    By J URL on 12.15.2010

  9. She shivers under the sheets
    Sweat seeps from forehead and feet
    Defeated, deflated, deloused in the bed
    Four poster prison of fever, chill, fever again

    Watched, mopped and souped
    Her mother brings on a whim, ring
    or whimper the hot broth, the damp cloth
    or plain pair of pupils, an iris eclipse,
    set, timely and blinding.

    By gsk URL on 12.15.2010

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    By Elliott Bowler URL on 12.15.2010