May 26th, 2013 | 208 Entries

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208 Entries for “shattered”

  1. i like shattered battered
    it tastes like smatted hatted
    i did ratted gatted
    and im a bratted fattered
    -Walt Whitman

    By god URL on 05.26.2013

  2. broken up either inside or out and really mostly unable to put back together again; hurt past repair. fragmented. super super cut up into small pieces, like a pot that’s broken.

    By Ava on 05.26.2013

  3. My life is a shattered mess. I can’t go back I can’t go forward. I’m just stuck here in the great twilight zone of nothingness.

    By Tracey on 05.26.2013

  4. The lage vase shattered to the ground behind the couch. The twin boys glanced nervously at each other, wondering what punishment their mother would come up with for this. They knew how much mother loved this vase. Maybe they should just hide the evidence.

    By Caydie on 05.26.2013

  5. I already did shattered grrrrrr…..

    By jay on 05.26.2013

  6. “The world is in chaos,” Chas says. “I saw the destruction and desolation with my own eyes – no life for miles. Who knows how long it continues on for? It could go on forever – we may be the only ones left.”

    “No,” I say, my hands shaking. “I’m not staying here. Anything is better than this hell.”

    He grabs my shoulders, his fingernails cutting into my skin. “Listen to me!” he says sharply. “There’s nothing left for us out there! The world is broken, and I think a part of me shattered with it. I can’t go back,” he lets me go and rocks suddenly back and forth, a wild look in his eyes. “Please, don’t make me go back.”

    By Abbey on 05.26.2013

  7. tired depressed sad upset rundown lonely sleep talking noone needing someone feeling scared feeling alone self harm anorexia no eating tumblr anxiety

    By abbey on 05.26.2013

  8. I feel shattered right now. Alone and frustrated with everything going on around me. I’d like for this feeling to just disappear, however, it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t sad right now, or unsure, because the truth is, I am.

    By Alana on 05.26.2013

  9. Glass was flying everywhere. A tornado could not have caused as much damage as this one single so,Italy angry old lady did.

    By Annette on 05.26.2013

  10. My life in ruins. I am alone. Wanting. All I am is wanting. Waiting for him to come save me. My life in ruins. Broken. Without him.

    By Amanda Doran URL on 05.26.2013

  11. Shattered. I fell apart at the seams. My heart was shattered, and that was all there was to it. He had left me. No note, no words, no nothing. I had just woken up one morning, and he was gone. It left me totally shattered. There was nothing of me left. I had nothing left. He had been my everything. What was I to do now that I was left all alone? Should I go and try to support myself? Or should I just lay in bed and act like I was dying of a broken heart? Obviously I should go out to support myself, but that didn’t seem

    By Karlee Robinson on 05.26.2013

  12. It shattered like broken glass against the wall of my parent’s kitchen during one of their old fights. That must have been why it was so familiar. I hadn’t mean to upset her. But I suppose that’s the way it goes.

    It goes that way when you love someone.

    It goes that way when you disappoint them.

    By Lee Bishop on 05.26.2013

  13. I was shattered. All that I was is broken. There was nothing left. Then, everything changed. My life changed, with one simple “hello.” Right there, I knew that you were as shattered as I was, and I knew that we could help each other change, to be better. You introduced me to God, and since then, my life has been so incredibly good. So thank you for taking a broken and shattered soul and bringing it to new life.

    By Alison on 05.26.2013

  14. When john put the glass on the edsge of the table in the mainn room he knew the next person to walk pass would knock it over. he turned back after a few paces and watched to see the outcome of the knock and fall.

    By George on 05.26.2013

  15. i shattered to pieces when i found out the news about the war. it broke out and it’s real. it shattered my hopes for peace. over the year, many buildings shattered as a results and many more lives.

    By ms on 05.26.2013

  16. shattered broken spirit, what do we say, what do we think? this mind is such a void, or rather a vortex, full of broken dreams, brimming with my egotistical mania, and it is just an instrument; it has become a SHATTERED mirror of what we were meant and long to be…. our infinite self, breaking free, shattering from the confines of the mind

    By amanda on 05.26.2013

  17. There are things that can be broken that can never be repaired, never adequately replaced. There are things that once they have been broken, they are simply gone, and even though you try to find something else to take it’s place, it’s never the same shape, the same color, the same thing.

    By Chris Clow on 05.26.2013

  18. The pictures were scattered across the floor. I looked through them furiously. Where had it gone? I needed it. I started crying and kicking the wall. I hate myself for losing that one picture.

    By Olivia Davis on 05.26.2013

  19. ha! haha! hahahahahahahahaha! this word is mine. this word is so mine i’m in hysterics that it showed up. family shattered. stability shattered. any hope of having a semi normal life shattered. oh lordy lordy god damnit shattered. faith shattered. i just want this word to have my picture by it in the dictionary. it’s mine.

    By whitney on 05.26.2013

  20. the pieces are scattered across the floor, as her shattered heart is trying to be strong. will she make it? duck tape doesn’t fix everything.

    By halfbright on 05.26.2013

  21. shattered baby im shattered
    ive lost myself along the way
    you call your self shattered
    and maybe one day
    you will find
    yourself put back together
    but theres no
    cause im shattered baby im shattered

    By yo on 05.26.2013

  22. I’m shattered from pretending that i’m okay, that everything about my life is fine, that I’m happy and cheerful. I’m shattered because everyday is exhausting as I put on my fake smile, wipe my tears and re apply my make-up. I’m shattered because trying to fill an empty heart is hard.

    By Frankie URL on 05.26.2013

  23. Her words shatter my peace. My world is shattered. I shake my head adamently. “No, you can’t do this to me!” I’m pleading with her, something I thought I would never do. Tears are streaming down my face but she turns away. Her footsteps shatter my life.

    By Ellie on 05.26.2013

  24. I had dreams once, when I was young like you. I really thought that I could change the world, that I could do anything I set my mind to. But then I grew up, learned the harsh realities of the world. Better that you understand now.

    By Tyrian URL on 05.26.2013

  25. A bead of sweat ran down his forehead. His breath came out in shallow bursts and his body shuddered in pain as I slowly slid the knife between his ribs.

    “I am so, so sorry.” I whisper into his hair. His body lies crippled at my feet. “But that answer was not good enough.”

    And as the life leaves the eyes of my first kill, I feel it.
    I feel my mind shatter.
    And I am no more, but my body lives on;
    Lives on to shatter the world.

    By Ebony Bird on 05.26.2013

  26. windows can get shattered
    your heart can get shattered
    that’s it :P

    By baby girl URL on 05.26.2013

  27. He left her shattered. And that was the end of them. But not of her. She kept on. Finding pieces of herself here. There. A shard of truth she thought she’d lost and then stepped on, piercing the heel of her foot.

    By AndriaR on 05.26.2013

  28. the glass suddenly shattered. as i dropped to my knees to clean it up and foot came upon me. he wouldnt let me clean it up. he quickly threw the dutpan and broom away and brought me back up.

    By James Goodwinn on 05.26.2013

  29. A family torn apart, a glass falling to the ground, a bomb dropped on Hiroshima, a child crying out for his mother. In all these situations something is shattered. A bridge is burned and can never be built again. A heart broken in vain.

    By Aubrey URL on 05.26.2013

  30. All I know of myself is a reflection
    scintillas of sugar snap crispness
    refracting syllables of light
    a shattered image
    a crumbled figure given clarity in a sheath of crystals
    yet my vampire soul remains
    occult and thoroughly clandestine
    never denoting itself
    in photon forms

    By Perri on 05.26.2013

  31. Shattered. That was all she could think, staring into absolutely nothing. Shattered.
    Her life. Her heart- god, that cliche deserved to be shattered. Her trust, faith, family, friendships, memories. Everything she had ever cared about, wanted, dreamt of. Shattered. She would never return to who she once was, and that shattered her.
    Because he couldn’t take no for a fucking answer.

    By Rose on 05.26.2013

  32. I looked across the concrete floor with shady eyes. I stood up, walking lifelessly to a mirror lying on the ground. My reflection glared at me dully. I stepped and shattered its daunting reflectection.

    By Annee on 05.26.2013

  33. I looked across the concrete floor with shady eyes. I stood up, walking lifelessly to a mirror lying on the ground. My reflection glared at me dully. I stepped and shattered its daunting reflection.

    By Annee on 05.26.2013

  34. Everyone is shattered. I shattered, you shattered. Even the window is shattered. Stupid kids. Always throwing baseballs everywhere and shattering everything. They shattered my house windows, my car windows, even my bike windows. My bike doesn’t even have windows, I just want sympathy.

    By Rose URL on 05.26.2013

  35. “What happened to my vase?”


    “What. Happened. To my vase.”





    “It’s…kind of in pieces now.”


    “Shattered, you know.”


    “But hey, you can put it all in a nice wooden box with a latch and call it fragmented art or something! I don’t know!”

    “That vase was an heirloom, you dickweed!”

    “Yeah, and now it’s in heirshards. Sorry.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.26.2013

  36. My spirit shattered when my mind stopped
    No hope
    I dream of going on but there are too many pieces to pick up
    Could never fit them all back together

    By LSDrax on 05.26.2013

  37. hearts
    car windows
    movie signs
    wooden boards at a kung-fu school
    pencils in a students hand

    By Brittany on 05.26.2013

  38. I looked at him and he turn slowly to face me. He had a wine glass in one hand and and note in the other. He wasn’t supposed to see that note. I was shattered. He knew everything…the car, the woman, the chocolate. Everything.

    By Christy on 05.26.2013

  39. In that moment it was as if the world had stopped. Her heart shattered. She stood there trembling, forcing herself to not let the emotions slip through. Soon her grasp was released and everything came flooding in. She fell to her knees, nauseated by the excruciating agony of her world.

    By Kayla on 05.26.2013

  40. “Have you ever been in love?” I asked. “And did he fall for you?”
    She smiled and said yes; “but my feelings weren’t true.
    I told a boy I loved him, but I only loved a ghost
    The idea of who I wished he was, a delusion at the most.”

    By Carly URL on 05.26.2013